Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Newsy Bits and the Calendar

I have no pride. I tore the plantar ligament/tendon in my left foot on Sunday and rather than trying to get around my house (which is filled with stairs and lots of small rooms) on crutches, I am crawling around on my knees. My dog, a large flat-coat retriever, thinks this is totally awesome and that I must be down on her level simply to love on her constantly. My cat, on the other hand, has decided that this means I want her to sit on the back of furniture and attack me a la mountain lion as I shuffle past her. I love my pets, but they are driving me nuts. If I had a little more pride, I’d be using the crutches and to heck with ease of movement.

Despite being able to move more or less freely, I still can’t do much in the way of housework. I have delegated much of my housework to my oldest son, who at not-quite-sixteen is a big help, I must say. I still don’t like the way he vacuums but at least the floors are mostly cleaned. He’s also a better cook than I had realized. In return for him doing most of my housework, all I had to cough up was a copy of a new World of Warcraft campaign so he could unlock the worg character. A worg, by the way, is a type of werewolf. Glad to see my misfortune is adding to the shape shifter population! LOL!

All this forced immobility has left me with some extra free time, which I have spent writing. I actually have one WIP that’s almost ready to be submitted for publication—Mooney and Marissa’s story. And since I’ll be down for another few weeks till my foot heals enough for me to put weight on it, I should be able to get Lex and Dori’s story finished and ready to be published pretty soon, too. I am going to try to get them published through my regular publisher, but I may end up going the self-published route. I’ll see how it goes.

I’m sure you guys have noticed the Men of Talbot’s Peak calendar pages I’ve been posting the first Thursday of every month. I do 3D art as well as writing, so bringing Pat’s nudey calendar blog to life seemed like a fun project and a great way to say thank you to all of our wonderful readers. There is now a dedicated page (see the link at the top) which has links back to all previous calendar pages in case you missed a month or are new to the blog. Just click on the link and down load or print it.

As well as the big calendar, I have a smaller one I’ve been working on. It’s a CD case desk calendar and will be PG—no fully nude shots. The printer and I are still trying to agree on just how much skin can show and still be acceptable. Once we do agree, they will be up for sale on the printer’s web site and I’ll buy a few to give away for blog hop prizes. Like in Pat’s blog post, all proceeds for the small calendar will go to charity.

Since there isn’t a real Talbot’s Peak children’s hospital, the money raised by calendar sales will be going to The Wild Animal Sanctuary, which specializes in saving large carnivores that people tried to keep as pets. If we make enough from calendar sales, we may even be able to "adopt" one of the animals in the name of all the ShapeShifter Seductions readers! There are currently over 900 rescued wolves needing patrons and many big cats.

That’s about all for the newsy bits. Have a great day!

~ Rebecca


Savanna Kougar said...

Rebecca, finally... I can say I have no pride, too. I was so sick that crawling was my only way to get somewhere to shove myself up. I read a long, long time ago that actually crawling as a child helps your coordination, and is good exercise for adults.

Yay, on the calendar. I'll purchase some once they're ready. I'm glad someone is taking care of the wolves and big cats.

Pat C. said...

Ouch. That sucks about your foot. At least your animals sound like they're enjoying themselves, even though it's at your expense. But isn't that why they keep us as pets in the first place?

Can't wait for the calendar! I intend to buy a copy (even if it's clean), so you'll have to post the printer's website when it's ready. And the proceeds go to save the predators, which is ever so cool. We need to pat ourselves on the back because we are truly terrific.

MaryC said...

Wishing you a speedy recovery.
The calender sounds wonderful - off to check out The Wild Animal Sanctuary.