Friday, March 30, 2012

Boot Scootin' Bunny...

Okay, I'll continue the bunny theme of the week.  May I introduce Reggie Rabbit - a misunderstood and maligned Miss from the Doomed Love Club.


Reggie walked down Main Street, her well worn and much loved cowboy boots slapping to a beat only she could hear.  Her nose twitched on more than one occasion even though she’d given strict cease and desist instructions to the little bugger.  Where she was going, any outward signs of her shifter nature would not be welcome. 

As luck would have it spring had sprung into the mid-seventies weather yesterday—a perfect put a smile on your face day.  The kind of smile Reggie needed desperately these days.  Unfortunately, today brought back the low forties, typical for this time of the year, but it froze the fluffy little tail under her short, gauzy – perfect for spring – skirt she’d chosen for this adventure.   

Valentine’s Day had sucked, the day after sucked, the week after sucked and the week after that sucked, as well.  Lately, all of her weeks sucked, but today would change that—as long as she no one asked her where she was going.  Reggie hated to lie, loathed to lie if the truth be known, yet everyone she knew instinctively thought the worst of her.  Years ago, the town had decided she was a lying Lolita and the reputation held, though wholly undeserved.

“Regiiiina Teluska, out and about, in such an inappropriate outfit…considering the weather and all.”

Meriym ‘The Perfectly Putrid’ Link, Mayor’s cousin and the bane of Reggie’s existence all the way through school, drew out her name just as she had in high school.  Regiiiina the vagina her detested nickname all four years lingered on, even into adulthood.  Kids were cruel, but Meriym was vicious.  It probably had a lot to do with Reggie stealing Meriym’s boyfriend, but in her own defense she’d not known they were still dating.  The dweeb had lied to her and she’d fallen for it—hook, line and carrot.

Reggie continued to walk—as she’d always done—away from the mean-spirited ape.  She didn’t have time to engage the lice picker in a war of words, nor did she want to bring herself down before the audition.

“Ooh, is Regiiiina gonna ignore me?”

Cadillac, black jack, baby take me outback…   Reggie fought to keep the tune in her head over the snark coming from Ms. Putrid.  She slowed at the corner and continued to ignore her unwanted entourage.

“A bus stop…  Oh, is it too much to hope you’ve finally decided to take your slutty bunny butt to a different town and leave our good men alone?”

…We’re gonna boogie. The song continued and her toes tapped as she filtered the dance steps through her head.  She would not be pulled into this woman’s spitefulness.  She had more important things to think about…like the possibility of a job, dancing at the new hunter bar that went up across the county line.

“Well?  Are you going to answer me, Regiiiina.”

Reggie bit the inside of her lip so as not to laugh at the other woman’s angst.  The truth was Meriym might be quite likeable if she would find some self-confidence and a scrap of decency. Hell Reggie might even like her if Ms. Putrid would get laid by a non cheating man once in a while.  Not that it mattered one bit; Meriym could never like herself long enough for that to happen.

As the bus pulled up to the corner, Reggie shot the unhappy monkey her best ‘I’m bored now’ look and boarded the bus out of town.  She made her way to the back, knowing full well she was breaking a rule that every alpha in town, male and female alike, had imposed upon the betas on down. 

‘Do not go near the hunter’s new bar!’   

She had to though.  If she wanted her life to change she needed to grab the bull by the horns—not an easy task with some of the brutes she knew—and make it so.  She’d considered approaching the  always fair Dante about adding a night or two of country music to the dance club, then offering to set the mood with some line dancing and yee hawing.  However, since the town males refused to come near her anymore for fear of their women’s wrath, she hated to put the big man in such a crappy position.

The bus rumbled beneath Reggie’s feet and Meriym became smaller and smaller in the back window.  She could do this.  She could fool a room full of hunter’s into thinking she was nothing more than human, she thought.  Even as her little bunny nose twitched.
 Reggie, Reggie, Reggie...

May ya'll find a little boot scootin' of your own this weekend!  Yee Haw!



Savanna Kougar said...

Go, Reggie, you fool 'em at the Hunter's bar... but, mygosh, surely there's a contingent of country-music and dancin' shifters and paranormals in a Montana town, enough to have a bar, etc. After all there are saddlery places and cowboy and cowgirl gear... and the feed store where Zance and Dontoya first saw Sherilyn... heck, they like to scoot a boot now and then.

I'm bettin' not everyone buys into that crap the ape threw about Reggie. Come on Country and Western lovers out there in Talbot's Peak and the surrounding areas.

Pat C. said...

You go, Reggie! Just ignore that bitchy ape. Can apes be bitchy? I'm betting she's a baboon.

A hunters' bar? It's not the Roadhouse, is it? ;)

And now, a quote from "The Blues Brothers": "We got both kinds of music here -- country AND Western!"

Serena Shay said...

Reggie's gonna try to fool them, Savanna, not sure she'll have much luck with her twitchy bunny nose...

Oh, there's lots of country music places in good ol' Talbot's Peak and surly there are many men and women who would love to get to know Reggie once she opens herself up to others. :)

Serena Shay said...

Yep, she probably is a mean, hairy baboon! hehe

Oooh, heck yes it's the Roadhouse...I just hope she doesn't want to make a deal!! ;) AND western, I remember that.