Sunday, December 5, 2010

Cast of Characters

Leona Lane (panther) – crusading reporter, an uncompromising she-cat struggling to make it in a world dominated by canine males. Spent time in jail for refusing to reveal a source. Her devotion to the truth cost her the man she loved at the time (Devon Hancock).

Maggie Novak (coyote) – gossip columnist and would-be reality TV show hostess. Native to Newark, New Jersey, she ended up in Talbot’s Peak, Montana when she headed for California and ran out of gas. This backwater rag is so beneath her, darling. She’ll do whatever and whoever she has to in order to achieve her ends.

Jamie Olsen (red wolf) – photographer from the Deep South looking to start a new life. Was beaten up in high school for being a “swishtail.” Still in the closet but edging a paw out.

Lamar Balboa (boa constrictor) – newspaper intern and Maggie’s right-hand snake. Of Cuban ancestry, he came out during Spring Break his senior year of high school. He’s learning deceit at Maggie’s feet but a certain redhaired wolf may turn his head.

Brandon Wayne (bat) – “Brand ‘em’s” father saw profit in raising beef in an area dominated by carnivores and turned it into an empire. Rumor has it the Tiger Yakuza was responsible for the death of Johann Wayne, but Damien Hancock may have arranged for the hit. Brand is determined to see justice done. He and White Fang Kent are old friends. (Before you ask, no, he’s not a vampire.)

Damien Hancock (wolf) – owner of the largest territory in Talbot’s Peak – or would be, if not for the Wayne spread. Damien’s determined to rule all he surveys, and from his den on the Peak he can survey quite a bit. No bat – or wolf, or cat, or anything else – is going to get in his way. Older son Devon is being groomed to take over the kingdom, as soon as he’s properly mated off. Younger son Dante – well, you can’t win ‘em all.

Devon Hancock (wolf) – has yet to appear in Our Story. Likes to hump around with other shifter types behind Daddy’s back. He and Leona had a torrid affair before she wrecked it by having scruples. Probably not the swiftest arrow in the quiver.

Jack Wayne (bat) – Brand’s conniving brother, a bit of a sociopath with a twisted sense of humor and a really creepy grin. Three guesses what his nickname is.

Emil Tudbuttle (mole) – why is he even in the story? I was kidding. Really.


Savanna Kougar said...

Pat, oh, that is just too deliciously-cast wonderful! I'm in awe. Okay, so White Fang and Brandon Wayne are old chums... hmmm... good, allies who have your back... damn straight.

I do have White Fang and Dante's bio blurb written, and am working on Pasha's. Should I make them a separate post for today?

Your bio blurbs are more entertaining.

Solara said...

I've got Danny (last name to be decided), Victoria (Tory) and Anthony's under work. Will post them at some point this week.

Rebecca Murray said...

Was beaten up in high school for being a “swishtail.”-- Hilarious! Fits well with the dry hump tune still tumbling through my head every now and then.