Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Vampire Assassin

A hero so dark and brooding he’s practically evil. At least that’s what I’m flirting with right now. As I send off the last of a round of edits on my third and final installment of the Guardians series, I can’t help wonder what’s next. I have no plans for a new erotic book at this time, so a world of options is open.

If I do another vampire hero, he’s definitely going to be a bad boy. But do I make him a shapehsifter, capable of transforming monstrously and revealing wings? Or should his strengths be completely psychic--levitation, mind control, and magic?

And what about my heroine? Should she be human, vampire, or other magical creature? That, reader, is where I am today. And there’s something to be said for infinite possibilities. They’re both scary and exciting.  


Paris said...

There's something wonderful about all of the possibilities available when developing new characters! And if it wasn't scary and exciting, would you really want to be doing this;-)

Savanna Kougar said...

Crystal, oh so true, about infinite possibilities. Why not let that bad boy vampire create the heroine of his naughtiest dreams?

Anonymous said...

Why should you have to choose? Both those characters sound hot, so put them both in the story. Then they can fight over the heroine. Lucky girl.

By the way, if your inspiration works the way mine does, you'll end up working on something completely unrelated to what you just posted. The subconscious is funny that way.

Happy New Writing Year to all!

Pat C.

Serena Shay said...

Oh I do love vamps, so I agree with Pat, put them both in and let them show us er.. your heroine, their stuff! hehe ;)

Happy New Year!