Saturday, May 2, 2015


“GILLL!” echoed through the layers of sleep wrapped around him.  Another shriek and two more loud cries had him on his feet ready to scamper.  Scamper where?  

Gill tried to stop the yawn threatening to overtake him when Chloe trotted into the living room holding one of the triplets.  He waved with one hand while rubbing his eye with the other.  Giving into the yawn, he moved toward her.  The look on her face said something wasn’t right.  He reached for Chloe when she spoke.

“There’s---there was---oh mixed nuts.  Now there’s a strange man standing in our kitchen.  And he’s naked!”  Chloe stepped away from him.  She moved to the rocker, sitting precariously in it while holding a bottle in one hand.

Gill shook his head.  Their guest was awake. And human.  Time to set things right, especially about running around naked in the mayor’s house.  You got an invitation first then you shucked your clothes.  Of course, that was on hot tub nights.  Not the middle of icy snow storms.

“I’ll take care of this.  You stay here.  I’ll explain later.”  Gill didn’t wait for Chloe’s response.  He picked up his pace wanting to make sure their guest didn’t escape.

Gill skidded to a halt as he stepped into the kitchen.  A short dark haired man looked up from where he sat sipping coffee as if he sat naked in the kitchen doing this every day.  His beard matched the hair on his head, chest, and crotch.  Not that Gill cared.  Though avoid the eyeful wasn’t in the works as the dude stood and faced him.

“Woody B. Humphries,” he said holding out his hand.  “W.B. to many.”

Gill swallowed hard.  The legendary guitar player of Animal Riots stood in front of him.  A man who won more Grammies, music awards, and fame than many others in the music industry did.   His nudity didn’t appear to bother him.  Deities how had he end up in the kitchen?  Unless---no he couldn’t be could he? A dragon shifter?



Please tell me there isn't a naked dragon sitting in your kitchen drinking coffee as if he does this regularly.  Last I checked there wasn't one in mine.  Of course, this is the Peak and unusual is normal here.

I hope you are enjoying our warm weather in between the rain storms.  Parts of the country need the water.   Others can do without the tornadoes.  Let's also be generous and give to a known charity to help out our fellow world citizens in Nepal.    Check with your local Better Business Bureau or churches to see who is taking donations.  I understand some are asking for goods as well as money.  

Our festival appears to be getting headliners to rock the attendees.  Let's see what next week's installment brings.  Until then, remember to share a few good books with your loves and spice.  I know I am!

Until next week,



Savanna Kougar said...

Wow, I'd like a naked human dragon in my kitchen, drinking coffee... although, I don't have anything but instant that I use for my allergies.

As far as charities, please give to those charities who really help people. Please investigate before you give. MANY of the big well known charities DON'T help anyone but themselves to your money, or only MINIMALLY assist as a photo op so they get more donations.

Pat C. said...

I don't drink coffee -- tea only -- so it looks like all the English and Asian dragons will be headed for my house. I can live with that.

"Oh, mixed nuts!" -- luvvit!