Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Wolf Shifters are Howling for the Holidays

I tell you those wolfies are demanding my writing time. They’re showing up in my imagination a lot of late... looking sexy hot in their human shapes and adorably fierce in their wolfie shapes. I think the wolves are making certain they’re next in line, once I’ve finished Branded by the Texans. I’m down to the last few chapters and *hopefully*... yes, cross those fingers... I’ll get Branded revised, polished and sent off for publication. Soon!

On Sunday, I generally write a piece of Flash Fiction for the
Liquid Silver SEx blog’s Flash Fiction Sunday event (everyone is welcome to join in). Mostly, I participate because it’s darn fun and I yen to pen this compact type of fiction... the challenge, the internal excitement of creating a scene, a moment, a very short story with a limited number of words, that’s what goes on for me. And, always, the question is: can I do it?

As a reader, I have a great time reading everyone else’s flashies. Of course, I learn more about the craft of writing, as well, from all those fab-tastic authors. Certainly, I’ve been inspired often, even helped over those bumpy blocks we writers know so well. Another upside to writing flash fiction, is that it’s one way to keep improving my skill set in a way I enjoy.

This week, Western Erotic Romance author,
Gem Sivad, hosted Flash Fiction Sunday. Her theme was ‘I love you’... those three little words... that are the foundation of our romance novels, even if not actually spoken in the story. Those three words ~ sometimes, so easy to say... sometimes, so incredibly difficult for our heroines and heroes to say to one another.

Yep, those wolfies snuck up on me. It wasn’t in my mind to Flash about them... oh no, but suddenly there they were, mesmerizing my imagination, frolicking in the snow, then morphing into both my heroine and my hero.

~~~ So, how sneaky have some of your characters been? Just to get their stories written? ~~~~~~

Love at White Wolf Lodge

“I love you.”
Kindra’s heart skipped a beat. A really big beat. She hadn’t heard that. Had she? Rising slowly, while trying to think in quantum leaps, she draped the popcorn trim on the nearest branch of the nine foot tree she’d chosen for her father’s lodge, The White Wolf.
“I love you.”
There it was again. To make certain her ears weren’t deceiving her, she did what she didn’t want to do, turn around and face the owner of the voice, the man her father considered to be his right hand. Kindra stuffed her hands into her back pockets.

Zack, the man she’d spent the last three weekends having ‘body heat’ sex with, in every position she’d ever fantasized about, looked as though he was about to howl his feelings for everyone at the guest lodge to hear, if she was any judge of his expression.
“It wasn’t supposed to be this way...” she began, then halted as his gaze blazed like the enormous fireplace to one side of them.
Usually enigmatic and aloof as their moon, now, fierce determination carved his ruggedly handsome features and glittered his dark silver-colored eyes.
“What am I supposed to say?” Kindra shrugged.

Zack D’Guerre of the Voltz Pack was used to getting his own way. He’d certainly seduced her easily enough, a discreet assault that aroused her passions to a ferocity that had her climbing up his lean sex-delicious body with her slit pressed against his tall brute of a cock. He’d suavely introduced her to his den of iniquity, then proceeded to show her carnal pleasures she’d never dreamed of. He had her panting every time she saw him or thought about him. Kindra figured she was his winter conquest, the woman he’d entertain himself with until the spring thaw. Wrong.

“You’re supposed to say ‘I love you’ back.” His silvery hot gaze didn’t waver. He was on the hunt. For her.
Kindra took several steps backwards, nearly crashing into the Christmas tree she so carefully decorated.
“You’re supposed to say ‘yes’ when I ask you to marry me.” Reaching out, fast as he could snatch a rabbit in his jaws, he caught her arm. With surprising gentleness, he pulled her away from the tree.
“You know I can’t think of you... in that way,” she whispered, then waved to a couple passing by who smiled a greeting at her.
“Why not?”

Kindra desperately wished she ran through the newly fallen snow. Alone. Free. Her paws cushioned by the airy coldness. She wanted the scent of pine and warm-blooded prey seizing her nostrils. She didn’t want to be here. With him. His words of love growling in her ears. He was supposed to be the man she had a once in a lifetime affair with, the one she remembered as she lay curled before the fireplace, dozing. He was her guilty prized secret. That’s how she’d written their script in her mind. Mounting savage lust, and that was the end of it.

Instead, she stood here, feeling and smelling his wolfen mating heat for her. The man who heated her blood to an impossible, unbearable sizzle. Reluctantly, he released her arm.
“Because I can’t.” Kindra jerked her hands out of her pockets, then crossed them tightly beneath her swelling breasts. She glared, her wild frustration steaming out of every pore on her body. So it felt.
He stared. The need to know more than what she’d spoken flared deep in his eyes.
“Why can’t you?”
“Because... to be with you... I couldn’t let my heart get involved.” Kindra thrust her chin out.

“That’s why,” she added, louder than she should have. Dying inside, Kindra averted her face. Why couldn’t she just have been decorating the tree as she did every year, enjoying the heady excitement of bringing it to holiday life. Glistening. Golden. Bright with colored bulbs and ornaments. Damn. Grrrring snarling damn. And damn his need to mate her. His unique potent musk surrounded her, demanding her surrender. Demanding she surrender to her own she-howling need for him.
“Your heart is already mine, Kindra. You just don’t know it, yet.”
“Is that so?” she attacked, baring fangs she didn’t have. Not yet.

But wished she did. She’d rip into him, her teeth snapping so fast he couldn’t subdue her. She’d teach him she meant fierce bitch business. Her heart didn’t belong to him. Not one untamed beat of it. For good measure, she’d slap him with her tail, before racing away to bound over the snow. Free. Alone.
“That’s so, little wolfess mine.”
Whirling, she moved back to the boxes of decorations. “Go away, Zack. I need to finish the tree...”
His hand caught hers and with a command she couldn’t fight, he tugged her flush against his body.
“No,” she whispered.

His lips claimed hers, then devoured with a primal sweetness that had her yielding, her body as soft as the marshmallows in her mug of hot chocolate. The shouting no’s in her mind turned to whimpering yes’s. Kindra grabbed his neck and clung. Her legs swung upwards, wrapping around him. They panted, placing kiss after tumultuous kiss on each other’s mouths. Immersed inside their own world of raw seething passion, neither one of them noticed the gathering crowd. Until the sound of clapping and cheers intruded.
Kindra let her lips unglue from his and slid down his body.
“Marry me.”

He didn’t relinquish his lover’s hold, despite the fact she squirmed to free herself.
“Marry me, Kindra. I love you.”
“You planned this,” she accused in a whisper. “Asking me in front of everyone. I’ll look like the bad-bitch Grinch who stole Christmas, if I say no.”
“Yes,” he admitted, his growl adoring. His gaze sparkled, as silvery as moonlight on the snow. “Do you know when I knew I loved you?”
Kindra could only shake her head no.
“The first moment I saw your face.”
Her heart unfroze, then blazed like the roaring fire. “Yes, Zack. I love you.”

The Bull is on hiatus this week. Happy Snorting Holidays!
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Anonymous said...

I hear you loud and clear. I try to write every day; on the days I don't work on a WIP I jot little snippets and scenes in a notebook -- dialogue, character descriptions, interactions, whatever, just to say I wrote. Sometimes they grow into stories, or trigger a story. I did one just the other week about a human raised by a family of vampires, and now I'm writing his story. See, it works!

One last remark about Christmas and shapeshifters: is it really a good idea to have a tree inside a house full of canines? Wouldn't there be, um, "accidents"? Serious accidents, if there are lights on the tree. Maybe wolves should keep their Christmas trees outside and just hang up wreathes indoors.

Pat C.

Serena Shay said...

aah Savanna, Love at White Wolf Lodge is definitely a winner! I just know there must be quite a lead up story to this flash, perhaps we shall hear it someday. ~fingers crossed, fingers crossed~ ;)

Savanna Kougar said...

Pat, given it's a Lodge located in a forested area, and all the rooms have outside exits, there are plenty of undecorated trees ready and available for watering.
Besides, a bit of decorum becomes them and keeps them their human side strong... *grins*

Savanna Kougar said...

Serena, it would be such a fun story to write. Maybe, I should think about writing it for next Christmas... ?

Serena Shay said...

Ooh, there ya go, I bet it would be a wonderful Christmas story! :)