Tuesday, March 6, 2012

How Free Energy Came to Talbot's Peak

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Tuesday howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

Given I'm on the edge of letting my eyelids slip shut, without further adieu, here's my first flash scene for the windy, already tornadic month of March. Special blessings to everyone affected by these horror storms.

How Free Energy Came to Talbot's Peak

It was her business, her only business -- breaking the innocent out of prison, then finding them a safe place to live.

Khyffa stood on the mountain ledge high above the enormous prison compound. Storm winds whipped around her slight frame staving off some of the unpleasant smells now assaulting her nostrils. Lasering her gaze through the darkness of night, she searched for the exact location of the man she was about to rescue.

An inventor of a free energy device, Destoiyov had been forced into his current circumstances on the usual trumped up charges. He'd refused to be bought off, only wanting to share his invention with those who most needed it.

Having thoroughly studied Destoiyov's file ether-sent to her crystalline tablet from her contact at COSMOZ -- a dragon shapeshifter who headed up their league of 'mythical and legendary' beasts -- Khyffa knew the young inventor had been directly threatened by thug-minions of the ruthless Controllers.

He'd been told if he didn't shut up permanently his mother and sister would be taking a permanent dive off the balcony of their sixth floor apartment in Miami, Florida. Given they were dolphin shapeshifters, their ancestors from the time of Poseidon, the dive might not have been a problem. However, the injected toxin paralyzing their lungs would guarantee they'd be sleeping with the fishies.

Khyffa sniffed the winds as she released her wings, immense, black feathered affairs that could bear the weight of her equine body. She allowed her shift to be painstakingly slow. Khyffa knew she would require every last ounce of her flying speed and strength this night.

Spreading her wings to catch the lift of the strong swirling winds, she judged the power of the incoming storm first, then launched off the ledge. Once again, the glorious feeling of flight spun through her, ephemeral, and yet so beautifully fierce.

Khyffa soared on a down draft, the back and forth sweep of her wings guiding her toward one of the center cell blocks. Usually her appearance so stunned the guards, they didn't fire their weapons -- instead engaging in an internal debate about the state of their sanity. Regardless, her kind owned a natural field that would deflect the bullets.

Closing in on the prison roof, Khyffa tightened her wings like a swooping predator. Moments later, she flicked her tail to slightly alter her trajectory, then streaked toward the cell that imprisoned Destoiyov.


Crossing his arms, Destoiyov locked them across his chest. With depression his only companion, he slumped against one corner of the disgusting prison cell. It was a damn good thing... maybe... that he'd inherited a strong human side as a dolphin shapeshifter, or the lack of ocean water would have likely meant his untimely death.

Something kept him awake. Tonight it wasn't the ugly cacophony of snores echoing through the prison or his restless need to swim, to soar through the water's silkiness, wild, free, with an endless beauty before him.

A sudden blast of white fiery light caused Desz to instinctively shield his eyes with one arm. But the rush of wind against the entire length of his body made him to open them fast. After moments of blindness, he blinked not believing the vision before him.

A Pegasus? Here? Oh, he knew, or he'd been told they still existed... but living in the modern western world... well, he'd never seen one before... and... Desz slowly lowered his arm with the thought that he was actually asleep and dreaming.

But why was the majestic gorgeous creature staring at him, then tossing it's muzzle toward it's back like an invitation. Even the amazing, huge black wings were lowered so he could simply leap astride.

Well damn if this was a dream, why not? As if he'd suddenly sprouted wings instead of fins, Desz ran several steps, grabbed a hank of the Pegasus' silver-white mane, and mounted.

So you're not a fool, he heard in his mind, even as the creature backed up swiftly, spun on its hind hooves, and sprang through the large hole in the outer wall. Within an instant, they sailed into the night sky.

Hang onto the collar handles. With his stomach threatening to lodge in his throat, Desz seized the stiff leather loops.

Good boy. We have a long flight ahead. On either side of Desz, the Pegasus powerfully flapped its moon-glistening wings. In the back of his mind, he realized the storm that had been forecast for the early morning hours hadn't arrived. Yet he could smell the ozone and the winds buffeted him.

Looking downward, Desz gulped repeatedly. He heard faint shouts, then the spotlights blazed, followed by the alarm system. The sound wailed around him like a group of giant cats who screeched because their tails had been stepped on by Goliath.

Don't look down. The Pegasus' definitely feminine voice sarcastically filled his head.

Right, he answered. Won't look down.

They soared higher above the prison, and the Pegasus' long arcing path took them away from the mountainside, and toward a long stretch of farmland. Desz only knew about the lay of the land because of the bus ride to the prison.

What if they send drones after us? He thought to ask, having witnessed a recent demonstration at the prison. Afterward, he'd been coerced into agreeing to work on a free energy cell small enough to power the drone. Now... maybe, that nightmare was over.

Such machines mean nothing to me. We are safe for now.

For now?

Do you know about Talbot's Peak, Montana?

A shapeshifter haven, Desz tentatively answered, having only encountered a couple of rumors while swimming as dolphin, and speaking with the members of other pods.

Yes. You will be free to make your free energy devices there.

Desz could hardly believe his... his inner mental ears. Really?

Promise me you will distribute them to everyone who wants them, and I will make certain the components and materials are available.

Thrown for a loop, and not the kind of loop he playfully performed on the sunny surface of the ocean, Desz hesitated. But what did he have to lose? He was astride a female Pegasus who looked like the most beautiful dream. Plus, she was offering to make his dream come true.

I promise.


~ Have a Magickal Shapeshifting Month of March ~


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~


Savanna Kougar said...

~ Have a Magickal Shapeshifting Month of March ~

Pat C. said...

Hmm. Dolphin and Pegasus. Air and water. Sounds like an interesting pairup.

If I could harness my own natural gas, I wouldn't need free energy.

Savanna Kougar said...

Yeah, if you could harness all the 'natural gas' out there, who would need oil for energy productions. Bring on the buffalo herds! Device captures methane energy, powers the whole world.

Serena Shay said...

I'll be first in line for some of that fee energy Desz is going to give out! What a blessing that would be in this day in age... :)

Savanna Kougar said...

Serena, wouldn't it? It would mean so much to humanity as a whole, and to all of us individually.

There are people trying to make not-that-expensive free energy devices, and do that... but...

Savanna Kougar said...

Perhaps, Desz and Serena's dolphin heroine, Finley Fairaday, would make a good love match???