Saturday, December 19, 2009

Happy Holidays!

I'm finally getting into the spirit. No, I haven't been bah-humbugging all over the place but I've just been so rushed and crazy that the true spirit of the holidays has been lost to all of the necessary stuff. Like everyone else, I swore I wasn't going to do that to myself again this year and I did.

Until last week. My husband walked into my office while I was struggling with a scene and started laughing. Now dh does not open my door while I'm working for just any little thing but I caught myself glaring at him. What was so funny?

He pointed and when I looked up there was a giant, descending cobweb floating above my head. I hadn't noticed it or it's siblings that had been decorating the corners of my office for who knows how long. How long had I not been paying attention?

What else had I missed? I knew immediately. I missed the holiday decorations that I haven't had time to put up. I missed the smell of cinnamon and spices. I haven't even watched "It's A Wonderful Life" which I always do on Thanksgiving to kick off the holiday season.

I think I'll make French Toast for breakfast and sprinkle some cinnamon on it and watch Uncle Billy misplace fifteen thousand dollars. I may even find the dust bunnies and cobwebs a new home while I'm at it. I'm looking forward to it;-) which is that awesome first step to enjoying anything!

Next Saturday is Christmas and I won't be posting because we'll all be celebrating with family and friends, reminiscing about past holidays, nibbling goodies and enjoying whatever traditions our lives have inspired. Hug the darling divas, the he-men in training and all of your furry, four-legged babies and have a Very Merry whatever you celebrate;-)

Happy Holidays!


Savanna Kougar said...

Paris, HUGS! Enjoy the holidays, it only happens once a year right?
I have to laugh at myself, too, since the dust bunnies have an almost permanent home and the spiders must have good things to say about me.

Paris said...

LOL! Lord I hope so;-) Thanks, Savanna;-) I just noticed that I posted that Saturday was Christmas and it's Friday! My mantra for the week is "I'm having a good time, how about you?"

Anonymous said...

Leave the cobwebs for when you have writer's block. But you have to set aside a half hour to watch the Grinch. That's mandatory.

Pat C.

Paris said...

You are so right!!!;-)

Serena Shay said... least you weren't covered by that naughty web! I've never been able to get into It's a Wonderful Life but for me it is White Christmas that helps me get in the mood. Sadly, I haven't seen it on tv yet this year. I'm thinking it needs to go on the buy list for next year. :)

Happy Holiday's!