Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Few Favorite Things

Trees strung with garlands of popcorn and kibble
Pups sneaking up to indulge in a nibble
No one’s been sleeping for nearly a week
This is how Christmastime goes in the Peak

A rat in a Santa suit handing out toys
To shapeshifter girls and the werewolfy boys
Carrots and radishes tied up with string
These are a herbivore’s favorite things

Hogs riding Harleys and hey, take a lookie
Guri’s downtown passing out Christmas cookies
Nick in his bed fondly dreaming of wood
This is what makes Christmas in the Peak good

Over at Dante’s the party’s a go
While Sergei and Gypsy cavort in the snow
Horse shifters volunteer to pull the sleigh
Dancing the night away till Christmas day

The girls in the ballroom are lovely by far
The one in the velvet—oh wait, that’s Lamar
He grabs Jamie’s ass, who just waltzes and sighs
That’s how it is when you’re in love with guys

Trapped on the tree with a star in his teeth
Gil swears at the wolf puppies gathered beneath
The cops arrive swiftly to save him from harm
Marissa brews coffee so everyone’s warm

Vern and Miss Elly serve meals at the diner
They’re married, in love, and life couldn’t be finer
Mooney has strong reasons to disagree
His stepbrothers bound him on top of the tree

Shere Khan looks down on the town and starts growling
“What is this ruckus? This singing and howling?
Holidays are for the stupid and weak.”
Yes, there’s a Grinch even in Talbot’s Peak

When the wolf howls, when the horse neighs,
When the hawk darts past,
We think of our shapeshifter friends in the Peak,
And Christmas arrives at last

Happy howlidays to all
Pat (hoping to finally find Castiel under her tree this year)


Pat C. said...

Yes, it can be sung.

I wanted to do a version of "The Night Before Christmas," but the brain wouldn't cooperate. It threw this at me instead. I'm going out and buy my muse a gift.

Serena Shay said...

Oh Pat, I bow down to the master poetess! That is a fabulous Christmas in Talbot's Peak. Better buy your muse a really good gift and I'm giving Santa a shout...

"Hey big guy in the red suit, get this gal a Cas under the tree!!"

Solara said...

PaT, i love this version!! Great post!

Other good: The first sale of Hot for Torrey has happened! YEA!!

Pat C. said...

Early Christmas gift! Go, Sunny, go!

Savanna Kougar said...

Pat, that's best! And perfect Peak-atude. I'm smiling wide, wild and free and thinking of the holiday trees in our favorite town for shapeshifters, paranormals, humans, and their friends.

Sunny, big congrats on the first sale!