Saturday, March 14, 2015

Change of Pace

Gill slid his arm around Chloe’s waist.  The youngest of the triplets lay in the sling crisscrossing her chest.  Plagued by colic and weird eating habits, the tyke needed the TLC snuggled up to mom provided.  

Most of the families snowed in with them, during the double blizzards six weeks earlier, eagerly made their way to their homes.  Vernon and Miss Elly remained ensconced in the back wing of the mansion.  Something about peace and quiet for a bit longer.  Phil and his group decided that California sounded inviting and resumed their trip. 

Tyburn, Rachel, and the twins decided a trip of their own was in order.  Somewhere away from his twin sister and the bevy of boyfriends courting her.  

Gill leaned back against the couch.  The quiet almost overwhelmed him after the chaos and noise during the snowstorms.  Yet, with the pack made between all of them, the friendships-new and old that strengthened- a more united group emerged.  Phil’s parting words made sense.  “You got a clan going.  Enjoy it.  A family chose is a great blessing.”  Yes, with their first clan reunion planned to coincide with the Peak’s summer fair more tales and good times were sure to abound.

Happy Weekend Gang!

Weather is changing.  Spring is around the corner.  I'm busy writing and doing things with the Spice here at the homestead.  Enjoy the warmer weather.  Remember to keep a good book or two handy to share with your loves and spice.  I know I will!

Until Next Week,



Savanna Kougar said...

Oooh, I'm looking forward to the Talbot's Peak fair... yes, family bio and/or of like mind, is wonderful! And what the Peak is all about. Coming together...

I've been enjoying the Spring like weather here... hope it continues, but likely not.

Pat C. said...

It's raining today. I DON'T HAVE TO SHOVEL!

The snow geese are making their annual migration through our area. I'm going to drive over to the wildlife preserve just as soon as the sky clears up.

Savanna Kougar said...

Pat, enjoy the wildlife preserve!