Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Think I'm Under The Wire...

Ok, got wrapped up in proof reading and then in reading Pat's new release, "The Mountain Lion King," and totally spaced out making a post. So I'm going to stump for Pat today.

The Blurb:

Sent to America to marry a man she’s never met, tiger shifter Nilambari runs out on the wedding instead. Fleeing into Montana’s mountains, she’s found and taken in by Rick Donnelly, a cougar shifter and self-proclaimed king of his particular hill. For the past three years he’s lived alone. He doesn’t want a mate and he doesn’t like tigers. But one look into Nilambari’s desperate eyes and he finds his feelings changing.

However, the man she escaped is Ravi, son of the villainous Zhere Ghan. He’s even more vicious and abusive than his father. Ravi intends to have his bride—or her corpse—back at any cost. Can the cougar king defeat the tiger prince for the sake of his runaway tigress? 

My take on it so far:

I kind of want to be Nilambari because I just know she's going to end up with all that lusciousness that is
Rick. Pat started this off on the blog, the first few chapters of it, and then finished it up as a feature length story. It is a fresh peek at the Peak and it does have cameos of many of your favorite regulars. I actually kind of fell in love with Rick back when he first showed up and even made a little fan art. He's a hottie, what can I say.

Anyway, you can pick up a copy at Smashwords, or at Amazon, if you prefer. It's going for $2.99, which is a great deal in my opinion. Pick up a copy and settle in for a rolicking good read!

~ Rebecca


Pat C. said...

Thanks for the plug! I'm posting my plug anyway, though.

Two more people bought copies on Amazon! Since I know it isn't family members, I'm selling to strangers now. We're finally on a roll!

Savanna Kougar said...