Saturday, February 18, 2012

Vacation Werestyle

Tory laughed as Josh raced up the white sand beach tossing clothes with each step.

Anthony drew up along side her carrying the baby. The tot slept the whole night through for the past week. At seven months, she was developing her own distinct personality. Her curious eyes followed each of them as she sat in high chair. Too bad Tory’s grandmother Isobelle had passed before she met her name sake, Ezabell.

Tory held out her hand to Anthony. “Josh loves the water. I swear he’s got to have more than cainine blood in him.”

Anthony smiled, craddling Ezabell in one arm, as he took Tory’s hand. “I gave up trying to figure that one out. He’s happy being who he is. At least, he gave up on the polarbear club swims!”

Anthony leaned down and kissed Tory’s cheek. “Let’s get the umbrella up and the blanket down so I can settle Eza in the shade. I want to snuggle with you both before a wet dog is shaking his coat dry.”

Tory scooped Eza out of Anthony’s arm and rubbed her cheek against the baby’s. “Yes, I expect he’ll morph because he can with no one around. I know you want to enjoy the water too.”

“Well love, Grandmere did leave you her beach house and the surrounding property. I say let’s enjoy and celebrate the life she lived. Who knew the old dear ran a private nudist camp outside her front door during the summer and fall months? One specifically for shape shifters.” Anthony turned to retrace his steps back across the sands to where their car sat next to the large two story house hiding the outerbuildings and campgrounds the beach was part of.

“I wish Grandmere could have met Eza. She has her blue eyes and pert nose. She is already showing signs of her animal preferences, wolves and owls. Grandmere could shift into either one.” Tory, craddled Eza to her shoulder. “Our family’s mixed heritage continues on.”

Anthony moved back to stand by Tory. “Love, I don’t care if you or Josh are pure breds or mutts. I love you for who you are. Your animal is part of you. I know your heart.”

Tory slipped her arm around Anthony’s waist. “I love you too. Josh is an added bonus I never expected. Having both of you loving me is more than I could have ever hoped for.”

Anthony’s smile warmed her every time she saw it. His genuine happiness radiated from inside out. His eyes glowed as he watched her. Even as she made love with Josh, Anthony’s contentment and compersion at seeing her and Josh together overflowed allowing her to love both of them even more.

“So what do we do with our new business?” Tory turned back toward the ocean, scanning for where Josh was. A large black dog loped toward them. Several feet from them, he stopped shaking and spraying water.

I say we keep the business and spend time here inbetween. Tory patted the dog as he leaned against her. Josh’s voice filled her head as he continues speaking. Anchorage is great, but warm sands and being naked is fantastic too.

Anthony peered over his hands. “You finally stopped spraying, eh? Now get your human arse back up to the house with me. We’ve got a whole beach to enjoy. Our daughter needs to get out of the sun as do you.”

Tory tried to supress her laughter. Josh was turning redder by the moment. He’d forgotten sunscreen didn’t last long in the water. And morphing, well that left the skin rather exposed when fur disappeared. Another morph and he’d be fine. He’d have to wait a few hours until he could. For now, though enjoying the sight of him nude and holding their daughter filled her heart with joy. Soon Anthony would be nude too as would she. Sandwiched between Anthony and Josh - - -images filled Tory’s mind. Yes, Grandmere’s cross stitched moto came to mind. . .Play, Love, Laughter make a full life. Vacations are meant for this.


Pat C. said...

Warm, nude beaches, yay! Cold, frosty Alaska, no. Good luck to the family's new endeavor.

I have nothing against Alaska. It's cold I don't like. Besides, I was born in South Jersey, so I'm prejudiced.

Another great flash full of warmth and humor, Sunny!

Savanna Kougar said...

Gosh, wish I was there. A warm nudist beach to frolic upon. Good company to enjoy.

Lovely flash, Solara.

Solara said...

Thanks Pat and Serena! This one came to mind as our weather in the mid-atlantic goes back and forth between spring and winter temps.

Savanna Kougar said...

Yeah, the weather has been doing that here too. So far, the daffodils are surviving.