Friday, February 17, 2012

The Doomed Love Club...

Frieda looked to Jada.   Jada looked to Bobbi Sue.  Bobbi Sue kicked Angie and Angie swore…before they all looked at me and then over to Reggie.  Now, what I was going to do about our fearless leader and her angry texting attack, I had no idea. 

The six of us made up the first, and probably only, Talbot’s Peak "Doomed Love Club".  We're really a support group for lonely unmated women, but we're still in our angry phase.

“Ah, Reggie…”  My hesitation was duly warranted when out came one hand in that not now kinda way while the other continued to type furiously.  Her gum cracked louder and louder, twisting the knickers of every one of us.  We all suffered from the same inability to withstand those rubbery snaps, but Reggie knew that all too well.  It was no small feat that I pretended not to notice the flying bird she shot my way…some of us were angrier than others.

“Reggie!”  I tried again with less hesitation. I was gruffer, pushing down that part of me that wished I was anything other than the little green log sitter.  Were I wolf; I could bite her in the ass.  Were I cat; I could scratch her eyes out, but no, the most I could do is sting her with my extra long tongue.  Once again, I felt cheated by nature.

“Not friggen now, Greely.  Can’t you see I’m busy?”

Of course I could see.  We could all see Reggie’s typical post-Valentine's Day breakdown.  The holiday of love was hard on us all, but where we came together looking for support—Reggie sought absolution for her actions.

February 14th was a love and lust filled day—dinner and dancing, flowers and chocolate and couplehood joys abounded throughout Talbot’s Peak.  Decorative hearts filled windows of the stores on Main Street, restaurants offered special meals, and the newly opened supper club was filled with dancing and love.

February 15th and beyond were the days of regrets…

“Did you cheat again, Reggie?”  Angie asked with her innocent doe eyes squinted up with disgust.

“Of course she did,” laughed Jada.  “She’s a Ho’.”

“Screw you, buffalo butt,” Reggie squealed.  “At least I get some!”

“Ladies, Ladies…show some decorum.”  Frieda, ever the Queen, acting as though she was as pure as newly fallen snow.  She forgets that I met her for the first time over in one of the pleasure clubs rooms beating the pants off of the rest of the table while she sat fully dressed collecting their money.

And then there’s me, Greely De’reebit, remind me later to tell you how crazy my folks were for naming me that, picking up the lovely, but easily scared Bobbi Sue off the floor and praying that today is the day my prince will come…  

 ~Whew~  It's posted!  LOL this flash comes straight from the noodle...very little by way of editing, mostly just me spewing the thoughts and words from Greely and the gals of the Doomed Love Club.  Not sure why they gave me such a hard time except that they truly are still in their angry phase.  ~wink~

Have a great weekend!



Pat C. said...

I LOOOOVE this! I want to see more of these ladies! I think they should just screw decorum, descend en masse on the Pleasure Club and grab a couple of unattached guys. Do the whole cavewoman bit. That would be a hoot. Especially if they grabbed Jamie or Lamar.

Though maybe not as big a hoot as that picture. Where do you find these things? And if somebody kisses her, will she turn into a princess?

Serena, you should turn off your editor more often. Good things happen.

Savanna Kougar said...

Yep, agreeing with Pat about turning off the editor... and I love frogs... strange as that sounds... mygosh with a possible Sadie Hawkins day on the Spring horizon... maybe, love, lust and passion isn't so far away... hmmm... I wonder if Dante has a lily pad eros pond for the frog shifters. Maybe Greely could be in charge of designing one.

Pat C. said...

Slightly off-topic ... maybe if the next blog hop is spring-themed, we could do Sadie Hawkins-inspired flashes? Or just do a SH week. I know, way too early for consideration, but I have to write this stuff down while I think of it.

Serena Shay said...

Thanks Pat! I too wish I could find the switch to the internal editor...she's a wily beast inside my head though! lol

Oh, these ladies will be back, for sure. They have sassy to spread and love to find. Probably in some ultra special rooms at the pleasure club! muahahah

I found this picture on photobucket under frog lady of all things...interestingly enough, there was like five pages of frog lady pics. The weird and wonderful world of the internet!

Serena Shay said...

Hehe...Dante has all kinds of rooms we've never seen, yet. Or, um, so I've heard.

Greely would definitely not turn down a chance to create an eros pond. She might just find a kissable prince that way!

Serena Shay said...

Sadie Hawkins in the Peak is a must! I think there is going to be a blog hop in the spring. Something to consider. :)

Savanna Kougar said...

Yep, Dante and his ever-growing staff are always designing new 'pleasure rooms'.

Sadie Hawkins Day could be a cool theme for a Spring blog hop, or simply for the first week of Spring.

Maybe, couples and menage lovers could also have a Spring Mating run, where the ladies, or one of the men in the relationship, could chase down their lover[s] ALSO, along with the Sadie Hawkins day event. So, no one is left out who wants to carnal play.

Solara said...

Oh Sadie Hawkins in Talbot's Peak is going to be fun! Great Post Serena!