Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Maurice, the Moose Shapeshifter

Pic from Coast to Coast AM ~

Metropolitan Moose

This moose stood here and watched the walk sign change before he and his twin brother crossed this busy midtown road in Anchorage, Alaska. We have a large population of moose that spend the winter in town and it seems they have adapted well to city living! This guy is probably only three years old.

--Timothy Wood

Tuesday 'Full Moon in Leo' howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

At first, I planned to post Chapter Twenty-Five of my WIP ~ Her Midnight Stardust Cowboys. However, that turned out to be undoable in the allotted time I had once everything got done that needed doing yesterday. Besides, my brain was worn out from a long, rough day of shopping for the necessities.

So, inspired by the above picture, I found my hero for today's flash scene.

Maurice, the Moose Shapeshifter

Somewhere his life had taken a very bad turn. Several bad turns to be exact. He'd been chased by rivals far away from his herd. With his body mauled by antlers, hooves and teeth, he'd tried to make his way back so he could, at least, tag behind and keep everyone in sight.

But a hunter with a high-powered rifle had spotted him, and he'd had to race for his life through the densest part of the forest. Even though, he could be heard crashing through the brush for miles around, he'd managed to finally escape before exhaustion sent him to his knees.

When he'd been able to struggle onto his feet again, he'd limped along a deer trail toward the sound of water. Since it had been a fast-rushing, large stream, he'd been able to stand in the winter-cold waters and let himself heal for a short time.

Well knowing the area was filled with trophy-seeking hunters, he'd made himself leave the stream. Although, he'd been on this side of freezing, anyway -- even with his fairly big bulk. At that dismal point, he followed his instincts because there was nothing else he could figure to do.

Bedraggled in appearance and in spirit, he'd traveled due south, snatching bites of lichen, and anything else edible. Not really much food for a bull moose of his size, even with his youthful age.

He thought about using his odd ability, the one that showed up every ten generations or so in his family...and was likely the main cause for why he'd been viciously pursued by his former pals -- why he'd been driven from the herd. However, he couldn't see how changing into his human form would help him out all the much in the deep forest.

Yeah, he thought, that was real, antler-rubbing gratitude for ya. As a human, he'd been able to retrieve special treats for the herd, and bring knowledge to the herd elders that aided in their survival. Now... now, he lost weight daily, and his steps were too slow and on the verge of painful.

When his nose practically dragged the ground from fatigue, he wondered if he should find the nearest hunter and sacrifice himself -- not that any human would want him now, given his poor condition -- yet, it was at that instant, he caught sight of a skunk who was partly morphed, and quickly became a lovely naked woman.

If it hadn't been for his depleted and dire state, so dire his hormones didn't raise worth a good piss, he would have silently trumpeted his appreciation, trotting much faster after her. Even so, a sense of hope grabbed him where he still lived, where his heart still beat, even if the beat was only a sluggish thump-thump.

Picking up his hooves as fast as he could, he followed after her. A feeling of fate arrowed through him as she entered an isolated town that had the strong smell of animal blended with human -- as did the town High School she ambled quickly toward.

Deciding his human form would give him an advantage, he shifted behind the tall bushes, but much slower than usual because of his sad condition. Afterward, he snuck inside where a late night meeting was obviously going on.

Immediately waylaid by the smell of food, he headed for the school kitchen instead of finding out what was taking place at this strange hour. Besides, first things first, he needed to find some clothes.

Now, as he stuffed another raw vegetable filled sandwich into his mouth, he gazed at the form on the table. Maybe, just maybe he'd found a place to stay for the winter, if this survey was to be believed.

Figuring there had to be a pencil, or a pen somewhere, since it was a high school after all, he grabbed the form, and walked with deliberate stealth... just in case... toward the nearest classroom door.

Pencil in hand, he seated himself at a desk where the moonlight shone the brightest. With great care he read through the instructions again. Even then, he hardly dared believe there was actually a community where he might not stand out like a broken antler.


Dear Resident:

In order to better serve the people of Talbot’s Peak, we would like to create a clearer picture of our citizens’ demographics so that we may continue to provide the programs and services that best meet your needs. To that end, we ask that you take a few minutes to fill out this voluntary survey. No names are required, and all information will be kept confidential. Talbot’s Peak thanks you for your cooperation.

Lancelot Link, Mayor
Talbot’s Peak, Montana


Human ___ Shapeshifter _X_ Vampire ____ Spirit Being ___God ____ Other ________

If shapeshifter, please specify animal: _Moose_

Age: 18-30 _X_ 31-45 ____ 46-60 ___ 61+ ____


Male_X_ Female ____ Neuter ____ Hermaphroditic ____Undecided ____ Other ____

Are you

Single_X_ Mated ____ In pack or group living arrangement ____ Other _____

Type of dwelling

House _____ Den/Lair ______ Cave ______ Nest _______Underwater Dwelling ______ Other _Homeless_

Do you

Own a Home _______ Rent or Lease _______ Nomadic/Herd _______N/A

Are you currently employed? Yes ____ No_X, I am willing to work_ Self-employed ____

(Note: “Alpha” is not considered an occupation)

How long have you lived in Talbot’s Peak?

1-5 yrs ____ 5-10 yrs ____ More than 10 yrs ____Born/whelped in area _____N/A

What brought you to Talbot’s Peak? What do you like best about the area?

Luck brought me to this town. There are others like me.

Are you pleased with how local government is currently running things?

Yes ____ No ____No comment since I just arrived.


If you could help me find a job and a place to stay, I would recommend Talbot's Peak to other humans, shapeshifters, vampires, spirit beings, gods and 'others', as a good place to live.



Maurice wiped his slowly dripping tears on the sleeve of the over-sized plaid shirt he'd found... and borrowed. He forgave himself for his weakness. After all, he wasn't that mature yet as a moose.

Tomorrow morning he could locate City Hall... and if he hand-delivered the survey... maybe someone would get the hint, and help him out. Maybe there was another herd to join. Maybe even shapeshifter moose just like him. Although, he'd scented no other of his kind. So far. But what if... what if there were other moose. And, what if there was a mate for him?

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Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~


Serena Shay said...

Ahhhh, Maurice - there is definitely a home for you here in Talbot's Peak and if you see Nick over at the Gazette, he'll find you a job...he's a caregiver that way, but not everyone knows it. ;)

Plus, love abounds in this little neck of the woods! hehe

Savanna Kougar said...

Oooh, I bet Maurice has some hidden talent that would be perfect for the G&B Gazette. He does know how to gather important info given he did that for his former herd.

Pat C. said...

Yay! The survey finally did some good! For some reason I see Maurice driving a truck of some sort. I'll bet Miss Elly would be happy to fix him up with some of her friends as well.

Now we just have to get Maurice to meet Gil. I've been dying for Sergei to deliver a variation on the "moose and squirrel" line since Gil arrived in Talbot's Peak.

Savanna Kougar said...

I kept thinking of Gil... and moose and squirrel... I'm certain there's a way in Talbot's Peak for Maurice and Gil to meet.