Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wrinkles in the plot

“Marissa. Darling,” a slimy voice called from behind the door. Marissa huffed, annoyed even more than before.

“What Lex?” she said pumping every ounce of annoyance into her tone of voice. A long pause caused her to look back at the hairless little freak. She was so going to kill her mother for indenturing her to a cat, even an Egyptian sphinx. Especially an Egyptian sphinx. Lexor Luther was under the impression that because, many thousands of years ago, his blood kin had been pharaohs he was royalty. Yeah. A royal pain in her ass.

“I still hold your fate in my hands, bitch,” the mean, scrawny little male hissed. Marissa rolled her eyes.

“Witch, Lex. I’m a witch, not a bitch.” She turned her back on her master and continued cleaning up the coffee shop. That snaggle-toothed old coyote didn’t fight half bad. She smirked. Of course, now her little business would be a major draw to both humans and shifter- the various races all loved a good fight or the chance to see something illicit. Then she giggled, wondering when Maggie would realize she’d been liberally dusted with mange powder during the scuffle. Probably just in time to look like a red hot mess for her fancy society thing.

“I said get close to the mutt, not fight over him,” Lex snarled, though it sounded more like a whine to Marissa’s ears.

“Lex, these are canids. Mooney isn’t going to pay me any real attention unless he thinks he’s going to get some. And the she is always the one to make the first move.”

“Admit it,” he hissed. “You actually do want to- How is it you hairless apes put it?- hit that.”

“Yes, O Great Hairless Cat Leader, us hairless apes do say that,” Marissa drawled, rolling her eyes as she emptied the bucket of hot water and disinfectant she’d been using to clean up with. It wouldn’t do for her customers to end up with mange. Maggie would know full well where she got it from, but if anyone else started molting and smelling bad, someone might actually take pity on her and believe the big bad human had maliciously harmed her.

“And you want him,” Lex gloated. “He’s not even a felix.”

“Of course Mooney isn’t felix; he’s a wolf.

“Fine then,” Lex pouted. “He’s not alphic, either.”

“He’s a male and I’m human,” Marissa sighed, getting tired of this childish game. They played it almost every night, making her wonder is she, at twenty-three, wasn’t older than the cat who held her leash, so to speak. No one actually knew how old Lex was and he encouraged folks to think he was ancient. “I don’t really care about pack standing and he’s a walking furball of hormones. I don’t know why you want me to get in tight with him, anyway. You are already paying him a fortune to keep tabs on the Yakuza.”

“Because while he’s snooping on my mortal enemies, you are going to be snooping on the Pack,” Lux giggled, sounding like a putz. Yeah, thought Marissa. Like the Pack was going to reveal their inner secrets to the human fling of a disgraced sport writer…


Sorry for yet another late-ish post. I was out of internet and didn't read Pat's post from Monday till last night. And then had to rewrite, since we managed to write almost the exact same post without any corroboration at all. You know what they say about evil minds thinking alike!



Savanna Kougar said...

Oooooh, Rebecca adored this episode. Marissa is becoming a fascinating character in her own right... just what will Maggie do when that nasty mange attack hits? And has Mooney gotten 'dusted' too, since he got his wolfie rocks off?

Omy, Lex is a Sphinx, eh? Hmmmm... a little preview tidbit... Pasha is an Egyptian feline, too. Not a sphinx, however. I wonder if they know each other?

Too funny, except for the fact that you had to write another post... that you and Pat synced up as authors.

Rebecca Murray said...

Yes, Mooney got dusted too. Boy is he going to have some 'splaining to do to Marissa! [laughs evilly]

Rebecca Murray said...

And I thought it was hilarious that Pat and I synched up as authors. Literally the only real difference between what she posted and what I'd written was the the mange dust.

Serena Shay said...

Hello...So Marissa has some secrets too, nice! What a tangled, interesting web. :)

By the by, I love that pic! What a fabulous color of blue...I wonder if the fine folks at Fantastic Sam's have that color on hand!! ;)

Pat C. said...

Lex Luthor, hairless Egyptian sphinx! You evil genius, you!

Of course, this totally screws up Maggie's (and my) plans for the Hancock ball. Looks like Lamar will be taking a date instead. Unless Leona shows up to confront old flame Devon ...

Now you see what happens when pantsers write round-robin. Messy but fun.

Pat C. said...

PS: Marissa's a witch? This story's got more kinks than a BDSM convention. Love that pic!

Rebecca Murray said...

Na, Maggie can still take Mooney to the ball. Maggie is a vertan reporter and knows all the antidotes to malisious magic, don't 'cha know. It's poor clueless Mooney who gets dumped on... again.

Savanna Kougar said...

Pat, messy but fun... so true!!!

Hey, you can keep your plans for Maggie, just make the outbreak at the shindig toward the end... maybe... ?

"This story's got more kinks than a BDSM convention." We need to use this line for promo, once we publish.

Rebecca Murray said...

Now that's TRUELY evil, Savanna! I can just picture it: fancy ladies strolling around, making sure everyone sees them looking"just so," when all of a sudden- Poof! fur explodes like fluff from a dandylion! Hehe.

Savanna Kougar said...

Rebecca, "like fluff from a dandylion"

~what a spendidly evil image~

Rebecca Murray said...

Sorry, couldn't resist the wordplay... and dandy-coyote didn't look as funny.