Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Meeting of the Pointy Ears

March howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

Wow, what a hellacious day! For the sake of time, yours and mine. I won't go into details. ~but, I'm still shaking my head~

Anyway, somehow I wrote a flash scene today that I hope you enjoy.


Meeting of the Pointy Ears

Blade Runner, ET rabbit warrior, zipped through the early morning Montana skies in his scout space craft. He tested out a rudimentary device he'd been able to procure on Earth, due to Dante's always sharp lookout for such advanced tech.

To be hoppity, carrot-crunching real, it had been the AI assassin, Kalina, who discovered the Tesla-tech treasure while scanning the depths of what Earthers called the dark net. With the help of Dante's cousin, Zortega, the small ET woman had easily settled into life at the Pleasure Complex.

She'd immediately taken over the bank of computers in the concealed room surrounded by a Faraday cage, which was near Dante's office-den. Given digital-age complexities and dangers now ruled much of life, Kalina had swiftly gained the alpha wolf's ear. And trust.

Because Blade Runner was another extraterrestrial, and had assisted in rescuing her from the cold, miserable streets of Chicago -- where she'd been abandoned... Kalina -- once she sized him up – had flung herself at him, hugging him with her little arms. Blade Runner had never felt anything quite like it, even with all of his previous lovers, and his current one and only love, Xakara, a fae fox shifter.

That is, after Kalina had clung to Zortega and shivered the whole flight back to the Pleasure Club. Which had been lengthened by several black-ops attacks. Three of their disc fighters had given chase -- mere fun and games for Blade Runner. He'd relished every moment of the battle-evasion, using his trickster wiles to return to the subterranean complex safely. And untracked.

Once Kalina gained her confidence, they'd become natural confidantes, even though their races had never made contact. Now he had an ally who possessed the ability to search out underground, black-market tech. And true to his/her/its word, Anonymous had delivered the untraceable package to the Talbot's Peak post office, unobserved.

Satisfied with the performance of said tech, so far, Blade Runner tapped in some quick adjustments, then banked hard. Yep, and 'what's up doc', give whomever a crispy organic salad. The craft's flight speed increased by twenty-one percent with a nary a blip of a problem. Huge numbers when it came to surviving enemy encounters.

Blade Runner swooped low over the mountain range where several castles had been built by those who had made Talbot's Peak territory home. Hidden by the craggy spires of rock, some enhanced by holo projections, the castles were recognizable to his eye.

In his preferred human-rabbit form, Blade Runner wiggled his long ears, a sign of his enjoyment. He checked the craft's invisibility cloak, then shot straight up. Might as well put his beloved little ship through her paces.

"What's up doc?" A male voice behind him spoke.

With his heart trip-tripping, Blade Runner spun around. He grabbed his light sword at the same time. What met his eye had him blinking in rapid succession.

"Yes, I am Spock."

No arguing, the man before him bore a strong resemblance to the Star Trek character he'd seen recently, only because of the actor's passing, and because a TV played in his favorite juice bar. Xakara had insisted they stay and watch one of the Star Trek movies.

Arching a black brow, the tall man raised his hand. "Live long and prosper."

"You're fictional," was all Blade Runner could think to say, while noting the look-alike appeared to be fully humanoid, and more importantly, absolutely weaponless. Unless he concealed a weapon beneath the regal white robe he wore.

Blade Runner clutched his light sword more tightly, prepared to run the intruder through.

"Ah, yes. An explanation is required. May I address you as Blade Runner?"

"Mind meld?" Blade Runner joked, now cool as the cucumbers he liked on his salads.

"There is no need for a mind meld." Spock -- or whoever his uninvited guest was -- steepled his hands. "The name you use is quite clear in my mind."

"I'm an open book, eh? As they say."

"To a degree, rabbit warrior."

Reaching back, Blade Runner palm-touched the stabilizer, bringing his craft to a hovering stop. "Sure, Spock rhymes with doc, address me as Blade Runner. What are you doing here?"

"I am making contact."

"Contact is established. Do explain more." Blade Runner allowed his blade to lower. 
Again Spock lifted a brow. "To explain, Blade Runner, my life as a human on Earth was the true fiction."

"How so? And do tell." Blade Runner cocked his rabbit ear.

"I was allowed to incarnate on Earth for the specific purpose of acting as my true self. To be more specific, to play the role of Spock. The plan was to bring forth as much of my true nature as possible in the role."

"Fascinating," Blade Runner imitated the character, Spock, for his own amusement.

"Fascinating," Spock returned the imitation. A hint of a grin curved one side of his mouth, vanishing quickly.

"The planet, Vulcan, not in my star data base. Where is your homeworld?"

"You would know my homeworld as Vespuchia."

"Located in the neighboring solar system," Blade Runner instantly recognized. "I have never visited."

"We are selective as to contact. It was decided by my people's high council to initiate contact with Earth humans. First, by bringing awareness to the population on Earth in the guise of their fictional programming."

Blade Runner eased his stance, beginning to feel a certain affection for the pointed ear ET. "Ah...well, did it work as expected?"

"Perfectly. However, expectation is illogical."

"If you say so, fellow pointy ear. Say, is this contact between you and me only? Or is there someone else on the ground I'm allowed to spill this tale to?"

"The one known as Dante. However, speak to whomever will lend a listening ear. If you will excuse me, Blade Runner, my time is over."

"Come again, pointy ears," Blade Runner invited, even as he watched Spock dematerialize, and heard him say, "Beam me up, Scotty."


Wishing you love and passion on the wild side ~ 


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance


Pat C. said...


I still think Jensen Ackles would make a perfect Captain Kirk. :)

Savanna Kougar said...

Yep, real. ~grins~

I'm out of the loop when it comes to Jensen Ackles... how about Captain Kirk's bastard son???

Pat C. said...

I thought that was David Marcus (Star Trek II).

Savanna Kougar said...

Okay, but there could be more than one, given Captain Kirk's amorous ways.

Serena Shay said...

Hehe, that would be very cool!

Oh hell yeah, Jensen would make a banging Kirk! I'd welcome him to my planet. ;)

Pat C. said...

Lots more than one. Kirk was a slut.

Savanna Kougar said...

Kirk didn't miss an opportunity. Although I remember that one episode where he was married to an American Indian woman, and seemed really happy... for a time. Yeah, more than one. ~grinz~

Savanna Kougar said...

Hey Serena, I'd be happy to entertain any sexy potent man to my planet, at this point in time. Please, men, come on down!!!