Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happy Festivus Eve!

Hi and welcome to your Wednesday fix of ShapeShifter Seductions! Happy Festivus Eve! For those of you who either didn't get into Sienfeld or have never had the joy of a close friendship with someone who was/is, Festivus is a non-commercialized secular holiday that was featured in a Seinfeld episode way back in 1997. I, a woman who seldom watches TV, adored the show. And I can't help but think that Fesivus would probably a big hit with the secrecy-loving shape shifters of the world. In honor of that, I bring you some Festivus themed entertainment.

The eye candy, by the way, is a new and improved 3D render of Damien.

A convicted drug dealer successfully lobbied to have a kosher meal served to him because he is an observer of Festivus. Not sure how a secular tradition would save him from eating the salami meals everyone else stay-cationing in the Orange County jail. I’m not sure which bugs me worst: that a judge actually OK’d this or that it took the county two months get the goofy court order thrown out. Things that make you go????????

The good folks in Illinois decided to settle the age old dilemma of Christian Christmas theme buy erecting a Festivus pole right next to the nativity scene at the Illinois state capitol. This in no way amused the committee that was setting up the nativity scene right next to the location the Festivus pole was being set up. Calm down folks. You may not like the Festivus holiday but it could have been worse. Someone could have set up a Flying Spaghetti Monster display…

Sorry this is such a short blog, but I just had to add the top three shape shifter Festivus songs- embedded, of course- and I didn’t want to make a forty-nine ba-jillion pare r-mail. Which reminds me: we now have a form at the top of the page where you can sign up to have just-published post sent right to your in-box. We also a new have a Face Book fan page. Come on by and give us a shout out!

The top three all-time favorite shape shifter Christmas/Festivus songs of all time:


Serena Shay said...

LOL...funny songs! Thanks for adding those. :) Nice job on the new Damien avatar!!

Rebecca Murray said...

The first time I heard "Yellow Snow," I thought about werewolf kids playing in the snow. LOL!

I love this version of Damien! I'm debating on which character to do next. Anyone who's read my first book have any suggestions?

Savanna Kougar said...

Goodness, Damien is looking ultra studly.

Why not do your heroines and heroes?

I gotta come back and 'enjoy' these Festivus songs later.

Rebecca Murray said...

Because I use the cover images for my heroes and heroines on my "casting call" photo gallery. But trying to find good, free photos of some of the characters is tough.

Damien actually spends most of his time in a semi-gassious form. But I made him a people-shaped body 'cause there's nothing sexy about a puddle of floating goo.

Pat C. said...

Hold it, Damien's gassy? Tell him to lay off the baked beans!

Must go put up my Festivus tree and set up the altar to the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Would that be Rigatoni or Rotini?

Rebecca Murray said...

Dunno that it matters, but I always treat Festivus as an excuse to make gnocci.

Ant that was gaseous, not gassy. Think semi sinister, oily fog that talks and occasionaly looks vaguely like an animal, the way clouds sometimes look like animals.

Savanna Kougar said...

Then, Damien isn't similar to Odo, as in keeping himself in a bucket...

Yeah, that's true about finding the right pics. I never tried to create an avatar, though, I wish I had time/energy etc. to experiment. I'd love to bring my heroines and heroes to life that way.

I had an avatar done of myself, what I used to look like, by an artist who makes them professionally. Overall, she did a great job!!!

If you want to see the small size go to my blog [] and look on the left hand side under Title Magic.

Rebecca Murray said...

DAZ 3D. The models are free, most of the really usefull add-ons are less than $10, and it's easy to learn how to set-up and pose for still shots... I'm still learning, but it's also fun. :)

That is a very nice avitar, btw.

Savanna Kougar said...

Rebecca, thanks. One of these days... famous last words... lol... I gotta go get to writing on Kandy. My priority, right now.