Saturday, March 31, 2012

Better Late Than Not

Hi Dear Readers! Sorry this is late. This last week was busy busy. My Domestic Partner's Man Cub wed last Sunday evening. With family in town and all the associated happenings, I spent more time running and socializing than I normally do. Between getting home at midnight Sunday and end of the month as well as quarter at work, I've been going non-stop in between recovering from lack of sleep.

The basket for Romantic Times Book Lovers Convention is coming together. We've got books and other goodies ready to give away to one lucky winner. I'll be representing our Talbot's Peak gaggle in Chicago. Please enter our raffle and stop by to say hello. Who knows you could also win a role in one of my up coming books!

I'm listening to what is the next segment in Bettina and Louie's story. They are talking and I'm not sure who is going to start off our next piece. Rest assured they will decide and there'll be more to reveal.

Keep safe and out of the weather as needed! Share a good story or two with your loves and spice. I've taken my own advice. My spice are enjoying the attention as am I.

Happy Weekend!



Savanna Kougar said...

Solara, glad you posted and caught us up on everything. RT is going to be exciting, and a fun whirl.

Solara said...

Thanks Savanna! Yes, later than anticipated. Thought Louie and Bettina might get their argument over as to who went next. No such luck! Those two are hard to read.

Pat C. said...

I know the feeling. Given the choice between writing and sleep, I always go for sleep. That's why so little writing gets done. Gotta take those naps, y'know.

Will we be getting updates from the con, or will we have to wait until you get back?

Solara said...

Pat, I can't say. I'm pitching to agents and editors as well as attending several workshops. My friend and family partner is going with me. Her first time at one of these. Will depend on how much wifi is and if we can get decent connection. I'll try to keep you updated. I'll be sure to post who wins basket and the chance to appear in one of my next books.