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Mad Scientist Tracked To 'End of the World' Island

Springtime howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

So, here's another sneak peek of an 'unedited' chapter from my SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTIONS WIP,  starring my winged horse heroine, Keina, and her more-than-human hero, Drev.  This is a Talbot's Peak scene. Anyhoo, if any of my fellow authors want to make corrections and/or suggestions, have at it.

Also, the above pic is just one I found of two other Peakites, not my heroine or hero.


Chapter Twenty-one

Drev took a generous swallow of his cooling coffee, a premium blend at Java Joe's. After a glance around the coffee-shop hangout, owned by the town witch, Marissa, he buried his nose in the G&B Gazette.

The alpha-werewolf run newspaper always entertained, and Drev kept up with White Fang's front-page scoops. Beyond their patrols together protecting Talbot's Peak territory, the ace crime reporter had become a true friend.

Mad Scientist Tracked To 'End of the World' Island
White Fang Khent

This reporter recently learned Morloxian, a bio-genetic scientist for hire, was spotted in South Africa as he boarded a local fishing boat. Last summer, Morloxian, who has been connected to town founder, Damian Hancock, used his twisted genius to lab-brew up what some named the mutant werewolf mammoth. This leviathan-sized beast with a gargantuan appetite, terrorized the populace as he thundered down the highway toward Talbot's Peak.
According to Ewan Carter, who rescued Maureen Starkey from the hellephant's back, the bio-tank with an anaconda-like trunk intended to trample our fair town into oblivion. Due to the brave stand of many Peakite heroes and sheroes, and the monster hunter, Abel Cochrane, the mutant of your worst nightmares was stopped dead in his ground-quaking steps.
At the time, mad-scientist Morloxian escaped capture, and this reporter has been dogging his world-hopping steps ever since. The Afrikaner boat captain, Rodney Vandyke, when interviewed by this reporter stated, "It was like dropping Mr. M -- what he called himself -- in the middle of the ocean. Almost.  A small black sub bobbed to the surface next to the boat, like Mr. M said it would. I watched him climb down -- strangest moving man I ever saw, reminded me of a werewolf I saw in the movies. And he was covered head to foot like he was about to be trekking through the Antarctic ice fields.
"I couldn't give you a detailed description of his face," Mr. Vandyke added without this reporter asking. "Well, the hatch opened automatically, and Mr. M jumped right in, spry as a grasshopper. I tell you, that sub vanished beneath waves before I could blink. The nearest land is an island none of us dares approach... many a good man has mysteriously disappeared."
Upon investigation this reporter discovered the island, Bouvette, is a rocky fortress, approximately 1,000 miles from South Africa, Antarctica, and the tip of South America.
A cursory look at history reveals the Nazi connection to South America and Antarctica, where a secret submarine base, New Schwabenland, was established during World War II. In the estimation of some military experts, the base remains active.
Speculation and research suggests advanced war technology is being designed and built, as well as space-time vehicles like the Nazi Bell. Hidden in the shadow-pages of history, further information about the Nazi Bell is detailed by muckraker journalist, Jim Marrs, in his recent book "The Rise of the Fourth Reich". 
Has Morloxian joined this rise of the Fourth Reich? Or, what sinister forces are at work when it comes to this mad-genius scientist?
In the near future, this reporter plans to do an on-sight investigation.

Drev became aware his eyebrows arched so high they were likely stuck to the ceiling. That was White Fang. The intrepid super wolf kept a low profile, but never backed down in the face of a fight.

Lowering the paper, Drev glanced out the window. Fresh snow blanketed the streets and sidewalk, the slant of sunlight making it sparkle. Not many were about, probably choosing to cozy up at home.

Damn, he hoped Keina wasn't angry with him for sending his brother to her apartment. Like a razor blade ripping through his belly, Drev warrior-sensed the prince's stud-determined pursuit. The way he figured it, his filly girl would be safer in the company of a human, rather than flying back to his cabin.

She hadn't seemed upset when Sean called to tell him they were on the road, and the snow had let up. He'd briefly spoken to Keina then. But, women were skilled at disguising their emotions in any given social situation.

Drev grinned to himself, then savored another large swallow of coffee. Sean had practically volunteered. 'Course, his brother would be dying of curiosity, knowing Drev avoided relationship. For years now.

Plus, as he'd told Sean no other woman 'charged his batteries' like Keina. Hell yeah, his brother would be chomping at the bit to meet her, learn all about her.

And if he only knew about her horse shifter side... well, maybe one day, if his brother opened up to the paranormal...'cause, Sean had a thing for horses like their dad.

"Refill?" Gloria asked, holding the old-fashioned, glass pot at the ready. The goose shapeshifter flashed a sweet smile.

"Sounds good. And how about bringing me any pastries you have left  over? Didn't realize how hungry I was. Missed lunch."

Gloria smiled even wider. "I'll go round up what we have. And if you want to order anything else, just let me know."

"Sure will, Miss Gloria." Drev gave her a wink when she finished filling his mug. Dang, he was feeling too good -- on top of the world like in his on-the-fast-track early twenties.

He ignored Moon-Moon's glare, Gloria's werewolf squeeze, and inhaled the coffee's wonderful aroma. After an appreciative sip, Drev pointedly looked out the window at the shiny new snowmobile he'd purchased.

He'd make certain Keina wrapped up warmly for the ride back to the cabin. Or they could spend the night at The Talbot's Peak Inn -- reputed to be haunted by an American Indian Shaman.

Once Gloria set a basket of baked goods before him, Drev munched on the treats he allowed himself when in town. At the same time, his mind spun with scenarios of how to protect Keina.

No doubt Tretorff schemed like the depraved horse's ass he was to abduct her. Although, his filly girl was darn good at defending herself, as he'd discovered when they romped and tussled in the snow.

Anxious, even though he psi-sensed Keina remained safe with his brother, Drev shot a glance at the end of Main street, then turned his attention on the movie critic, Ralph the *da bear's* column. He chuckled between sips of coffee.

"Praise the lord and pass the pumpkin pie," Drev muttered his mother's favorite saying at this time of year -- once he finished reading.

"Pumpkin pie latte?" Gloria asked, on her way to another table. 

"Huh?" Drev looked up at the smiling goose girl. "Sure, bring three. One to go." he added. From the corner of his eye, he'd caught a glimpse of his brother's dark blue pickup as it rounded the corner.

Drev swore every atom inside him vibrated like the biggest, baddest buzz saw ever made in anticipation of his Keina.


Wishing you love and passion on the wild side ~ 


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance


Pat C. said...

Oh yeah ... mad scientists and remote, mysterious islands just seem to go together.

And Stray Kitty's an angel and he found Talbot's Peak! Yay!

Savanna Kougar said...

It's a real island in that location, I just changed the name a bit.

Yes, Stray Kitty is an angel, and he's here in the Peak.

Pat C. said...

Does Marissa own Java Joe's, or does Lex?

Savanna Kougar said...

Good question. I thought of that...but then I thought I remembered Marissa owned Java Joe's... but I could be wrong.

Serena Shay said...

Oh boy, I wonder what kind of experiments "Mr. M" keeps on that island?

Nice job, Savanna

Savanna Kougar said...

Probably creature mutants more horrible than the hellephant... and far more terrifying and dangerous.

Pat C. said...

Giant apes, maybe?

Savanna Kougar said...

Werewolf King Kong mutants, trampling whole cities is their business, their only business... except when kidnapping helpless women.