Saturday, May 16, 2015


And the sign read “Thongs Required”.  Gill swallowed hard, looked over his shoulder to where Vernon McMahon, Louie, and several others from the Peak stood buck ass naked.  Even their wives and girlfriends sat back on the beach nude.  Who the hell had put up a sign bearing such?

“How do we comply with this?” Louie asked moving forward.  “I mean it’s a nude beach.  It’s not like we’re going to have those stuffed in a back pocket.”
Vernon clapped his hand over his mouth.  It didn’t do much good.  Gaffs of laughter spilled out.  Gill watched Phil walk up to the sign point at it and then boldly give it the finger.  The bird as some referred to the middle finger cheer many humans used as they drove down the highway of life. 

“Gentlemen,” Tyburn began as he reached the group.  “We’re heading to the bar for drinks and food, aren’t we?"

“We were.  Until that.”  Gill pointed at the sign five hundred yards from the bar.  The overhead sun blocked a clear view into the outdoor bar.  How many patrons complied with the posted requirement couldn’t be determined.  

Tyburn looked back to where Rachel stood shielding her eyes.    She motioned to him with a ‘come here’ wave.  He held up one finger.  Facing back to the group, he asked, “Where do we find those?”

Phil moved back even with the group, opening his mouth ready to speak when  a semi-clad woman walked past them and stopped within a few feet.  She leaned over, sat down the bag she carried and shimmed out of the thong bottom of her bathing suit.  Never mind she was topless.  She stood up, picked up the bag, after bunching her bathing suit bottom in her other hand, and took off trotting down the beach.

Gill didn’t bother to chastise the others standing next to him with their mouths hanging open.  No doubt his gaped in the wind with theirs.  Two men walked out, stopped approximately the same place the woman had.  Each wore swimwear.  Moments later they didn’t.  Their swimwear, gripped in their hand, flapped in the breeze as they strolled toward the shoreline and where their families probably lounged.  

“This is beginning to be a real undertaking,” Phil muttered.

Louie grinned, and pointed as two middle-aged couples walked up.  The men stopped short of the sign, shook out what appeared to be swimwear from the tote bags they carried.  The women with them did the same.  Each pulled the bottoms on.  Tyburn, Phil, Gill and Louie all groaned as they walked away.  The men’s covered fronts weren’t at issue nor were the women’s covered crotches.  Their backsides left plenty to continue catching the air.  

Vernon motioned the group to him.  “Look there’s a swim suit shop down the beach.  Let me procure what we need.”

The group agreed and handed him part of the money they had intended for buying lunch. 

Back out on the beach, Elly and Chloe gathered up the children.  “I thought the guys would be back with food by now,” Phil’s wife Gladys said.

“Me too,” Rachel chimed in.  “Tyburn gets antsy when his stomach growls.”

“I’ll check on them if you like,” Elly offered, pulling on her bathing suit bottom.

“I suspect we all need to go check on them,” Chloe stated putting on her bottom as well.   

Soon the four bottom clad women faced toward the area where the bar and shops marked the start of the beach.  “Bettina are you going with us?” Elly asked pausing near the second sun umbrella close to their belongings.

“Not in that heat and sun.  I’ll be charcoal in seconds.”  Bettina picked up the tube of sunscreen and lathered more on.  “I’ll stay with the kids.  They’re all conked out right now.”  Close to her lay the triplets and twins along with Phil’s kids, eyes shuts as their chests rose and fell indicating they slumbered.

The women made their way to the bar and strolled inside.  Three feet in and off to their right sat their men folk.  Clad as the sign required.  Four sets of male not quite bare arses sat at the bar.  Their towels hung over the bar stools as they perched very precariously on the cool metal stools.  Chloe pointed as she leaned close to the other women saying, “Gee lace and red do become them don’t you think?”

Elly nodded smiling, as did Rachel and Gladys.  The men each wore dark red lacy women’s thong panties.  Elly spoke as the women grouped around her.  “Vernon has a hard time judging sizes and letting a practical joke pass by.”



Never a dull moment with our gang from the Peak.  Let's hope the joke doesn't back fire on Vernon.  Of course all of them did put their red lacy thong panties on.  I hope you enjoyed your giggle as much as I enjoyed mine writing this.  Who's to say that unisex panties don't have a future?

Enjoy the warm weather and stay safe.  Those sudden storms are deadly some times.  Remember to share a good book or two with your spice as you stay safe and warm.   I know I am.

Until Next Week,



Pat C. said...

Gah! My eyes!

I have no trouble picturing the menfolk naked in their frilly thongies. Except for Louie. Louie naked looks a lot like Peter Griffin from "Family Guy."

Savanna Kougar said...

Thong Thursday could become a beloved tradition in the Peak... at least, when it's warm enough. ~grins~