Friday, October 17, 2014

You're What?

Greely shook.  From the inside to the outside and back again the deep, pre-shift shudders took control.  She had little time to say what was on her mind before she found herself only millimeters off the ground. 

“Gree, honey, are you okay?” Karma attempted to move closer, but Greely couldn’t stand the thought of another being close right now.

“Fair One, please…” Erol, or Lord whoever, reached out only to lower his hand.  Clearly she was broadcasting a do not touch vibe.

“You’re a what?”  Greely looked around, trying to assess where the high-pitched squeal had come from.  Sadly, she was the only one talking so it must be from her.

“I’m a Duke, or more formally, I am the Duke of Wyvern.”

“Wow, way to keep it discreet there, Slimey.”

“Not now, humpback,” Erol barked.

“Stop it, both of you!”  Greely couldn’t think with her friend and lover, The ‘Oh Gawd’ Duke, sniping at each other. “How is this possible, Erol?  And why were you living in Talbot’s Peak?”

“The how, Greely, is actually simple.  My Grand-mum was held captive in this castle for hundreds of years.  The original Duke, loved the idea of being called a Wyvern…thus the Duke of Wyvern.  It wasn’t until after several generations of captivity that a Duke of Wyvern actually fell in love with the dragon in the dungeon.  He freed my Grand-mum, but she was too weak to leave and exhausted from maintaining her dragon form for so long.  She shifted back to her human form and Grandda nursed her back to health.  They eventually married and had my father.  I became Duke a few hundred years ago upon my father’s death.”

“I’m sorry about your father’s death, Erol, but why were you living in Talbot’s Peak if you’re… Royalty?”

“You don’t have to whisper that word, my love.  These days the title is really just that, a title.  I’ll never be the King of England, I’m moreover a man who owns this isle free and clear.  It’s a sanctuary for animals and dragons who need to rest and be safe.  As to why I was in Talbot’s Peak, well, there were rumors of a town in Montana that was a home to shifters of all types.  I had to see how it worked.  I’m not adverse to other shifters staying on my isle for a short time if they need too, but I wasn’t sure how everyone could stay safe.  Now I know the safety is owed entirely to Dante, Nick and the other Alphas in town.  They keep the peace.”

“So you never intended to stay?”

“Not until I met you…”   
Just a shorty from me today as I'm studying for my Algebra midterm.  I'll tell you, I sure feel too old for this stuff...  ;)

Have a great weekend!



Rebecca Gillan said...

Now that was a very romantic line, Your Grace!

Savanna Kougar said...

Great dragony stuff, Serena. Love Greely and Erol, and Karma.

Best on your midterm!

Pat C. said...

Greely, Duchess of Wyvern?

He kissed the frog and she turned into a princess!

Good luck on your test!

Serena Shay said...

Erol thanks you kindly, Rebecca. ;)

It's had to believe he has it in him some times. (and now he's grumbling at me) I guess this means he's actually listening to the ladies around him and speaking from his heart. :D

Serena Shay said...

Yeah Savanna, I have a soft spot for Erol, Greely and Karma myself. ;)

Thanks for the luck, I'm gonna need it!

Serena Shay said...

LOL...That's true, Pat, it did work the other way around for Erol and Greely. :) Plus I just love her name with her works really well.

Thanks for the luck! I'm studying my butt off here tonight!