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SNEAK PEEK SUNDAY: Her Midnight Stardust Cowboys ~ Chapter Forty-five

Her Midnight Stardust Cowboys 

Note: Dontoya realizes the real danger Sherilyn is in, given her unique star-race heritage, and her powers that are now actualizing.


The first six paragraphs from ~
Chapter Forty-five:
Dontoya watched awareness darken... 

Dontoya watched awareness darken his mate's gorgeous green eyes as her words stopped. He knew in that instant, Sherilyn had been targeted. Likely because of her accident, and the fact that he and Zance had brought her home to the ranch.

As he and his pardner had discussed, those who operated on the evil shadow side would have kept her on their remote viewing radar. Now the bastards wanted to know if her Ubarion lineage had been triggered.

That knowing spiked through Dontoya hard. Course, he also realized his and Zance's true abilities hadn't been discovered, due to the masking vibes they created.

"Don't you worry now, Sherilyn." Zance took hold of her hand. "Me and the pardner here, know how to protect you."

Her gaze flitted between the two of them. Her honey-colored curls bounced, and shone extra in the flame light, captivating his eye.

"Because you know how to protect yourselves, right?" she asked. 


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