Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Casting call and Some Newsy Bits

Hi and welcome to your Wednesday fix of ShapeShifter Seductions! Rebecca here bringing you an intriguing tale from the news and a character casting call for my three Guts and Butts Gazette characters. I have to admit that as fun as the Gazette has been, I have been missing my regular posts. There have been some doozies over the past few weeks.

On November 24th, authorities in Pembrokeshire, in south west Wales, confirmed mounting reports of attacks on live stock my large cats. Local farmers are reporting seeing large, black panther type cats. While this sound incredulous, some experts have confirmed the the injuries are consistent to how a panther might kill. They theorize that somehow at least one large cat, which may have been kept as a pet, got loose or was set free. Wales is remote enough that a very small population of these cats very well could survive there.

This all sounds well and good on the face of it. But to anyone who is familiar with Welsh shape shifter tales, there is a striking fact to this story: Pembrokeshire was founded on the ancient site of Dyfed. The denizens of Anwwn, the Under World from Celtic mythology, treated Dyfed like their own little play ground. Welsh deities were well know to be shape shifter. So do we have a couple escaped pets running around eating sheep? Or do we have a couple Welsh godlings running around eating sheep…

Ok, for the sake of brevity, I’ll stop with just that one. Without further ado, I present to you Mooney, Marissa and Lex!

Name: Mooney McMahon
Species: wolf
Age: 31
Height/build: 6’2”, athletic
Eyes/hair: blue, black

About me: You know that line from Varity Blues, “the next 48 minutes is for the next 48 years?” That is so true. Life as a high school football star was awesome. Live as an adult is kind of boring once the glory days start to fade. I tried working at my brother’s news paper as a sports writer after the triple A ball club I was playing for dropped me, but that didn’t pan out. I fell into a good gig recently, though and think I maybe found me a little she who doesn’t mind the way I operate… assuming she ever forgives me for sleeping with that coyote. But really, she hadn’t said she was my alpha so technically, I was still a free operator at the time.

Name: Marissa Cooper
Species: witch
Age: 23
Height/build: 5’3”, slender
Eyes/hair: blue, blue (yes, my hair really is blue. Get over it.)

About me: My flea-bitten mother sold me to this Egyptian god-wannabe when I was sixteen. I have been putting up with his mewling for the last five years solely because he’s still a few steps up from my mother, the drug addicted black witch. I’m pretty sure I could break the slave bond at will but the little flea bag let me set up a coffee shop as a front for his activities and I actually get to keep half the income, so why ruin a good thing. I can’t say as I like Lex’s newest assignment for me, though. I am absolutely not into seducing a guy just to gain access to his family. I wouldn’t mind a turn in the sack with Mooney for the heck of it, though. He may be more hound-dog than wolf, but he’s hella fine! And he’s got big hands. You know what they say about wolves who have big hands…

Name: Lexor Luthor
Species: sphinx cat
Age: beyond your imagination, mortal
Height/build: 5’6”, distinguished (Marissa may call me scrawny, but what would she know)
Eyes/hair: brown, bald

About me: I am the grandson of Nefertem, the ancient lion god of perfumes. Laugh if you want, infidels. The true power of perfume is not the frou-frou chemical concoctions you monkey-things like. The true power of perfuming is in things like anesthesiology, healing and meditation. This is something that nearly worthless monkey-thing slave child I bargained for does not grasp. A thousand years ago, my grandfather’s grimorie was stolen by a faction of the Tiger Yakooza. I have finally tracked it down to this back woods town in Montana. Now if I can just keep my indentured servant and my paid help focused on their tasks and not each other’s bodies, I may be able to regain my grandfather’s book and earn a place in heaven. Where it does not snow. Ever.


Pat C. said...

I love Lex! That pic is a scream.

Hey, maybe Leona's family is from Wales.

Serena Shay said...

LOL...Lex remindes me of Stewie from Family Guy, I love it!

Savanna Kougar said...

Lex, the screaming Sphinx cat perfumer, luv him... hmmm... I wonder if he's going to get in Pasha's way with the Tiger Yakuza... ?

Fab descriptions, Rebecca.

Rebecca Murray said...

LOL! My niece is never going to speak to me again if she ever reads Marissa's bio. I was actually channeling my inner Stewie when I wrote Lex- good call on that one.

Savanna- nope. I don't want to give away the ending but nope, he won't get him her way. Marissa and Maggie fight a lot, though. ;)

Pat C. said...

Maggie strikes back on Monday. After that, have fun with her. It looks like I have two other couples to worry about.

Lex = Stewie? Naturally. Victory is mine!