Saturday, March 24, 2012

Be Careful What and WhoYou Know

Louie looked at the blood red invitation and read the decorative writing again. Snorting, he tossed the invite on his desk.

A hard knock sounded, rattling the closed office door. Great, the culprit was on time. She never let herself be other than punctual. Then Bettina, queen of Talbot’s Peak largest vampire clan, thrived on ceremony and a lot of pomp. Lots of pomp and circumstance. Why the hell had she chosen his miniscule establishment was beyond him. Never keep a vampiress waiting.

Louie moved around his desk muttering a prayer or two hoping Bettina’s mood was better than the last time they’d done business. A century ago in Brooklyn before she’d let her ratty henchmen at him. Shit, who’d known how deadly a few rat bites could get? Louie inhaled and opened the door. This meeting would go better.

“Good Day Your Highness,” Louie offered as he opened the door, bowing low. Red stiletto heels the same color as the invitation greet his gaze. Slowly rising, he took in the gams before him. Built better than most run way models and muscular in all the right places, he swallowed hard as memories rushed to the surface of those legs wrapped around his head as he licked a rather engorged clit bringing Bettina to another deep hard orgasm. He raised higher catching sight of the short black leather skirt that began mid-thigh.

Louie blinked working to keep his gaze off center as he up righted. Never look a vampire dead in the eye ran through his mind. And if he didn’t want to risk another sexual encounter with Bettina, he’d best not let her catch him off guard. The woman oozed sensuality.

Bettina raked her eyes over Louie. How long had it been? Their last encounter had led to a war between the were rats and her fledgling vampires. Dumb assed moves on both their parts. Power hungry and unsure of herself, she’d made rash moves. Building alliances hadn’t come easy to her. Nor were pregnancy and a pending marriage setting well with her. Great, she needed a friend and confidante not Louie cowering before her.

“Louie, stop acting like I’m better than you.” Bettina sighed and hoped she’d not glamoured him. Keeping the edge and illusion out of her voice didn’t come easy. Every time she used more than a hint of her powers, the baby kicked and illness warped through her body. “I really need your help and to sit down.”

There she’d said it. Got out the words she never expected to say or admit. Needing help didn’t sit well with her. No queen outwardly let on her weakness. Like it or not, Bettina needed Louie’s assistance.

Louie waved Bettina in. What had she said? She requested his help. This wasn’t the hard ass Bettina he knew or avoided. Never mind vampires were a loco bunch if not kept under restraint. Add in the mixed bloods and who the hell knew what the outcome would be. Talbot’s Peak had a reputation to defend and keeping peace amongst its citizens mattered to Louie. He liked his unique shifter friends and many of the humans he’d come to know. Talbot’s Peak was home and he wasn’t moving again. Bettina better behave. He’d hate to have to have Gil take her out with a round or two of silver bullets dipped in holy water and garlic powder. Thank goodness for the full moon and the small revolver Gil possessed. Hiding under the desk offered Gil a prime shot if necessary.


Happy weekend everyone! Warmth and Spring are here! Yahoo! Our Talbot's Peak Crew are ready to celebrate. I'm off to a family wedding this weekend. Remember to keep dry and safe in the crazy weather warping across the country. Share a book or two with your spice and loved ones!



Savannah Chase said...

I really enjoyed this and would love to read more..

Pat C. said...

So, a powerful vampire has come to the Peak, and of course Louie knows her. And "staked" her. Whoa, those rats from Jersey get around.

Solara, your pic is bleeding into the right column, and I notice no other posts are showing on the page. This same stuff was a precursor to the problems those of us with IE had with the site last time. You may have to downsize your photo.

Savanna Kougar said...

Pat, I changed the code, so hopefully everything is kosher.

Hmmm, another vamp in Talbot's Peak. Though I doubt they know each other... perhaps, of each other.

Wow, I'm more and more impressed with Louie. Did he capture Bettina with his chef's specialties first?

Pat C. said...

Probably his special blood pudding. To impress a werewolf, serve steak tartare.

The site's back to normal on IE. Thanks, "Scotty"!

Savanna Kougar said...

Ah, yes, I believe Dante is planning on a visit just to sample Louie's steak tartare.

Yeah ~smiles~ Scotty, just don't ask me to beam you up.

Serena Shay said...

Oooh, a vamp queen in need of more than blood or sex...I bet it killed her to have to ask. You know how vampy queens can get. ;)

Nice flash, Solara