Saturday, May 9, 2015



This week the gang from the Peak are off on vacation. They invited Pris (my muse) and I along.  Something about a few beers and some song writing for the festival.  I hear Louie, Vernon McMahon, Gill and a few others have started a band. We'll have to see what they come up with.  Chloe and Bettina accompanied by Rachel are taking turns enjoying the beach and surf while watching the kids.

Beach and surf you say?  I don't know where the women folk headed off to for sure.  I know this much they said I'm supposed to keep the men folk in line.  I shook my head and ran away screaming no to that job description.  Maybe they're some where in Florida visiting Chloe's family or the west coast enjoying California sunshine.  

Me?  I'm staying home by choice.  Too much money to go somewhere anymore.  Cramped airlines, hotel costs, and the prices for food...I can buy groceries and gas for my car for a couple of weeks on what it costs to go much of any where. I'd rather chill, sleep, and write.  I know the next Cascade Bay book is ready to spill out.  So me and Pris got a date getting another book written and submitted.

What are some of your favorite vacation spots?  Here are a few of mine:

1.  Santa Barbara, CA

2.  San Francisco, CA

3.  Monterrey, CA

4.  Florida (various places)

5.  Virginia  (Home turf)

I look forward to reading what some of yours are.  I will catch up with you all next week.  I bet there are some good lyrics happening as the boys burn the midnight candle and have another root beer.
I'm busy sharing a good book or two with my loves and spice.  I know you are too.

Until Next Week,



Pat C. said...

KISS tribute band! While teens Ray Nardo and his garage-band buddies just shake their heads at the old folks.

Favorite vacation spot: the south Jersey shore. Not only was I born there, it's only 3 hours away. Other than that, I like to drive and see where I end up. There are a ton of states I haven't visited yet.

Savanna Kougar said...

Looks like it's Rise of the Bands in Talbot's Peak... Yay for the music!

Yeah, too expensive these days for me. Plus, just have to much responsibility to leave now.

Anyway, I LOVE traveling to about anyplace. One of my fave vacation spots is the Virgin Islands, bare-boating between the islands. Nothing better than being out on the ocean... the sun, the warm-swimming waters, the starlit sky...

Pat C. said...

Sand up your butt, the jellyfish ...

Savanna Kougar said...

naw, no sand up my butt... thank goodness... but I did get a bad jellyfish sting once, and a reaction... fortunately, there was baking soda on the boat... solved the problem.