Friday, December 17, 2010

Tongue Definitely Included!

“Freedom! Sweet, sweet freedom,” Penelope mumbled as she pushed her way through the hoards of people disembarking from their respective planes. She was so thoroughly disgusted with the level of incompetence she’d just suffered through at the hands of this airline, that the thought of actually getting back on a plane anytime soon turned her stomach. Spilt wine, thank the gods it was white, on her cheerful yellow frock. Possible broken toes and a disastrous rip in the purple leather of her lovely boots, from when said wine bottle was dropped on her foot, and a near concussion from a fellow passenger’s carry-on, which she was sure, must have been loaded down with something wholly inappropriate for an airplane flight. “First class, my ass.”

Worse still was Webster, call me ‘Tex’, something or other, sitting next to her, and for hours on end regaled her with his sexual prowess. Honestly, the man resembled a weasel in every way and expected her to believe he had to beat the ladies off…please. She’d tried to let him down nicely at first, but to no avail. Before they’d landed she’d put it to him straight with a no nonsense “shut the heck up” but still he continued. Once they were fully on the ground, she’d beat a hasty retreat and raced off the plane, but by the smell of his bathed in cologne he was not far behind.

“Pru’dance,” Weasel boy’s deliberate mispronunciation of her name, as he hollered at her from across the terminal, sent frizzles of anger and disgust up her spine. “Hey Pru’dance.”

“Oh buzzards breath,” Penelope moaned, as a group of tourists boxed her in. She needed a way out of this and quick. Note to self, sign up for those self-defense classes you keep meaning to take.

A streak of blue, a dark and gorgeous blue belonging to an equally, if not more gorgeous man, passed by her. He too appeared to be slowed by the tourists and families headed for the door, and thankfully so, because he had exactly what she needed—six foot something of obvious muscle and no lovely lady on his arm. With Weasel boy getting closer, she made a spur of the moment decision. She elbowed her way through the crush of people, grabbed a hold of his buttery, and oh gasp nearly orgasmic, leather coat; turned him around and threw herself into his arms.

“Hello Lover, you almost missed me,” She said loudly enough for Webster “Tex” weasel boy to hear before she laid upon this dazzling display of testosterone the sexiest kiss in her arsenal—tongue definitely included!


Rebecca Murray said...

Mmm, I wonder what the lovely Miss Penelope is going to do when she finds out her impulsive -get-away-from-the-weasle kiss was with a dominant alpha penguine who wants to play sub to her? Fun, fun, fun!

Great post, Serena!

Serena Shay said...

LOL...I think Miss Penelope might find it to her liking, once she finds her inner Domme, of course. Anyone know where she can get some training? Or someone to show her the ropes? ~raised eyebrow and soft little giggle~

Pat C. said...

Yeah! Go get 'im, Penelope! Bet Danny will have to wait a while longer for his "get out of jail" card. Me, I'm going to start hanging around airports. Wonder if Harrisburg gets incoming flights from Australia?

Serena Shay said...

Yep, Danny is going to have to sit tight for a bit, maybe share some special time with his friendly guard... While Miss Penelope finds out if Australian penguins hang ten! ;)

Ooooh, if Harrisburg does get incoming flights filled with sexy Aussie's...take pictures and bring them for show and tell day!! muahahaha

Savanna Kougar said...

"While Miss Penelope finds out if Australian penguins hang ten!" ~you can hear me laughing from here~

Go Penelope go! I love a parrot woman with sheer grab-his-assitude. Tongue included.

Serena Shay said...

He he he...yeah, Savanna, Penelope does have some assitude alright! ;)

Solara said...

Well seems Danny has another slapper appointment coming and a few others to keep before Penelope is ready to retrieve him. Maybe the guards are giving him a night off. Tory and Anthony have taken stage center again. See what tomorrow's post exposes.

Serena Shay said...

Mmmm...Tory, Anthony and a friend it would seem. ;)

LOL...Danny's going to get his curses worth it sounds like, good thing he has something to keep him busy while Penelope ruffles some of her feathers all over her potent penguin!

Savanna Kougar said...

"ruffles some of her feathers all over her potent penguin!" Luv it!