Friday, February 24, 2012

One of These Not Like the Other

“What kind of pet store doesn’t have any pets to look at?” Glenn smirked, pushing the broom across the wood slats in front of his store, The TP Pet Shop.  The last tourist left grumbling the same refrain as the tourists before him. 

What kind of pet store indeed?

“Hey Glenn, come ring us up dude…”

Glenn stashed the broom and made his way to the register.  Joe, his best friend and business partner, stood wallet in hand while his evening conquest stared down at the collection of muzzles, harnesses and pet boots sporting lockable O rings with obvious lust.  The only reason Joe would have him ringing this stuff up is if he was offering Glenn a piece of the action.


“Wait man, meet Harmony.”  His friend turned to the fluffy woman next to him and smacked her ass with some umph.  “Show him the walk, sweetheart.”
And walk she did in a very purebred poodle form.

“Sorry Joe, not tonight.”  Glenn shook his head to clear the confusion and fear coming from the street.   

“Something’s coming and I need to be here to receive it.”

“Again?  Christ, Glenn, we just found homes for the last batch…”

“I know, but outside of Talbot’s Peak, everyone thinks we’re a pet store, not a place to get high end fetish gear  for shapeshifters who like to play with their animal side.  You’re the one who named it a Pet Shop.”

“Yeah, but I thought the play on words would be funny…”

“It is, Joe, for the Peak-ites living an alternate lifestyle.”

Glenn rang up the gear and took Joe’s money.  All the while trying to ascertain what direction trouble was coming from tonight.

“Well I still like the name, Dude,” Joe growled.  “Ah, think you can handle things and I’ll help out in the morning?” 

“I’ve got it, man…have fun!” Glenn swallowed back the laugh he had brewing as he watched Miss Harmony strut and lead his friend around by his tongue.

“Ah…make that early afternoon.” 

Okay so maybe a little further south than the tongue.

Thunder boomed overhead, lights flickered and a deluge of water dropped from the heavens.  This had been a crazy winter with it’s sometimes snow sometimes rain, plus the wildly fluctuating temps.  Something was amiss and Mother Nature was pissed.  He could only hope his continued rescue of lost animal babies would score him some points in the end.


Bobbi Sue was cold, wet and scared.  Not a new thing in her life, but certainly unpleasant.   

Recent cutbacks at work had led to her being released from her job at Score’um, Snore’um and Bore’um lawyers’ repulsive-aire.   She knew she should have looked for work in the shapeshifter sector, but other shifters scared her…hell, everything scared her. 

Along with her job going by the wayside, so did her apartment and everything she owned.  Repossession and eviction sucked.

“Come on, Jonesy, leave them there on the step…under the stoop so they don’t get wet.”

“Trev, I don’t wanna leave them…”

“Did you tuck the blanket around them to keep them warm?”


“I don’t either, Jonesy, but we can’t afford them and this place has a reputation for taking good care of lost pets.  So please make sure they little buggers are warm and have that food and water we scored for them, and then let’s go!”

“Okay, ready.  Hey Jonesy, why the purple again?”

“’Cause you’re damn gullible, cuz!”

Bobbi Sue watched as the two boys made their goodbyes to the bundles of yips in the box and took off down the street.  She should be disgusted with the duo, but their caring natures came through loud and clear to her animal senses.  Those boys truly couldn’t take care of the litter and wanted the safest place to leave them.  The TP Pet Shop was that place, or so she had heard also.

Quick steps brought her to the box and a few uncomfortable minutes later she was situated between the warmest of the pups.  They were a litter of cocker spaniels so she guessed their colors would match her somewhat.  Hopefully, the owner wouldn’t look too closely at the pups and she could hide her toy Yorkie body long enough to score some warmth, food and clothes.


Glenn looked into the box and smiled.  Six adorable, purple tinged Cockers all in good health with food, water and warmth.  These weren’t abused animals, just sweet puppies in need. 

The odd one out was the Yorkie shifter, but clearly she didn’t realize she was missing the shock of purple fur like the others.  He wouldn’t tell her…yet.  Nope, he was good at waiting and he’d waited for her for a very long time.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Abigail-Madison Chase said...

nice post..

Serena Shay said...

Thanks Abigail! Have a wonderful weekend. :)

Pat C. said...

I love the idea of the "pet shop." I'll bet Evie and Chase have an account there.

Were-Yorkies? Purple Cockers? (That last one sounds dirty.) And Glenn running his own animal rescue program. Bobbi Sue sounds like she could do with some good rescuing by a loving, hunky guy ...

Serena Shay said...

Heh Heh, Evie and Chase are one of Glenn's number one customers! But he won't tell me what they like to indulge in... Maybe they'll whisper it to their muse for some Monday post. ;)

LOL...Purple cockers does sound dirty. I like it! Not to sure that Jonesy liked donning the paint again at his cousins request, but the pups were delivered so all is good. :)

Yep, Bobbi Sue and Glenn definitely deserve each other.

Savanna Kougar said...

Oh, Serena, you're making me cry... good tears though, because the pups and Bobbi Sue are being take care of... and Glenn has found his mate.


Serena Shay said...

Oooh good tears are cathartic. :) Glad I could provide a nice good cry.

Yep, Bobbi Sue is definitely going to be taken care of, better than she ever dreamed she could be. Those fears will soon be a thing of the past if Glenn has his way! ;)

Plus, Glenn's got six purply pups up for grabs to a good home...come one, come all!

Savanna Kougar said...

Yeah, if Mayor Link really cares about the people/shifters of Talbot's Peak, he would encourage any kind of free enterprise/biz that lifts everyone up financially so they can afford sweet little purply cocker spaniels, and to keep their pets... not to mention care for themselves and their family.

Serena Shay said...

Here - here for free enterprise! Come on Major Link show us what ya got. :D

Pat C. said...

Maybe an ad for "purple cockers" shows up in the Gazette? Folks get the wrong impression and call Ziva at Personals with all sorts of requests. Wackiness ensues. Not what Nick needs or wants on a Friday, or any other day of the week.

Mayor Link has a big banana. You really want to see that?

Savanna Kougar said...

Omylord... purple cockers... that could be a wacky scene...

No, I'm not personally interested in Mayor Links 'big banana'. However, some may be quite drooling-interested.

I just thought Hizzoner could wheel and deal and open up good opportunities for biz, and such... you know help grow the place in good ways... so no one in Talbot's Peak goes without and can afford to keep their pets. That is, if he wants to stay Mayor... if not, bring on the shifter for the job.