Saturday, December 11, 2010

Be Careful What You Wish For

Danny stood at the threshold of the shaman's shop. His sentence carried community service until Penelope arrived to bail him out. Nick's terse short conversation carried two threats and one said if any more trouble happened, Danny would find out first hand what a dead mink felt like. The other had to do with working until he was dead twice over if he failed to show up back at the office with Penelope. Until then community service and appeasing the female guards at the local jail occupied his time.

"Hello?" Danny pushed the door open, waiting a response. Nothing. Only silence greeted him. Opening the door further, he stepped part way in. Dust and dander tickled his nose. Sneezing, he moved into the shop. Two steps in, a low growl greeted his ears, inching down his back as his own hair stood up. An uneasy feeling began wobbling in his already queasy stomach.

"Mr. Tongson, is that you?" Danny squinted trying to make out where the rows of bookshelves and jars ended.

As his eyes adjusted to the semi-dark interior, he made out a counter. Books lay strewn across it. Puffs of smoke and glowing ashes occupied one end of the waist high counter. Moving closer, a loud groan echoed out from behind the last row of shelves directly behind the counter.

Danny hesitated, inching forward. His eyes swept across the room and back. The last time he'd been somewhere this dark and eerie he'd taken a date to Dante's inter-species pleasure haven.
The money was damn good that night. A few three ways later, and a couple hundred richer, Danny walked out leaving his date to find his own way home.

Another growl echoed through the shop. Danny swallowed hard. "Mr. Tongson, please answer me."

THUD. Danny jumped and spun around. His teeth lengthened, claws unfurled, he hissed. Sweat ran down his back and pooled around his waist. Putting on his best sneer, he kept his mouth open. At least his teeth wouldn't be chattering in fear. Damn, he almost shit his pants. And over a damn door slamming shut.

"God I wish people would stop fucking with me." Danny turned back to the counter.

"Your wish is my command." Lightening flashed across the shop, arching from front to back as it illuminated a large buff looking shadow lounging against one bookshelf. "Though most folks want more sex rather than give it up."

Danny rushed forward. "Now wait one moment. I didn't--- "

"Ah but you wished. Now it is done." The shadow moved forward. Its bulk and size becoming larger with each step. "You cannot go back. The wish is granted. Unless. . ."

Danny reached the counter. "Unless what? I am mink. We love to f----"

"Yes, I know. Fuck to your advantage. People and things are your play toys you believe and act accordingly" The shadow reached the counter and reached above what Danny thought was its head.

Bright light filled the room. Fluorescent bulbs lit up all over the shop. Endless rows of books and specimen jars lined the set directly behind the counter. Danny shielded his eyes as the shadow moved into the light.

Danny blinked. In front of him stood a legendary Canadian Spirit Bear. His glasses sat atop his head, making his shoulder length black hair stand out. His buckskin regalia emphasized his Native American heritage.

"How come you're...." Danny held his tongue not wanting to create further problems. He'd spoken too soon already.

"You interrupted my spell. Now I am bound in between my dual nature until I find Mr. Tongson and retrieve my tome. Fucking Tiger Yakooza. They want it all."

Danny crept backwards, hoping to work his way to the door. One pissed off shape shifter boss was bad enough, but ticking off a spirit---well, he didn't want to wait around to find out.

"Stop unless you want to remain sexless my young pervert." Danny froze. He loved sex as did all of his species.

"What you want?’’ Danny's shoulders fell forward. God he hoped Penelope arrived sooner than later.

"Sex is yours again, but now you will service those you disliked before. Women will dominant you and you will be theirs. Now get out of my shop you submissive pain in the ass."

Danny stumbled toward the door, wanting nothing more than to get out with his cock and balls intact. Screwing women might be as great as humping men, but if it paid was money.

"Oh and no selling yourself either. You will work to earn your keep. And not to the highest bidder unless your Dominatrix says it is all right, and she gets the money."

Danny skittered across the floor, flinging open the door, and rushing out. Once outside, he chaffed his arms, rolled his eyes heaven ward, and muttered, "When will I learn to keep my big mouth shout and my cock in my pants?"


Our growing cast of characters:

Danny "mink in heat" Muldoon-He's been in and out of the closest so often, they've installed a revolving door to accommodate him. He refuses to admit his bi-sexual curiosity, stating his male preference over anything remotely feminine. He's worked the mail room longer than Nick or Anthony have owned the paper. Doesn't speak well of his work ethic, does it?

Victoria "Tory" Griswald (Wolf)-Her tight laced upbringing and over achieveing parents set the stage for her submissive side. Left to her own devices, she'd follow Anthony to the ends of the earth. Even share him with another bitch or two occasionally, but getting Anthony to respect her brains and quick wit is only one of the burrs standing between them and a match made in D/S heaven.

Anthony "Alpha" Wulfson (wolf-husky mix)-former newspaper owner and entrepreneur, he goes where he wants, when he wants, and didn't look back until Tory entered his life. No other bitch tugs at his heart and conscience like Tory. Though there are a few others he wouldn't mind having in his wolf pack harem, and it isn't all females he's panting over either. Just how much is Tory willing to share?


Snow flew about the DC area today. Nothing stuck by the time I got out of the office. It's December and the temperatures are dropping. Rain is in the forecast and cold winds with it. Time to snuggle up and read a couple of good books in between Christmas shopping and decorating.

Have a great weekend!



Savanna Kougar said...

Solara, ooooh, Danny just stepped in deep didn't he? The minx mink!

I'm rooting for Anthony and Tory.

And Mr. Legendary Bear Spirit has his story to tell.

No snow here. Yet. But the wind is blowing like nobody's business. And is it COLD!

Serena Shay said...

LOL...looks like the mink got spanked by good by fate! I wonder what it's going to take for Danny to gain back the love of a good man? ;)

We're stuck in the middle of a major blizzard here today...we woke up to eight inches which has now increased to eleven inches and cold, cold, cold!

Pat C. said...

Oh dear, poor Danny enslaved to women (Penelope, perhaps?) How is he going to get his cock out of the bear trap?

Speaking of bears, I like Spirit Bear. Hope he gets his book back. What does the Tiger Yakuza want these spell books for? What are they planning? (And with Superman -- I mean, White Fang vulnerable to magic -- uh oh...)

A wolf-husky mix ... bet Tony's a hottie in his animal form.

Savanna Kougar said...

Yeah, I bet Tony is... a wolf-husky mix is definitely so sexy.

White Fang does have an alliance with Pasha... she does know magick, especially pre-flood, more powerful forces. Not to mention her poisonous claws and fangs.

"cock out of the bear trap" ... LOL!!!

Solara said...

Thanks gang! I loved doing this piece last night. I could see Danny getting *screwed* by fate and not in the way he'd like. Anthony (only his mother gets away with calling him Tony) and Tory are brewing their own story behind the scenes. Maybe we'll learn of their early history in another episode. Meanwhile Danny's got a few more chapters or is that slappers awaiting his pleasure before Penelope arrives. Spirit Bear may spill his story some time soon too.

Rebecca Murray said...

I love the bear! I'd say "poor Danny" but he does seem to get himself into those fixes.