Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Her Snow Wolf

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Tuesday howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

Oh, what a wickedly disappointing past week this has been. With Paypal deciding to strong arm several epublishers into a compliance dictated by the credit card companies, VISA/MC... well, some of us authors who have Indie published are experiencing the fallout, even if our ebooks are in compliance.

Suffice it say, this has put a kink in some of my authorly plans, even though I only have the one short story, SANTA BABY, SEVERAL STARS AWAY, currently Indie published. So, for now, it's back to the ole drawing board... so to speak.

However, as soon as Her Midnight Stardust Cowboys is ready, I will be Indie publishing my first SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTIONS title. Currently, I'm writing Chapter Thirty. And, honestly, I don't know how many chapters I'll end up with. I am pleased with how the erotic love story of Sherilyn, and her two cowboy shifter heroes, Zance and Dontoya, is growing and evolving... and, yes, climaxing. ~big smiles~

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this week's flash scene.

Her Snow Wolf

Brutally tired, Kerry rubbed her neck as she padded down the short hallway to the only haven in her life for the past several years... her bed. Oh, there was no man waiting for her, ready to rock and roll her to passions unparalleled... or provide any kind of sex, loving or lustful, at all.

No, those days were gone. It would have been too dangerous to get to know any man. Her life was at stake.

Although, given how desperately tired she'd become of late just trying to survive and get through each day, somehow death held a certain appeal. Maybe, she'd get some rest. Maybe, she'd get some peace... maybe... oh, who knew?

Yeah, R.I.P. Mentally, Kerry snickered and chuckled at herself seeing an image of the typical gravestone. She was just too weary to actually laugh out loud.

But, maybe instead of the pearly gates, the devil would pitchfork her into a hell where she had to endlessly relive her life for her past great big sin...the sin that had driven her into this lonelier-than-lonely life.

She didn't think of it as a sin... still, those she'd betrayed would be telling the devil to bedevil her.

After lighting a small candle inside a glass bowl holder, Kerry collapsed on top her makeshift bed. She'd managed to find someone's deserted stash of pillows, rapidly throwing them inside her old minivan. During her travels, she'd collected a pile of blankets and enough sheets to change them regularly.

At this point, she counted herself lucky to have stumbled onto this out-of-the way, deserted old farmhouse. Surrounded by a stand of trees and acres of land, the house had become a refuge of sorts -- even if she always looked over her shoulder.

That is, a refuge once she'd been able to find a minimal-wage job in Talbot's Peak as a dishwasher -- no paperwork involved. She didn't dare try to get a good-paying position. She would have been SWAT-teamed in a New York minute.

Even so, with her little bit of money she'd made the rickety house liveable enough by fixing the well and the plumbing, and by getting a couple of generators going, one with solar power and one using alcohol as a fuel.

One of her big accomplishments had been learning how to use a still, and make her own moonshine. She not only ran her generator on it, but her minivan as well.

In moments her head dropped onto the largest pillow, and Kerry snuggled deep into her nest of pillows and blankets. She'd been on the lam for about five years now. Unable to use a bank account or credit cards, she'd paid for everything with cash, and had bartered for other necessities.

A sigh of despair escaped her. It was a damn rough life. But it was all she had. All she could look forward to.

Recently, though, she'd been having these highly erotic dreams. That didn't surprise her given her lot in life. Yet, the dreams were so sexy-hot intense, and felt more real than the reality of her mostly miserable life.

And the man... tall, commanding... commanding in his presence. And, both demanding and commanding with her. His body was carved muscle yet lithe, and she could imagine him running easily, swiftly.

Somehow he was familiar to her, but not. His unusual mane of hair was gorgeous and close to snow-white. His eyes held a primal darkness that both intrigued her and warned her he was not to be trifled with... not by her. Not by anyone.

But it was his hands, the way he used them on her... in the relentless darkness of his eyes she could see whenever he stroked her body that he wanted her every pleasure, and expected it. He expected to take his own pleasures as well.

Several times, when Kerry woke up in the morning, she'd been surprised by her surroundings... as if they weren't real. But, of course, they were. All too real.

Not that she had the take-me-away erotic dreams every night. No... at first, it had been every couple of weeks. Now the frequency of the dreams -- and they were never the same as far as the wild passionate lovemaking that occurred for what seemed like hours at time -- now, the strange dreams had increased to nearly every other night.

Kerry hardly dared to hope the dreams would continue. And, like tonight, usually she was so exhausted, it wasn't as though she could even try to summon them up, or practice any kind of lucid dreaming.

Instead, before succumbing to fatigue, Kerry shivered for long moments trapped by thoughts of everything that could go so easily wrong in her life.


Zraiv, that's all he could recall of his original name, stood bare-ass naked beneath the bright white fang that was the moon. He barely felt the icy layer of snow just above his ankles.

He'd found her... finally. The woman who had saved his life. More, she'd saved his very soul. She'd saved the wolf, and didn't know she also saved a man.

When Zraiv had remembered her after several years of amnesia, he'd tried every way in hell to connect with her mind, hoping against hope she was still alive. Kerry -- he thought that was her first name -- had been a student intern at the underground lab where they'd kept him as a prisoner.

Her extreme intelligence -- he'd sniffed it the moment she walked inside his area of the lab -- had guaranteed the innocent young woman with the wise-beyond-her-years eyes would be lured into the university's DOD program as a future biotech geneticist.

But then he'd witnessed it as she gazed at him, trapped behind a thick transparent panel in his wolf form. What 'they' knew but she wasn't aware of yet. She would be able to develop the skill of mentally speaking with him when he was wolf.

Of course, she hadn't realized the prominent scientist mentoring her used artificial means to induce, then keep him in his animal form. She didn't know the mad human beast was responsible for his tortured existence, and enjoyed Zraiv's suffering.

Because the day, the hour she'd realized his sentience, his constant pain... his human angel had begun brilliantly planning his escape into the mountains edging the underground compound. Only realizing he would endanger her if he didn't leave, Zraiv raced toward freedom and into the concealing brush.

His angel had deactivated as many of the nano devices as she could, but there had been a chip inside his brain that quickly erased large portions of his memory. Somehow his physiology had dissolved it, helped along by a community of shapeshifters he met by the grace of Goddess shortly after his escape.

Slowly, Zraiv had regained the missing pieces of the puzzle that was his life. At least, for the last ten years he'd been on the planet Earth.

Now... now, all he wanted was to be with her. Zraiv silently moved toward the little house that hid her from the world, but not from him. Her woman's scent twitched his nose and his cock -- bold and upright despite the cold.

Before she realized his sentience, she'd called him her beautiful snow wolf, cooing to him and stroking his coat whenever they'd been together in the lab. Now, Zraiv wanted her hands all over his man's body.

First though, so he wouldn't frighten his angel to death, he shifted...

~ Have a Magickal Shapeshifting Week ~


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~


Pat C. said...

Mmmm ... me likee. There's enough background mystery here to support a book. And who can say no to a sexy naked man?

Love Kelly's resourcefulness with the still, too. Pity she can't pick up a couple extra bucks selling Kickapoo Joy Juice on the side.

Savanna Kougar said...

Well, with Zraiv's appearance in her life... he, or they, could create quite the on-the-side business, since they could work together.

Serena Shay said...

Rawr...I don't think those are just erotic dreams, but more like premonitions of what the sexy Zraiv has in store for her!!

Lucky girl! Definitely a book in the making here. :)

Great post, Savanna!

Savanna Kougar said...

Serena, thanks... another erotic love tale I would like to pen... what happened to time to being on your side? ... I wish.