Thursday, December 10, 2009

An Unusal Christmas Gift Request From My Jaguars...

Picture it, Tuesday morning, one darling diva, two cute little dachshund pups, five shapeshifting cats and I piled into the authormobile for a field trip. Not that it was anything major, but due to a scheduled electric outage in my area, I was forced to find a warm abode for a few hours. Being the good author mommy I am, I couldn't bear to leave anyone at home so off we all went, over to grandma's house. Well everyone that is accept darling diva-she had school.

What to do, what to do...

We could watch TV. They have all the good channels this author is too broke for, but being that I never watch TV during the day and that there were no interesting shows on the history channel or the like, we decided to skip that.

The backyard was an option, but it didn't take too terribly long to shake the bushes free of rabbits and honestly it was too cold for me!

The Internet? Yep, did that as well, but it didn't take too long for the snarls and whines of I'm bored to start. Yes, even full grown shapeshifters can act like two-year olds.

So what did we do...well we wii'ed, wiid, wii'd? Okay, is that a word and if so, how do you, well you know, spell it? Since I don't know the ruling here I will say, we played the Wii!!

Oh my, Grandma knows her family alright, cause she's got Band Hero! Woot!
*Marina cracked it out of the park on Janet Jackson's Black Cat, gee I wonder why...
*Bastian reciprocated with Honky Tonk Blues by the Stones, Marina was less than thrilled, but Bastian took her elsewhere and convinced her it was a compliment. LOL
*Trent teased LeAnn with a sexy little rendition of Whip It by Devo
*and Rick serenaded her with If You Could Only See by Tonic.

What did LeAnn sing? Wannabe by the Spice Girls. She is kinda silly sometimes.

As for the author girl, did she sing? I can not tell a lie, yep I did. I belted out a song from my past...

"Her name is Rio and she dances on the sand, from mountains in the north down to the Rio Grande!" Simon, my young love, you still got it!! ;)


Exciting News... Today, the lovely Savanna Kougar and I will be taking part in a Holiday Hottie Blog Tour with fellow Liquid Silver Books authors and others. Stop by and say hi. Several of the authors will be taking part in a chat throughout the day...join us. Plus, if you leave a post on every blog, you will be eligible for prize's. What more can you ask for! :)

Below is the list of participating authors. Start with Trina and make your way to Gem. I hope to see you there!

Trina M. Lee Chatting
Serena Shay Chatting
Jolie Cain
Tina Holland Chatting
Stephanie Adkins
Emily and Elise
Juniper Bell
K.Z. Snow
Ella Drake Chatting
Jeanne St. James Chatting
Annie Nicholas
P.G. Forte Chatting
Shara Lanel Chatting
Olivia Brynn Chatting
Dhympna du Maurier
Morgan Q. O'Reilly
Sara Brookes Chatting
Christa Paige Chatting
Vivian Arend Chatting
Cat Kane Chatting
Dee Carney
Jambrea Jo Jones Chatting
Gem Sivad Chattin


Savanna Kougar said...

lol... I'm way behind the times. I keep hearing about Wii, or whatever, but I don't have any real clue about it...
Though, the singing part sounds great!!!

Serena Shay said...

Hehe, yep my darling diva and my characters want a wii to play on. But if we didn't have my hubby around we would never play any of them as I am way to technology challenged...

Yep the singing was fun!!