Saturday, October 18, 2014


Gill looked around the council room table.  He counted fifteen people including himself and Rachel.  Rachel would abstain from voting unless a deadlock happened.  Human and shifters gathered for the random meeting.  Each of the sections of the main residential neighborhoods sat at the table.  Cordialness and civility ran rampant this evening.  Gill wondered how much longer this could go on.  His next agenda item affected all of them.  He picked up his gavel and rapped on the table. Fourteen sets of eyes gazed at him.

“Now that I have all of your attention again, I’ve got one more item.  I feel strongly about this one and so do several of our merchants as well as the schools.”  Gill picked up the stack of stapled papers to his left.  He took the top set and hand the rest to Vernon MacMahon who sat to his right.   “This packet includes this year’s trick-or-treat schedule.  With the past two months free of danger and the city experiencing a period of quiet, I recommend we let our children have a night of fun.”

Several murmurs rose and fell as the last of the packets made their way back to the head of the table.  Gill noted everyone had one.  He flipped back the first page.  “Louie down at Rattigan’s is offering apple bobbing contests while the fire department x-rays the goods the kids got.  Making sure nothing is hidden.”

“I thought you said this was a safe time for the kids.” One of the human mothers present raised her hand, shaking the packet as she did.  “Why do we need to x-ray our children’s candy?”

Gill opened his mouth to speak.  Vernon coughed as he slid back his chair before rising.  “Gill, if you don’t mind.  I’ll address this.”

Gill nodded and sat down.  Vernon continued.  “I understand your concern Ma’am.  My wife Ellie said the same thing when we discussed our part in the town’s celebration too.”

“And?”  The woman’s tone didn’t sound any worse or better.  Gill noted the nods as she spoke.  Yes, ensuring their town stated safe mattered to all present.  Good, a united Talbot’s Peak kept everyone safe.

Vernon leaned on his hands on the table, and spoke.  “Keeping everyone safe matters.  While my grandkids can eat carrion pops, your kids can’t.  Sugary treats are good for a few.  What about those that can’t have them?  Knowing the content of what’s in those trick-or-treat bags makes sense.”

The mother nodded vigorously.  Bettina sat next to her.  She looked up and raised her hand.  Gill nodded as he spoke.  “Go ahead Bettina.  You’re next.”

“There are some special needs children amongst us.  A few human parents voiced their concerns over their children not being able to participate in regular trick-or-treating.”  She looked around the table before she sat down.

Gill rose, holding up his hands.  “That’s why the second and third pages are important.  All of Main Street is hosting a costume parade and trick-or-treating event.  We want every child to have fun.”

Miss Elly stood and walked up next to her husband.  “I’ve got pledges from the football and basketball teams from the senior high to police the streets.  They’ve agree to chaperone those needing help or an extra hand during the hours of six-thirty to nine.  In turn, they are having a chaperoned sleepover in the school gym.  Girls on one side. Boys on the other.”

Vernon spoke before anyone else could.  “I’m heading up the overnight chaperoning.  They all know who is working with me. Right Bettina?”

“Right, Vernon.  No one is going to cause trouble and chaos.  Bedlam and harm are not coming back.” Bettina moved to the head of the table.  She stood next to Miss Elly, Vernon, and Gill.  “We want all the children, human and shifter alike, to enjoy Halloween.”

Gill rapped on the table.  “Let’s vote on the celebration and enjoy our children enjoying themselves again.”

Gill waited until Vernon, Miss Elly, and Bettina took their seats.  “All those in favor of the proposed Talbot’s Peak Halloween Celebration raise your hand.”

Fourteen hands rose, including Rachel’s.  Gill smiled as he raised his, calling out.  “The first annual Peak Halloween celebration is a go!”


Happy October Gang!

The colors of fall are upon us.  What beautiful reds, oranges, and yellows mix with the remaining greens of summer.  May your fall be beautiful and full of enjoyment.  Remember to keep a good book or two handy for those moments of quiet as the warmth of the sun reaches out before the chill of winter crisps the air.  Share those books with your spice and loves.  I know I will be!

Until next week,



Pat C. said...

Do the shifter kids even need costumes?

I'd hate to be a chaperone at the sleepover. The first thing that came to mind was bird shifters flying up into the rafters, crapping on the folks below and giggling. Yes, that's how my brain works.

Savanna Kougar said...

Let the Halloween and Howl-o-ween FUN begin for the children, for everyone in the Peak.

Sure, shifter kids need costumes, if they want them... it's the fun of dressing up.

Hmmm... looks like we'll need some bird shifters hanging out in the rafters as chaperones. Maybe even bats... what Brandon Wayne doing this year?

Pat C. said...

Or that Mexican vampire bat who works at the ranch. Ain't nobody gonna mess with him (her?), especially on Halloween.

And now I've got an image of Rosa the Rattler teaming up with a vampire bat as the Fang Bangers ...

Savanna Kougar said...

Talk about the Night Fright team... I forgot his name, but some wildlife TV-show guy was on Coast to Coast am, one night... and he has a fondness for bats of every kind... it was fascinating how he talked about them including vampire bats, who love cattle in Argentina, and who used to prey on people... although, they only drink about a teaspoon full of the cattle's blood.