Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Running of the Buck Rabbits

Happy 2012 Vernal Equinox, shapeshifter lovers.

May Springtime bring you joy and a beautiful connection with our Mother Earth.

Running of the Buck Rabbits

Competing with the raw green smells of Springtime, the fast heated blood of rabbit shapeshifters tantalized Dante's nostrils as they morphed to human form. Their rapid heartbeats called to his wild wolfen nature, and he mentally licked his chops.

Instead of giving chase, Dante merely shook his head as he observed the gathering of the two rabbit clans from atop an outdoor stand, disguised to look like it belonged to human hunters. Yip-yip awoooo, the first day of Spring, what else did he expect? When the bunny bucks turned March-mad with the need to hump and mate.

Only it wasn't the four strapping bucks who would fight for a mate on the vernal equinox of 2012. No, Dante had never witnessed this type of 'gamechanger' role-reversal between the sexes. Not once during his lengthy worldwide travels.

So, yeah-howl, he'd had a big paw in bringing it about, though, all to help the little bunny shifter, Sadie. She was an excellent server at the Midnight Stardust Supperclub. So, when she'd come to him with those big brown eyes of hers, and her sweet round face, asking him to keep the peace between her clan and another local clan, Dante hadn't been able to refuse.

Thank the Mother Moon, Blade Runner -- Talbot Peak's resident extraterrestrial rabbit shifter and Dante's good sparring buddy -- had been amused by Sadie's unusual request. He'd taken control the situation with his usual efficiency and elegant style.

Immediately, Blade Runner gained agreement on the rules for the Sadie Hawkins like event, meant to ease tensions between the two rabbit shapeshifter clans. With his carefully chosen team, he'd laid out the miles' long course through the surrounding forest, then placed observation stations along the challenging terrain.

Blade Runner had also appointed himself the official referee. There'd been little argument from the two buck clan leaders, especially after their mates eyed them. Dante had grinned to himself watching the wifely warning -- also the silent promise of mating pleasures later.


Sadie twitched her buns back and forth, shaking her invisible tail. She jogged in place preparing to run the course she'd already been over with a fine-tooth comb, and committed to memory.

Oh, tingly-wiggly inside, yes! She was absolutely aware of how the four Velvephur brothers eyed her assets, like a prime patch of carrots.

"Give it up, girl. You won't catch any of us," the oldest Velvephur shouted with an assertive arrogance that flattened her inner ears. "Besides, the Leap Year date has already passed, if you haven't checked a calendar recently."

Lettuce turds, he could be ultra annoying. Not bothering with an answer, or even glancing in his direction, Sadie halted her pumping legs. She flipped her long pony tail over her shoulder, then began warming up her torso with rhythmic waist twists.

"Even wearing that skintight pink racing suit won't help you, sweet cheeks," the next-in-line-brother taunted, amusement in his tone.

Yeah, who's going to look like the dumb bunny ass when I tag your ass? Unknown to everyone but herself, Sadie had trained with the dedication of an Olympic athlete, before she'd even spoken with Dante.

A steady supply of anger had driven each and every step during her long training sessions. Sadie had been insulted to her core by the Velvephur brothers' refusal to honor the agreement their clans had made when they'd been youngsters -- even though Sadie herself had no intention of keeping it.

From the corner of her eye, she watched the third brother smirk, and fold his arms as if all he planned to do was languidly lope his way to the finish line. He winked audaciously, then called out, "I might just let our hot-pink cutie catch me, if she promises to give up the tail pink..."

"Shut up, son," Clan Leader Velvephur cut through the still-chilly morning air.

The neatly spinning flash of Blade Runner's slim weapon aimed at Mr. Dumb Bunny, the Third -- as Sadie thought of him of late -- gratified her some. She also used his ego-stupidity to fuel her. Now the desire to win raged through her like a dry-grass prairie fire.

Sadie twisted at the waist facing the fourth brother, and the handsomest one to her eye. Admittedly, she couldn't get enough of his dark-chocolate soulful eyes, his waves of hair that were the same rich color, his high-jumper athletic build... but she also knew he was a humper, a Lothario-type of the worst order, even for a rabbit shifter. Everyone knew he kept a room reserved at the Pleasure Club, unlike his brothers.

"Anything you want to say?" She tossed her words like a bunch of tasty root veggies at Mr. Humper Thumper, then turned away.

She took a moment to grin. Even to her ears, her tone had been remarkably neutral with just that perfect slice-to-the-gut edge. Focusing on the course before her, Sadie felt her racing engine rev up inside. She loved it.

"Catch me, Sadie. Drag me across the finish line, beautiful tail girl, and I'll honor the marriage agreement between our clans."

A frisson of astonishment shot through her middle. Not so much from Mr. Humper Thumper's words, but because of his calm and enigmatic manner as he spoke them. There'd been a depth in his tone she had no time to explore.

Shaking it off, Sadie leaned forward, and positioned herself to launch into her full racing speed. After all, she had a plan, one forged in the ice and fire of her wrath.

"Ready, gentleman rabbits," Blade Runner intoned. "Once the point of my dagger touches the ground you're off and running for your bachelor's freedom." He paused for dramatic affect, his wand-like blade twirling rapidly between his fingers. "Once I retrieve the dagger, Sadie of the Windflower Clan, will be chasing your un-furry tails." Blade Runner paused again. "As has been agreed by both clans, the outcome of this event will end all enmity."

Like everyone present, Sadie fastened her gaze on Blade Runner. With a precise and artful flip of his wrist, he sent the dagger high into the air. She stilled, tensing. There was no sound as the glistening silver dagger succumbed to gravity, the point aiming for earth.

The dagger struck with sweet precision. From her peripheral vision Sadie watched the four brothers sprint across the start line. By their early speed, and their dash for the brambles, she figured they now suspected or sensed her intention to hunt them down.


~ Happy Vernal Equinox ~


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~


Serena Shay said...

Oooh, bet I know who Sadie's on the hunt for! heh heh

Can't wait until next week!!

Savanna Kougar said...

Sadie has a few surprises for the four bunny bucks. ~hehe~

Pat C. said...

Gentlebunnies, start your engines! And may the best doe win her chosen buck.

Savanna Kougar said...

Pat, that's a good one!