Saturday, March 21, 2015

Sanity Returns for A While Longer

Gill leaned back in his recliner.  On the couch close by, Chloe read one of the books from her book club subscription.  Love stories seemed to abound as spring officially started.  Heck, the book he read contained a romantic subplot.  Then there was Ralph’s notion of what a story consisted of.  Not that anyone could blame his concept. Not all the clichés and bad lines turned a story into a book or a book into a story.  With the mayoral library tidied and put back to rights, taking time to relax and read agreed with him.  Chloe already read each night to the growing triplets.  Three months old and already, they slept the night through.  Except last night.  First full moon and the little darlings howled most of the night.  Wasn’t until they got Cashew and Almond milk in them that quiet prevailed.  

“Gosh, I’d forgotten how delicious quiet and a good book are.” Chloe looked up from where she sat nodding as she continued speaking.  “Right now, I want to snuggle into bed.  Finish a few more pages and sleep.  A whole eight hours worth if those little blessings are fully conked out.”

“I agree.  I miss the house full at times.  I know Vernon and Miss Ellie were loath to go back to the racket at their place.”  Gill smiled as Chloe laid her bookmark in size the paperback she read.

“Yes, family is good.  Refuge from many things.  However, I know one thing tonight.  Sleep is going to be a wonderful thing.  I’m going upstairs.”  Chloe stood, held out her hand to him, and smiled.

Gill yawned.  Tucking his bookmark in his book, he stood.  He entwined his hand with Chloe’s.  Down the hall, they strode knowing a restful repose would embrace them soon.  



Spring is officially here.  Extra light and time to do things too.  I'm going to catch up on missed sleep with a lovely afternoon nap until the weather warms up more.  LOL!  Right and weekend chores prevail.  Got a new book going strong.  I'll share more once I've got it submitted.  Let's just say all that snow in two weeks gave me inspiration.  Here at the Spice Homestead we wish you and yours a warm wonderful Spring.  Remember to share a good book or two with your loves and spice.  I know I am!

Until Next Week,


Savanna Kougar said...

Nothing like reading a good book, especially when you're all cozied up. ~smiles~

Pat C. said...

We ushered in spring with three inches of snow. How did you do?

Ralph prefers books with lots of pictures. His idea of classic literature is "The Dark Knight Returns."