Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Finding His Sex Pet

Quickening howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

Gosh time is passing like a speeding bullet. So, here's the next flash scene from my space fantasy WIP that was featured on April 7, and was titled: His Sex Pet
To repeat as an intro...
This idea for an erotic romance sprang at me one night during that twilight time before sleep. Anyway, here's a rough-draft opening to my space fantasy story, starring Sabrah and Commander Droz. Their story could easily be connected to Talbot's Peak since Dante's Interspecies Pleasure Club is known throughout the galaxy.


Finding His Sex Pet

Curbing his raw impatience, and silently cursing the enlarged, throbbing state of his cock, Commander Droz strode through the pavilion's open-air entrance. Resplendent in outward appearance, the slave-commerce structure resembled a potentate's harem quarters – many which were still on the surface of the planetworld, Ovvabia. Although, in current times, the palatial buildings were entertainment centers featuring the artistic talents of women. 

Droz's long quick stride carried him to the red ecstasy room, one of the center cubicles in the humanoid female section. Wispy trails of an exotic incense, meant to heighten carnal need, caused his nose to twitch. He snarled under his breath as his breeding shaft lengthened again. 

The very instant he'd been in communication range, Droz had contacted the infamous sex slave vendor, arranging for details and images of the available women. Hoping against hope that the first female he'd chosen would suit him, he paused to briefly perform a standard greeting to the spindly, gray-green skinned negotiator. 

Returning the gesture, the man immediately motioned for Droz to enter. Already the woman's sweet-musk fragrance tormented, and to his mind, begged for the plunder of his cock. 

Desperate for relief, Droz entered the chamber, an over-lavish affair, and forced himself to halt. Even as his inner, mating-crazed panther leaped, he rooted his boot-clad feet to the slick stone floor, staring.  He drank in the sexually beautiful picture before him. 

Now carnal torture took over. Supine and wrist-bound on a bed of soft large pillows, the female did not look up.  He knew it was because she refused to acknowledge his presence.  As Droz understood it, she'd been unwillingly sold by her family to pay a debt. 

The soul-lost fools, he contemptuously thought. Yet, if she took his cock well enough, the female would have a good home with him. 

Attired in semi-transparent swathes of silky cloth, her generous curves, her small circle of a waist more than pleased his eye. As the images had depicted accurately, her fiery red tresses flowed around her reminding him of the gentle ebb and flow of sea waves.  

A perfect contrast for the bright flaming color of her hair, her creamy, gold-flecked skin was also sensually pleasing, and far more lovely than the holo-images had been able to recreate. It mattered not that the female wasn't a shifter breed. In truth, Droz prefered his sex pet to remain naked flesh. 

Thus, he could stroke and fondle her at will. 

Her eyes, he wanted to see her eyes -- the color, the expression within their depths. Droz unrooted his feet and slowly approached. When her gaze still refused his, he bent at the waist, and lightly touched beneath her chin. 

With insistence, yet keeping his handling of her gentle, Droz raised her face to his.  His heart instantly jumped, as if he'd been startled as cat, and sprang upward  to escape an enemy.  In his homeworld jungles, enemies to his kind were numerous and brutally fierce. 

Her face, the unique loveliness, hypnotized him. Then her eyes captured him. Defiant, yet resigned to her fate, she gazed at him full on. 

Droz couldn't help but notice the deep well of sadness within the female's eyes. At the same time, the two aquamarine glistening pools entranced him with their beauty. 

Using one of his para-abilities, Droz searched her soul. The woman was a rich tapestry of experience. Wherever she'd come from -- her homeworld had not been divulged -- her life had not been simple nor protected. 

Even as he studied her, her scent altered, becoming more deliciously complex. Her gaze flared, then blazed splendidly with sudden anger. 

Droz let the corners of his mouth tilt upward in a smile. "Spirit is to be prized in a sex pet." He spoke in a language he'd been informed she understood. 

"Sex pet," she spat at him. "I am no one's pet." 

"You are now, my pretty one." After a split second pause, he added, "Unless the fit of my cock cannot be accomplished." 

She blanched white, the flames in her eyes swiftly lessening. 

Without another word, or another thought, Droz gripped her shoulders hauling her upward. Every inch of him turned stone hard with sheer, ferocious lust at the feel of her. Momentarily, the shiver and shake of her bountiful breasts transfixed him. 

He trapped the back of her neck with one hand, and in one motion bent her over  the smooth granite stand to be used for acts of sex. Hardly aware of his actions, Droz swept away the silken fabric so her ass was bared to him. 

In a breeding haze, he loosed his cock, never removing his gaze from her pale gorgeous rump. He inserted one finger testing her wetness. Good, the female liked his handling of her whether she admitted it or not.
Droz plunged his crown inside her ripe red sex.


Wishing you love and passion on the wild side ~ 


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance


Pat C. said...

Definitely steamy! However, is she still tied up at this point? I understand she's a slave and all, but I'm concerned some readers (and editors) might see this as Droz forcing himself on her. Editors especially get really squeamish about this sort of thing.

Savanna Kougar said...

Of course, he's forcing himself on her, and her wrists are still bound... how can it be any other way since she's being sold as a sex slave?

Sure, she is turned on by him, his very presence... and his handling of her... so yeah, if editors object, well, if this one gets written fully, I'll just self-publish and give the warning: Forced Seduction. Plenty of publishers publish those anyway, that I've seen. Or they use the phrase, I think it's Captive Erotic Romance. Something like that.

And, no one who objects to 'forced seduction' has to read it. You know, choice.

Pat C. said...

I'm just recalling the fun I had with Siren, where they were okay with threeway sex as long as the woman repented keeping them as slaves. And she didn't even abuse them or force them or anything. I wonder if it would have been okay for the two men to keep her as a slave? Would I have been asked to have them show remorse? Editorial edicts get weird sometimes.

Savanna Kougar said...

I went through a big-deal process around forced seductions with Siren when I pubbed HER INSATIABLE DARK HEROES... because the editor accused me of rape... no problem with her not liking the forced seduction scene, given we're all wired differently, and have had god-knows what kind of experiences in life... however, it was not rape via my own experience around that... however, for clarification I wrote a prologue scene that explained the psychology around the situation, and the heroine's particular sexual psychology as a woman.

And like I said, if I do ever get the story written, well, if I decide to go with a publisher, I'll deal with whatever then... I can always make it clear I'm not changing that part of the story, thus, they may not offer a contract... whatever, like I said, at this point, I can self-publish.