Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Passionate Welcome Home

Josh stomped his feet and blew into his hands. A burst of cold air wormed its way down the neck of his parka, icing its path over his shoulders and billowing out the insulation keeping him warm. “A week in warmth. I want to go back already.”

Anthony’s muffled laugh reached Josh as he worked the key from his pocket. “It’s not funny. You didn’t get one hell of a sunburn or deal with peeling and itching for two days.”

“Look, Tory slathered you in lotion and kept telling you to stop morphing every time you hit the water. Thank Gods and Goddesses alike we found the wholesaler and stocked up on sunscreen. Our tans happened fast. Not that any of us were trying. Much exposure at those levels and I’m surprise we all didn’t burn.” Anthony blocked the wind whipping around them. Josh wanted to lean back and snuggle into Anthony’s warmth.

Anthony read Josh’s desire from heat he threw off the moment the two of them got off the plane. Tory had wanted to visit with Sally and bring her up to date on the trip. Sally and her hubby wanted to spend several winter months away from the cold. Anthony didn’t blame them. Tory and Josh agreed with him that alternating time between places made sense. “Get us inside and we’ll warm each other up.”

Anthony could read the change in Josh’s aura without having to call upon his canine instincts. Much more and they’d melt the snow piled along the walkway leading up to the bar’s entrance. He wanted to reach out and touch Josh, running his fingers along the nape of his neck where his bite mark blended with Josh’s tan. Even Tory couldn’t make out the sets of animal and human teeth imprints running along Josh’s jugular. She knew the story behind their first mating that bonded them together. Only he and Josh knew how each had nipped and drawn blood as human and shifter to ensure their claim stood out amongst shifters.

Josh almost sighed as the lock clicked and the door pushed open. Tory wouldn’t be home until morning. She’d kept her suitcase and Eza with her indicating more than once women needed to talk and spend time chatting about female things. With Sally’s hubby out of town, the two of them would probably be up late. Josh began humming as he moved into the small entryway, reaching for the light switch as he moved midway down the hall.

“Turn too many lights on and we announce we’re home. Why not use your extended sight and get us upstairs?” Anthony’s warm breath curled around his neck and lapped at his earlobe as though he licked and suckled the sensitive flesh between his lips.

Josh swallowed hard. Chilled fingers entwined with his. Anthony’s larger hand met with his, cupping his palm against Josh’s smaller one. Heat swept over his wrist and raced up his arm. Sparks of passion ignited deep in his groin. Getting them upstairs without leaving a trail of clothes, or their suitcases forgotten along the way, wouldn’t be easy. Then again, as long as they got them, their clothes, and suitcases behind the closed door of their living space, and out of the main pathway, what else mattered?

“Race you to the shower. First one striped. . .” Further words stuck in Josh’s throat as Anthony captured his lips.



Serena Shay said... there's a shower that's gonna be all kinds of fun to take!

Nice flash, Solara!

Pat C. said...

That's the only good thing I have to say about cold climates -- warming up after you've been outside. Warming up with someone you love, even better.

Lovin' it, Solara!

Savanna Kougar said...

"First one striped..." ~giggling~ I like that!

Pat's right, warming up with someone you love is the best.