Friday, March 23, 2012

Alien Abduction in Talbot's Peak!

“Oh friggy Fig Newtons!”  Frieda scrubbed once again at her goober green face with the washcloth. Every brand of soap she’d used was worthless in removing the paint she’d sprayed all over her body…and she did mean all over.  At least the pubs could be covered, but not so much for her face.  Gah!  How was she going to explain this to the ladies of the doomed love club?

Greely would probably take offense at the color, thinking Frieda was making fun of her froggy nature.  Jada would make snide comments.  Reggie would roll her eyes and Bobbi Sue would hide when the loud voices came out to play.

“Shit!” Frieda threw the rag, knowing it wouldn’t go far in her tiny apartment bathroom then watched it drop down into the sink.  She stared at her still green-tinted face through the soapy splat on the mirror disgusted, once again, for not reading the directions.  She’d been far too eager to meet her date at Dante’s. 

Her hook-up had been arranged online through one of the town’s shifter seeking shifter chat rooms.  It hadn’t been until she’d already struck up a conversation with her date that she’d realized she was in the wrong fetish room.   Sure, the whole alien fetish thing was outside her comfort zone, but she was open to trying new things and really, who didn’t have a funky obsession these days. 

Hell, it was common knowledge that the editor of the Gazette had a thing about rulers.  Then there was the sexy snake who danced in drag at the pleasure club.  Shoot, the town peaparrot was known for her take charge attitude and her love of leather.  Had Frieda known before hand what her date was looking for exactly she would have sent him to Penny.  No matter how Frieda tried to work it, she couldn’t play the part of the abductor.

So she and the alien abductee had both gone home last night, disappointed that there was to be no probing.  Frieda had the double disappointment that she couldn’t remove all of the unused paint.  Now she had to walk through town, looking slightly green and fess-up to her group the big failure of Frieda Farr—again.  

 Frieda flipped off the bathroom light and made her way to the entry way closet.  Surely she had a hat or scarf she could use as a semi cover.  If not, she’d have to man up and walk with her head held high, queen-like. 

The soft material of her Shibari ropes stroked over her hands as she reached for the closet light.  She longed to use the beautiful rigging as they were intended—tightly, sexually and with artistic flair.  Just once she wished she could meet another with a kink to match her own.

LOL...well, Savanna, it wasn't in a brothel, but it did have aliens...kinda.  ~wink~

Have a glowing, green weekend everyone!



Pat C. said...

I foresee a romance between Freida and the Nude Purple Fairy. Maybe they could meet at the paint store.

Serena Shay said...

LOL...Yes, but lets hope they each learn a little about body paint before they meet! Not only would we have a May-September relationship in Talbot's Peak, but a very colorful one! Hmmm...could be fun. ;)

Savanna Kougar said...

Paint love... it could be a good thing.

Omygosh, I bet there's a Shibari ropes lover available at The Pleasure Club. Discreet inquires can be made. Or a match up, when there is one.

I hear one of Dante's cousins hired on three shifter ladies who were already helping others out, to handle those kind of requests and match ups.

Serena Shay said...

See, I knew Dante would be on top of the problem. :) I wonder if we'll be meeting the shifter ladies soon or if Frieda will receive an unexpected invitation to a special meet & greet night at the pleasure club...

Savanna Kougar said...

Given my knowledge is sparse on Shibari rope pleasures... I could pen the ladies and the invitation, but not the ensuing passionate details.

Serena Shay said...

I'd love to learn more about the new ladies at Dante's and what they are doing at the pleasure club...

I'm still trying to decide who Frieda needs to connect with and if they have a thing for the color purple... ;)

Savanna Kougar said...

Paint mixing can be fun... I've always liked neon purple and neon green together... yeah, big surprise, I have strange tastes at times.

Let's see. We already have the Love Wolfess, who does her radio gig at Dante's. The personal ads in the G&B. I've probably left someone out.

However, these three shifter ladies are new characters... I think. They're not saying a whole lot yet.