Saturday, November 27, 2010

Ms. Etiquette's Lessons Continue

“Uh, Anthony, what do you intend to do with that?” Victoria nodded her head toward the flogger Anthony held. She squirmed hoping to loosen the soft rope binding her.

“Oh, this little thing?” Anthony whipped the flogger through the air creating small cracking sounds just above her closest breast. “Pray tell me you don’t know what I do with this. How about I warm up your nipples and clit with it before I answer you?”

Tory swallowed hard. God, he knew how to play her, building the tension until she creamed from wanton need or from his mere touch. Blast his wolfish hide and human one too! Inhaling sharply, she licked her lips. Raising her head as far as she could, she looked down her torso and found where his started next to her. A leather jock strap covered his large endowment. She fought the urge to plead with him. Anthony considered it part of their ritual play for her to resist and implore him to let her go. Maybe if she feigned indifference, he’d--- another crack sounded only louder this time.

“Tory whatever is bouncing through your brain, it isn’t going to work. I told you the last time we were together that next time I was in charge. No more of this equitable crap.” Anthony swished the ends of the flogger across and over her turgid nipples, trailing toward the growing wetness between her legs. “Time to increase our pleasure, don’t you agree my dear?”

Tory opened her mouth to speak. Anthony clamped his hand over her mouth, and leaned closer, growling in her ear. “Only yes sir or no sir. No gets you not what you want.” He reached between her legs working his fingers swiftly over her clit and two quick finger fucks in and out of her pussy. “See being quiet and agreeing will get you the sweet bliss you crave. And maybe this.”

Anthony rose on his knees and shoved his leather jockstrap off his hips. Eight hard firm inches of maleness jutted out from his groin. His dark black pubic hair frizzed around the base as though his cock sprung from a nest.

Tory’s gaze slid further down to where his testicles hung. She bit her lip to keep from begging for a taste. One savor and she’d go back to being hard and non-coquettish. Right, just like Anthony would admit he liked men before he’d take her and bring her to her knees begging for release, her warmed ass bumping up against him as he drove into her balls deep.

“Anthony, I owe you nothing. You walked out on me. Took your collar with you and said I was free to pursue what and whom I wanted.” There she’d thrown his words back at him. What Dom turned his submissive loose and then claimed he still had rights to her? Only Anthony would endeavor to re-stake his claim. A claim he’d walked away from and never looked back at.

“Tory where are your manners? Maybe I should leave you aching and wanting---just let you go for good. How much more do you think you could stand?” Anthony pulled the jock strap the rest of the way off and tossed it aside. He leaned over her breast and blew. Tory jumped, her back arching as ripples of goose bumps formed over her breast tightening her nipple even more.

She watched as Anthony licked two fingertips and reached for her aching tip. Sucking in air, Tory dropped her shoulders to the bed and tried to roll away. No luck. Anthony had bound her in such a manner as to allow her small movements. No more than a wiggle here and there. Great, so much for withdrawing and playing hard to get.

His gaze drew hers. He nodded and . . .

“Oh sweet lupa. Anthony, you bastard!” Tory caught her bottom lip between her teeth and worried it. Deep in her belly wave after wave of ecstasy envelope her.

“I’m bastard enough to know how to please you and make you beg for more.” He plucked her nipple again between his thumb and forefinger, tweaking and pulling as if he were working a screw into place. “Shall I stop?” He pulled his hands away, dropping the cool metal nipple clamps on her belly.

Tory closed her eyes. Need flared up deep inside, aching so badly, she’d almost thrown caution to the wind and said, “Please sir don’t stop.”

Anthony’s warm breathy chuckle rushed up her neck as he sniffed probably taking in her fragrance. “Maybe I will and maybe I won’t my submissive lupa.”


Wow now my muse has me wondering where Anthony and Tory will go next. My imagination is going to be running hot and wild with is entry. Take time to share a few wonderful orgasms with your lovers and a good book too!

Have a great weekend!



Savanna Kougar said...

... a good book, too? I dunno, with all that fierce sex play going on. Anthony and Victoria seem like they have quite the erotic story to tell... and just why did Anthony leave her high and orgasm-dry???

Pat C. said...

Whoo! That'll melt the snow off your porch!

Something about that picture reminds me of -- wait for it -- Norman Rockwell. It looks like something he'd do if he were alive and working for Hustler instead of the Saturday Evening Post. I know. Must be turkey overload.

Savanna Kougar said...

melt the snow off your porch... yeah, baby...

Serena Shay said...

Yes Sir, Anthony...yes, freaking sir!! ~Whew~

Fabulous flash, Solara!

LOL...melt the snow off your porch, nice one, Pat!

Solara said...

Thanks Savanna, Serena, and Pat. I'm waiting to hear Rebecca's comments. She asked for more and well my muse aims to please. Why Anthony left Tory high and orgasm-dry? He may tell soon and he may not. You know how Alphas and Doms are. They control and tell what and when they are ready.

Rebecca Murray said...

Rebecca is holding her breath, waiting to see where this is going, too! Just think of the manners "Miss Manners" could be instructed in! Love ti!