Friday, May 15, 2015

Trust Me...

Penelope walked along the front of the room, her fingers slid, first, along the smooth wood of the massive cross, remembering a naked Burgess and the first time she tied him to it…

“So, let me get this sorted, you intend to tie me to this cross – naked – then whip me bum?” the look on his face was one of interest.

“No, my blue-haired penguino, I’m going to cuff you to the cross, with the softest leather cuffs.  Then I’m going to flog you first, and follow it up with a crop that will make your ass tingle in the nicest of ways.”

“No whip then?”

“Nope, you’re not yet ready for the bull whip.”

That was a good day.  She’d reddened his ass well with the short diamond-shaped crop, then kissed it all better before allowing Burgess to bring her to orgasm…orally.  A few days later, he’d returned the favor by bending her over the spanking bench and introducing his palm to her cheeks…

“What are we doing back here, Burgess? It’s too soon to have another go at your ass…”

“We’re not here for me Pen, this time, it’s your bum that’ll glow a rosy hue.”  He lifted an eyebrow and patted the bench, waiting for me to assume the position.

“And what makes you think your Domme will allow such a thing?”

“This is not a Dom speaking to her sub, Penelope.  This is two switches speaking to each other.” 
He’d surprised her that day, so early in their relationship, with his knowledge of her deepest secret.  She loved being a Domme, but for him, she longed to submit, as well. 

“Is everything the way you want it, Penelope?”

Surprised by the quiet question, Penelope turned to greet her friend.  “Yes, Dante, thank you.  Everything looks perfect for the gathering.”

“Very good.  And I think you’ll find, Edina is immensely skilled at her art.”

“Yes, there are whispers around town that she brings much success to her ‘customers’.  My hope is that she’ll open up and tell the other Doms of this town her true agenda.”

“Is that really necessary?”

Penelope looked over at Dante, “yes, it really is.  Dom’s and Domme’s support on another in this town and we want to support her too.  First though, she needs to be honest with us.”

“Agreed.  I’ll leave you to it then.”

As he turned to leave, Penelope fought her urge to demand answers, but one slipped out.  “Is he safe, Dante?  Really and truly safe?”

Without turning Dante said, “As safe as he can be, Penny, and he’ll be home soon.”

As he stepped from the room, Penelope sank to the base of the spanking bench and softly wept.  She believed Dante, for he’d never lied to her.  Burgess would return.  Until that time she would hold tight to the words he’d whispered in her ear as he’d laid her over the bench…

“Trust me with your secret, my sweet submissive, and we shall forever be one…”

Just a short bit from me today.  May you forever trust and be one with your love.



Savanna Kougar said...

Outstanding erotic flash, Serena! And, yes, Burgess will be home soon... come hell or highwater.

Pat C. said...

For a lighthearted story about Edina, this is turning into a deeply emotional story about Penelope. That was not a complaint. Keep 'em coming!

Serena Shay said...

Thanks Savanna! Yep, soon... :)

Serena Shay said...

I know, Pat. It really is amazing what decided to come out in relation to Edina... who knew Penelope and Mz. Muse were going to take over the story! hehe ;)