Friday, March 13, 2015

The Agenda is Set...

Penelope stopped in front of Mistress Edina’s door, Daniel snugged up against her leg trying desperately not to get the invitation wet.  He’d fail, of course, and then the fun would begin.  She turned the knob and waited for her sub to lead the way.  The gasp inside the room made her smile.  The sight of her sweet apẻritif produced the response she was hoping for.

“Rise up, Daniel,” she said, as she stepped through the door herself.  Whomever the sweet treat was manning the desk, could not take her eyes from the naked and fully aroused man kneeling before her.

“Dear, my name is Penelope.  I am the Queen Domme in this town and you dear…” a quick chuck from the hard end of her flogger beneath the young woman’s chin, brought her eyes up to Penelope’s. “…you may call me Mistress.”

“Um, ah, um…”

“Mistress.  Try it, now, before I use the strips of leather at the other end of this stick to redden your ass.”  Penelope tilted her head just so and the receptionist lowered her eyes, as she’d expected.  Here sat a young and untrained submissive.  This didn’t speak well for the new Domme.

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Good Pet.”  Penelope ran a hand down the woman’s white blond hair.  “Now, I wish to speak to your Domme.”

“I-I’m sorry, I can’t…eee,”

With a decisive tug of the blond’s hair, Penelope had her head back, inches from her own angry face.  “I did not ask for excuses.  Call your Domme out here — now.”

The submissive reached for the phone on her desk and pressed the conference button.  Penelope released her hair and stepped back, placing herself slightly behind Daniel.


“Edina…” Sophie looked over at the Domme’s cross expression and tacked on “ah, Mistress…” for good measure.  Wow, her sister played the role of a dominant for their customers and she did it well, but this gorgeous woman lived it.  She was down to the core a sexual dominant.  She was also turning Sophie on.  Making her hotter than she’d ever imagined possible with just a look and a few words.

“Not now, Sophie.”  The whinny in the background sounded loudly in the small room.

“Yes, now, ah Mistress.”  It was weird and very icky saying that to her sister, but to impress the Domme in the room, she would swallow the ickyness for the time being.  As long as she didn’t ask her to do something unnatural she would be okay.

The click of the phone proceeded the opening of the office door.  “You will think about what you’ve done for five minutes.  Then we’ll try it again.”  Edina closed the door softly and turned to look at her.  “What the hell, Soph?  I was with a client and why are you calling me Mistress?”


“What else would she call you?  Presumably, you do not have a lovely pet calling you by your first name.”

Edina turned further into the room and noticed the pair decorating the waiting area.  She was stunning and he was utterly naked except for the collar and leash.  This had to be Mistress P.  Dante had warned her there was another Domme in town with rooms in the Pleasure club and that she would meet Mistress P when the time was right.  Apparently, that time was now.

“So, do you allow your submissive’s to call you by your first name?  Be careful how you answer as it will be noted on your review.”

Review?  What the hell.  “No, Ma’am, I do not allow my submissive’s to call me by anything but Mistress, however, Sophie here is my sister and not submissive.”

Edina watched the other woman’s eyebrow rise at the use of ma’am, then a smile lit her face.  It was heart stopping.

“Interesting.  Yes, you may call me Ma’am for now.  And Pet,” she directed her speech to Sophie, who blushed straight up to her roots and quivered with anticipation.  “You should have told me she was family.  You will not call her Mistress any longer.  You will come see me, tomorrow, and we will talk.”

“Yes, Mistress,” the wispy agreement from her sister, surprised Edina.

“What’s going on here?” Edina demanded.  “I have a client waiting, I don’t have time to play one upmanship, Domme style.”

“Very nice,” Mistress P purred.  “Daniel, give the lady her invitation.”

The man on his knees stretched forward, showing off his back and ass, plugged tail included, to give her a slightly damp envelope.  She opened it and found an invite to the next Dom & Domme Union meeting.  The agenda was set to review skills of a new Domme—her.  Crap.

“I, ah, that is to say…”

“You’ll be there.  Good, we, the rest of the Dominants in town, need to assess your skills before we can allow you to represent us.  There, you will show us your routine…a submissive will be available for your use…”

“That won’t work.” Edina stated, not sure how to get out of this predicament.  “My sub’s are unique.”

“They are all unique, Edina, but if you feel you cannot master one of our sub’s, feel free to bring one of your own.  Niles in there,” she pointed toward the door as she spoke. “Would do nicely.”

The Domme smiled again and knocked her sideways.  “By the way, be prepared to submit as well.”

“I, ah, I’m dominant, not submissive.”

“All Doms must submit for us at least once.  How can we know you truly understand your sub?  By the way, is the envelope wet?”

“Yes, just slightly.”

“Daniel, it was not to be wet.  Now you must be punished.  You will count your steps back to the room and the total steps will equal your number of strikes with the paddle.”

Mistress P opened the door and left.  Edina stood, stunned and with the faintest feel of a paddle to her own ass.  Sophie sat at the desk breathing deeply and Edina wondered for the first time if they’d made a mistake coming to Talbot’s Peak.


Have a wonderful & sexy weekend!



Pat C. said...

Holy shizzle! I am so glad I turned this storyline over to you. Can't wait to see how Edina gets out of this, or what Sophie gets into.

None of those Ds better have so much as a hint of love handles or spare tires or Edina's gonna call them out.

Does Dante need a nutritionist on staff?

Savanna Kougar said...

Wow! It's getting *too darn hot* in Talbot's Peak... if there's any snow left it will be drip-dripping fast.

Will Edina appear, or disappear fast?

Or, as Pat asks, will Dante rescue Edina, if she needs it? Nutritionists are always welcome.

Serena Shay said...

Hehe...The Sophie thing caught me off guard. One minute she was going to be all snotty kind of, but Mistress P saw her submissiveness before I even got into the room, writing wise. It will be interesting to see what Penelope chooses to do with her. ;)

Serena Shay said...

LOL...yep, hot, hot, hot! :D

Oh I hope she doesn't leave, she's tougher than she realizes.

Dante will rescue anyone who needs it, but I hope she won't feel she needs that.