Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Ice Cracks

“Ho, ho my a---“ Danny shut his mouth as a growl sounded near him.

“Watch your mouth, my young pervert,” Spirit Bear aka Mr. Tongson warned. “There are youngins about and they don’t need your influence on their impressionable minds.”

Danny pasted the best smile he could on his face and handed Spirit Bear another wrapped gift. More community service. At least the female guard on duty hadn’t whispered too hotly about lights out activities once he returned. His butt hurt more often than not any more. “Here ya go Santa Bear. This tag reads for Mickey.”

“Thank you Elf Danny. Here comes Mickey.” A little girl gimped across the room toward Spirit Bear. Her black braids flopped with each step. The look of determination on her face and her stiff posture indicated her spunk and persistence in getting her gift on her own.

Spirit Bear leaned toward Danny. “See this one, my young pervert. She knows her value and worth. She could ask for help but wants to do on her own. Look at the young male standing back to the left.”

Danny gazed out over the crowd of parents and children gathered in the community center. A hunkish young male stood several feet a part. His eyes watched someone intently. He’d be damn fine in his adult prime. Danny wondered if he’s preference ran to men.

“Keep your mind in your pants. He is spoken for. The powers that be have matched Mickey and Night Hawk.” Spirit Bear squatted down until he was eye level with Mickey.

“Here you go my young doe. A special gift for the tribe’s next seer and priestess. I am honored to give it to you.”

“Oh thank you Santa Bear. Can I open it now?’ The smile on Mickey’s face beamed more than any sunrise Spirit Bear had seen.

“Yes, young doe. Let’s see what you got.” Spirit Bear rose, motioning Danny forward. “Find a stool and bring it to me.”

Danny nodded and stepped behind the decorated tree. As he bent down to retrieve the stool, he heard rustling. Looking up, his eyes meet Night Hawk’s. Danny nodded. Night Hawk stared and looked away.

Danny picked up the stool and returned to where Spirit Bear and Mickey waited. “Here you go Mickey. I think this is a good place to set you and your box so you can open it easily.”

Spirit Bear nodded, his gazed never straying far. He could feel Night Hawk’s eyes on them. Even now, the youth laid claim to the budding young woman Mickey was becoming. Within a few years, their union would produce a new leader and powerful mage. Trueborn shape shifters were rare outside his tribe. Few knew of their existence. Too bad the Tiger Yakooza were ones who did.

Danny reached down and lifted Mickey. Power surged up his arms and enveloped him before oozing out across the crowd and dissipating. He placed Mickey gently on the stool. As he turned to retrieve her gift, he caught Night Hawk moving forward with the box in his hands.

Spirit Bear touched Danny on the shoulder. “Come my young one, let the two be. I have something for you.”

Danny watched as Night Hawk set the box on Mickey’s lap. His attentiveness and caring touches made Danny’s heart ache. He needed someone to care for him, like. . .

“Wait one damn moment,” he spit out as he reached where Spirit Bear stood holding a colorful wrapped package.

“What is wrong my young pervert?’ Spirit Bear smiled and gazed intently at Danny.

“What the hell happened back there?” Danny folded his arms tight against his chest.

“What do you mean?” Spirit Bear sat in the chair next to the tree.

Danny opened his mouth to speak. Mickey’s joyful cry caught his attention.

“Look Night Hawk, an amethyst crystal and seer’s ball. Now my magic lessons can begin. With you helping me, I’ll be the best student and priestess in training.” Mickey leaned over and kissed Night Hawk on the cheek. Even through his paling tan, many could make out his blush.

“See my young one, love comes to many. Even those you think would not know it.” Spirit Bear thrust the package he held at Danny. “Even the powers that be gift many. Here is yours. What awaits you inside could change your fate.”

Danny hands shook as he untied the ribbon holding the package closed. Looking in side, he gasped. A peacock feather, a heart shaped medallion, and several strands of leather stood out against the colored cloth.

“The feather represents your rescue. The medallion is for your change of heart and the leather is well worn from use. Your Dominatrix will enjoy teaching you more humility.” Spirit Bear motioned him closer.

“Why more humility?” Danny wanted to drop the bag and run. Earlier in the evening, he detested spending time helping Spirit Bear hand out gifts and food to his tribe. Now---now he wanted to stay and enjoy the feeling of happiness and peace filling him. A sense of belonging and purpose began pulsing within him as well.

“Humility my young pervert is only the beginning. Tonight the power of love touched you. The simple joy of life and the richness of belonging cracked the ice surrounding your heart. Go and enjoy.” Spirit Bear pointed at the two minks standing apart from the rest of the shape shifters.

Danny inhaled. She smelled divine and the male smelled of rutting and horniness. A hot threesome might be in the offing. “I’m allowed to go and f---“Danny shut his mouth and swallowed.

“Yes, young one. Go and enjoy pleasure.” Spirit Bear chuckled as Danny scampered across the room clutching his bag.

“Now my spirit guides, show me where Josh is. Our leader’s son will soon need to lead his people.” Spirit Bear settled back in his chair and accepted the drink offered him.


Merry Christmas Everyone! May yours be merry, filled with cheer, love, and peace. Keep warm and share a good book or two with your spice.

Have a great weekend!



Savanna Kougar said...

O Solara, I loved your Santa Bear scene. Thank you.

Oddly, or not, earlier, as I was waking up I felt Red Elk's presence [I think. I'm not good at this kind of thing]. He's been on Coast to Coast am, nighttime radio, speaking about his knowledge. Although, he hasn't been on for a long time, now.

He has a web presence ~ ~ and other places. I just checked.

Savanna Kougar said...


Solara said...

Thank you Savanna. Merry Christmas to you and yours. I enjoyed writing this scene. I'd been thinking about it for a few days. In this time of uncertainty and making do with less, I pondered the meaning of what makes us happy and makes life meaningful. I'll check out Red Elk's website.

Rebecca Murray said...

I sure do like Spirit Bear. He's wise with a bit of smart-ass. Thanks for the Christmas flash, Solara!

Solara said...

Thank you Rebecca. I enjoy writing his insight and wisdom with a touch of earthiness. Now if Danny gets his head working and not always in his pants, who knows. LOL! Minxy Minks...glad you enjoyed the flash. Merry Christmas Rebecca.

Serena Shay said...

Fabulous post, Solara. I love Danny's gift. A peacock I wonder whose going to use that on him. ~wink~

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!

Pat C. said...

What's this? Randy Danny's having a change of heart? The minxy mink has mixed feelings? Getting arrested may have been the best thing that ever happened to him. Plus he gets to enjoy a threesome. See, you can have it all.

Merry belated Christmas to everybody!