Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tiger Man Beneath Your Tree

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Ever wish for a Tiger Man beneath your holiday twinkling tree?

Picture it. There you are at an adult holiday party sitting on Santa’s lap. Maybe, you’re wondering and pondering, should I be naughty or should I be nice?
Now, if Santa is not your type, or otherwise unavailable, here’s your chance to ask for something exquisitely outrageous... a little real-rum egg nog could remove any and all important inhibitions, at this point.
So, have you ever fantasized about getting to know a Tiger Shapeshifter in that intimate lustful way... well, that way we as human beings are able to vividly imagine... I have to admit, meow-rubbing yes!
And, I have the WIPs to prove it.
Of course, this began a couple decades before the ill-fated actions of one golf celebrity known as Tiger Woods... don’t ask me the latest. I pay no attention. It’s just on my screen news ticker passing by like a bad odor.
More to my interest... 2010 is the Chinese Year of the Metal Tiger... okay, I could discuss the obvious synchronicity happening here... Tiger Woods, Year of the Metal Tiger... but, I won’t. The analysis would be long and tedious. And I’m all about fun and enjoying myself, right now.

So, with that in fantasy mind ~ when erotic romance author, Hortense Powdermaker, discussed the best way to accomplish the back story in your novel, at the Liquid Silver SEx blog on Sunday, and also, made that her Flash Fiction theme... well, this is the result.

Tiger Beneath the Twinkling Tree

They lazed on their bed, lovingly tangled together. Senshia slid her forefinger on his chest, sensually tracing one of his skin stripes, a darker pigment that contrasted with the pale bronze of his body.
“Mmmm... you are certainly the tiger between my thighs.” Lowering her head with a delicacy of movement he’d come to adore, she trailed kisses up the center of his chest, ending at the juncture of his neck and shoulder.
His eyes had fallen closed and now Durrhan moaned with the sweet pleasure of what she did to him. With the sweet and terrible pleasure of her.

“My Senshia.” Like a predator, he swiped his hand beneath her head, and swiftly slid his fingers deep within the wealth of her hair. He gripped the glimmering coppery strands hard, tugging so that her face was all his to view as pleased him.
As he always did, he indulged in the fairy fragility of her features, in the golden sprinkling of freckles gracing her cheeks. She gazed at him, passion glowing in her iris colored eyes. Her eyes filled with stars of sapphire, silver and aquamarine.
“Sleep,” he ordered. “I have enjoyed myself too much with you, my mate.”

She protested with a sinuous caress of her body against his, and a naughty nymph smile. Durrhan frowned. There was no way he would compromise her well-being, his otherworld woman. Not only had she saved him from a fate worse than death, she was his heart now, and his life. As he had become her life, as he now lived within the flaming flower of her heart.
“If you insist.”
Her voice twined around him, sultry and inviting, yet also softly resigned to his will for her. She’d learned his care for her was real. He would demand her obedience.

She snuggled the side of her face on top of his chest, and settled herself toward slumber as her race knew it. Durrhan feathered his fingers over her slightly pointed ear, brushing away tendrils of her hair. Her ears always enchanted him, then turned him wild with desire, unless he’d taken her. Before letting himself drop into sleep, Durrhan would make certain she obeyed him . He’d spent most of the winter’s day patrolling their small mountain valley as his human self and also allowing his beast to run free, to plow through the deep snow and protect the wilder areas.

The memory trapped him, the moment darkness overtook him. Saliva dribbled in pools from his jaws. His swollen bleeding paws twitched uncontrollably for long minutes as he barely held onto consciousness. He’d escaped those who had done this to him, the evil wizard scientists as he thought of them, and their military masters, the ones with the stone-cold gray faces and the eyes that reminded him of a non-stop blizzard. They’d thought he was close to death and were transporting him to an autopsy facility. His body had only been resurrecting. He’d been genetically morphing into what he was now.

Tiger and man. A man able to shift into a full tiger. Not just a tiger and not just a man. No, as a man he possessed super strength and many of his tiger’s superior abilities, like the sense of smell. As a tiger he was a primal beast, a killer by nature, yet he retained his human mind. Even his breed of tiger was one that had been lost to current-day Earth, though his appearance remained typical of a zoo tiger. He’d been designed to operate inside the human population. To gather intelligence where ordered, to assassinate without thought.

The steel door to his transport crate swung open. The bitter cold of an Idaho winter hit his tiger face. Durrhan sprang upwards from his side. Twisting his muscle-heavy, yet lean body, he charged outward. He raced like the devil, hearing the shouts of shock and warning follow his bid for freedom. Running past the outside pen they planned to put his body in before they brought out the scalpels, Durrhan scanned for his best escape option. Hearing the start-up roar of snowmobiles, he angled toward the sparse forest of bare-limbed trees. Durrhan sprinted for his life, for his freedom.

His paws crashed through a half-foot of icy snow. Where he could, he leapt the distance he would have run. His only chance was to evade the helicopters and the drone aircraft they’d send after him. To finally convince them of his death after he rubbed the tracking fiber from his shoulder. Far enough ahead of the snowmobiles, Durrhan looked for a tree with the roughest bark. Slamming his shoulder against the largest tree, he scraped away his fur, then his skin. The instant the frequency hum left his body, he jumped into a lope, sniffing for the nearest stream.

With his blood staining the snow, Durrhan followed the dictates of his nose. Weaving through a denser forest, he found what he wanted, water, semi-frozen in places. He gathered his body, then stretched into a long jump. As he landed on the large stream, his paws slid. Scrambling, he lumbered forward until he broke through the ice. He rolled, drenching himself, and fast-freezing his wounded shoulder. Crawling onto a solid surface, he intentionally dragged his body as if he was near death. The machine growl of helicopters caused him to search for a hiding place. Durrhan climbed the rocky bank.

Before him was the V entrance of a small cave. From the air’s smell there was an exit. Durrhan squeezed himself inside and forced his way through. Exhausted, yet knowing he’d won victory, he staggered toward what he thought was either a hallucination or what he’d been taught was an outdoor Christmas tree. Collapsing beneath the twinkling limbs, Durrhan realized he could no longer move.
Incredibly soft hands stroked his fur. “Don’t worry, I’ll heal you.” The woman’s voice was as soft as her strokes. “Don’t worry, Tiger Man, I’m not a human. I’m from another world. A far-away world.”

The Bull is on hiatus this week. Happy Snorting Holidays!
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Serena Shay said...

Oh my yes! Santa, please leave a tiger or two beneath my tree!! ;) Great flash, Savanna!

Anonymous said...

I'm definitely going to be naughty this year. Mmm-rowr!

Pat C.

Savanna Kougar said...

Serena, I'll whisper in Santa's ear... leave Lady Shay her Tigers... she knows how to handle them.

Savanna Kougar said...

Pat, Naughty is good... or, is that being good is naughty... Mae West style. The WereTigers may be rumbling in your ear for a tale about their stripey tails...

Anonymous said...

Put a tiger in your tank!

Yes, I'm old enough to remember that, alas ...

Pat C.

Paris said...


Loved the flash! As for the Tiger, oh yes please;-)There's just something about those big cats!

Savanna Kougar said...

Pat ~ I so remember that, too. Put a Tiger in your tank... course, there's Rocky's Eye of the Tiger... and, the ubiquitous, Tiger by the Tail.

Savanna Kougar said...

Hi Paris, ya never know. Santa could be really good to you, and Mr. Tiger will be under tree, waiting impatiently for your attentions.