Tuesday, October 21, 2014

"I'll be wantin' your claws later."

Closer and closer howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

A bit of authorly news... I've finished the first round of edits for RIDE THE ROAN STUD, written by my alter ego, Stevie Klark, Now, I'm looking forward to the cover art.

Okay, here's the third flash scene in my short series of flashes leading up to the Halloween Blog Hop ~ October 27-31. For the setup, and to read the first one, click on the title Time to unmask my inner cat...
And for the second flash scene ~ Nothing scarier to a man... check last week's blog.


From last week...

Sherilyn followed Pasha's gaze, seeing the very skimpy, nail-polish red costume. "Ohmy! Omy effing stars." 


"I'll be wantin' your claws later."

"What do you think?" Pasha seductively crooned. "Do you think my wolf-man wants me in chains?"

"Chain...chain...chain..." Sherilyn softly sang the lyrics, trying not to imagine White Fang's lust with Pasha. Dismissing the images, she studied the exact design of the 'barely there' costume.

Fine golden chains connected circles of red satin that would barely cover Pasha's nipples. The sensual drape of chains covered the translucent mannequin's shoulders, and crisscrossed over the back. More of the delicate chains were linked to the small triangle of red satin designed to cover Pasha's sex. The fragile-appearing golden chains had also been fashioned to exquisitely drape over her hips and ass.

Sherilyn couldn't help it, asking, "Have you paraded around in something similar? I imagine the feel of those chains slipping over your skin would be quite erotic."

"Quite, indeed. But to answer your question. No, in my long life I've yet to 'parade' around in such a similar enticement. However, gemstone beads draped against your skin, or moving as fringe, heightens the erotic nature."

"I just bet it does," Sherilyn murmured, as sensual tingles slithered over her sex mound. She lifted her gaze to the costume's headdress, a realistic looking lioness, yet with finer features. And the coat color was a deep gold tinged by fiery red.

"Okay, Pasha, I have to ask. Is that what you look like when you shift?"

Pasha sang a deep purr. "Close enough. Although I would prefer none know my true appearance as cat. Word travels fast in the supernatural underground. Then, those who hunt us rise like relentless ghouls."

"It's not easy being a goddess," Sherilyn lightly bantered to take the edge off. She squeezed Pasha's arm as a show of empathy.

"Not when you traverse the human world, and befriend them." Pasha drew in a quick breath, palpable in its pain, then continued. "Immortality has its drawbacks."

The sorrow in Pasha's voice hit Sherilyn square in the heart. "Yes. The loss of a loved one...you never get over it. You simply move on with life."

"I understand your parents departed this material world. And your brother lives in the crystal world. May I offer my belated condolences."

Sherilyn choked back an involuntary sob, pain penetrating her heart like a dart. She'd been so happy of late, it was easy to believe the wounds had disappeared. "Condolences on the loss of your friend...all of your losses," she awkwardly added.

"You are kind." Pasha stroked Sherilyn's arm as if it was a pet cat. "Perhaps, too kind at times. It is good that Zance and Dontoya watch over you, protect you."

"It certainly is easy to be 'kind' to them. Well, most of the time. Zance likes riling me up occasionally, just so I use my verbal fangs on him."

Pasha throatily laughed, and the air cleared as if a storm passed them by. "I well understand, my friend. White Fang can't resist raising my feline hackles. He adores it when I chase him. Claws included."

Sherilyn blushed at the revealed intimacy, even as Pasha steered them toward a grouping of leopardess sexy-wear. She wasn't certain why. Perhaps, it had been the sheer sexual truth she'd heard in Pasha's voice.

"Question if I may." Sherilyn began, as they moved to admire a collection of Big Cat headdresses done in white plush, some with a silvery shimmer... others with gold and bronze glistening their faux fur.

"About the Ubarions?" Pasha stroked her fingertip down the nose of a beautiful white lioness.

"Yes. Were they too kind as a race?"

"Overall, as I understand their evolution, yes. However, their kindness also brought great rewards. Originally, they were introduced to space travel because of their intelligence but also because of their sweet natures. Although, by that time, the Ubarions had learned to ferociously protect themselves. When needed."

"Fascinating," Sherilyn murmured. Pasha's words resonated, no doubt.

"There you are, sweetheart." Zance's voice carried throughout the large showroom. So did Dontoya's low irritated growl.

"I sniffed her out first." Sherilyn heard Dontoya's growly whisper to Zance.

 As they turned toward her mates, Sherilyn confidentially told Pasha, "They have this thing about cat-and-dog quarreling over me."

"Can't you see this is girl time?" Sherilyn teasingly chided at their approach. Damn, if every inch of her didn't turn all steamy with desire. Like always.

"Ms. Pasha." Dontoya bowed respectfully, and with an elegance that had Sherilyn's heart rate tripping madly. She loved it when he played the gentleman. Just as she loved it when Zance played the bad-boy wrangler with her.

"Ms. Pasha," Zance echoed, the intense gleam of his eyes showing his respect.

"Gentlemen, your mate and I haven't selected our costumes yet. May I suggest you enjoy libations if you've already chosen your 'barely there' beast costumes." Pasha's tone was pure lazy seduction. Yet the smile Sherilyn observed was all cat goddess command.

"Have you chosen?" Sherilyn asked, privately amused by the scenario.

"Not yet. Me and Dontoya had a hankerin' to see you first." Zance flashed a grin. "Besides, all this fantasy lingerie sure puts a cowboy in a buckin' mood."

"Sure does," Dontoya rumbled, his underlying tone raw dark heat.

Without warning, he seized Sherilyn's upper arm. Hauling her close, Dontoya possessed her lips. His kiss sizzled shock and awe through Sherilyn, and she almost melted completely.

"My turn," Zance wolf-growled. Swinging Sherilyn into his embrace, Zance planted a kiss on her mouth, even as he dipped her over his beast-strong arm. 

Dizzy with pleasure, Sherilyn could barely stand once Zance brought her upright, his mouth still clinging to hers.

"Later, sweetheart," Zance promised, then stepped back.

"Go away," Sherilyn hissed, the instant sanity returned. "Before I make a fool out of myself and leap on you... both of you, and claw your clothes off."

"Sure thing, darlin'," Dontoya drawled, smooth as fine bourbon. "I'll be wantin' your claws later."


Wishing you love and passion on the wild side ...


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance


Pat C. said...

Holy guacamole! That's the sexiest thing I've read all week, and there wasn't even any sex in it. Makes me wish I had a body for one of those costumes. Who wants to do the blog about the full-figured girls?

Rebecca Gillan said...

Very nice! I can just picture Whitefang having to stand guard over his lady to make sure everyone at the ball understands that she's his and he don't share, all the while cursing himself for picking it out! LOL

Savanna Kougar said...

Lots of full-figured 'barely there' costumes available... as well as for all shapes and sizes! Besides, you can always have one designed at the Pleasure Club.

Savanna Kougar said...

You'd have to be a prize fool to challenge White Fang... but then, those do exist. ~grinz~