Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Sounds of Non-Silence

Sally smiled, waving Tory closer. St. Paddy’s Day and numerous shades of green filled the bar. Nothing compared with the shade of green beer Anthony had concocted to go with the corn beef and cabbage special they were serving. At least it smelled pleasant. A hint of mint as it came out of the tap.

“What’s up,” Tory asked as she got closer.

Sally bit her lip to keep from bursting out in laughter. She eyed the two men sitting closest to the front door. Most of their lunch crowd had come and gone. Those two had wandered in twenty minutes ago and ordered two beers along with the special.

Tory’s quizzical look almost undid Sally’s barely regained composure. Sally leaned in and spoke. “That’s Doc James and the new dentist in town, Dr. Snow.”

Tory’s shrug and so what gaze indicated she hadn’t over heard the two’s discussion. Sally slid closer. “The office in between them has a new OB-GYN practice that just opened up. The new doctor is female. She’s a real looker according to the straight single males coming in. Seems both shifter and human are angling for a glimpse of what others are talking about.”

“Oh you mean Azzy.” Tory’s tone stopped Sally from continuing her tale.

Tory grinned. “Azalea Tucker is her name. She prefers to be called Azzy. She’s come by a couple of times for lunch. Offered to take us on as patients if we like.”

The wide-eyed look on Sally’s face said Tory knew more than she did. “Don’t worry. I bet most of the women in town will flock to her. I love her wicked wit.”

Sally’s cheesy grin indicated she knew something. Tory leaned on the bar. “I bet your tale has to do with Azzy.”

Sally’s quick nod and widening smile said a lot. Tory rounded the bar and pointed at a nearby table. “Come on and spill what you know.”

Sally slid into the seat opposite her. “Dr. Snow was in his exam room cleaning up after his last patient. He accidently hit what he thought was the power pedal for his drill. You know that high pitched buzz that you prefer to not hear.”

Tory rubbed her lips together. She had an idea where this was going but wanted to hear Sally out. “Go on.”

“Well about then Doc James walks in calling out Dr. Snow’s name. They meet each other in the hall. Dr. Snow can still hear a buzzing. He explains the problem to Doc James. They search to see what the cause is. About the time they come back to where Dr. Snow was cleaning up, they hear a loud moan and a female voice crying out in pleasure.”

Tory clapped her hand over her mouth to keep her laughter from being heard. She gulped air through her nose. Oh poor Azzy!

“What’s got you?” Sally worked her way to the end of her seat, ready to rise. “Do you need water?”

Tory swallowed hard, fanning herself. “I’m fine. Go ahead.”

“Well Doc James walks over to the wall ready to pound on it when Dr. Snow drops his drill as another high pitched shriek of pleasure sounds from the other side of the wall. Both men are here trying to figure out how to approach the female who occupies the office between them.”

Tory gave up trying to hold back her laughter. Burying her hands in her face she laughed until tears ran down her cheeks. Looking up she caught Sally’s concerned look. Wiping her eyes with a napkin, she motioned Sally near. “Azzy’s been staying at her office until her place is ready. She has gotten much sleep. What better way to fall fast asleep than with a bit of post-coital bliss?”

Sally slapped her hand on the table joining Tory’s laughter. “You mean two medical men couldn’t figure that one out?”

Tory sighed, holding her hurting sides from laughing. “Apparently not!”


Pat C. said...

Ah, men. So loveable, so clueless.

Is Azzy going to end up between the doctors in any other capacity?

Savanna Kougar said...

Good question, Pat. Gosh, if the good doctors didn't get that one... well... how good are they in the coitus area of their lives?