Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Magical Portal Day ~ Part One

Tuesday holiday-merry howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers. 
This week begins what 'feels' like a series of three flash scenes, with the last one written as a Christmas flash scene. At least, that's the working plan, shapeshifter Sam.

Yeah, we'll see, since everything is subject to change. The Muse simply demands it, the little princess.

So, there are three magical end-of-the-year dates coming up. The first one is December 12, 2012. Then, of course, Winter Solstice 2012, or 12-21-2012. And voila, Christmas day.

My flash scene reflects the first date, of course. Here's what Volcano, my hero in WHEN A GOOD ANGEL FALLS, says in his Weekly Angelic Forecast about the opportunity of December 12, 2012.

"Also, 12-12-12 is this upcoming Wednesday. This date is a magickal opportunity to travel inward, and glimpse the dreams you've never known were inside you -- the dreams waiting to be expressed. As well, many will be joining in prayer and meditation to bring forth LOVE, and heighten the 'good, good' cosmic vibrations of this day."

Love and Peace out, until next week.


A Magical Portal Day ~ Part One


The word echoed through Sharva, on an endless loop.

Bitterly, she recalled the most recent blowup with her mother and brother. She'd spent years of her life doing anything and everything  -- workshops, seminars, self-improvement books, counseling, the TV pop psychology shows -- toward improving her relationships with both of them. With her family members in general.

Nothing worked. In the end.

"Betrayal, by a thousand cuts" she whispered. "I can't take it anymore."

So, here she stood at dusk, the snow covering the tops of her boots. Around her, snowflakes drifted as if they no longer cared about turning the world a beautiful wintery white.

Pain scorched and knifed her insides, and Sharva tamped down the sobs wanting to erupt from her constricted throat. Truth was, she couldn't cry anymore. She'd become too empty.

Would it come again? Sharva scanned the bleak darkening landscape. Scraggly trees struggled to survive, sparsely dotting the long slope of land, ruined so long ago by bad mining practices. 

She'd discovered the odd shimmer about a month ago on one of her solitary walks. What she now called a 'fairy window' -- because of it's mundane shape but sparkly ethereal colors -- had simply, suddenly appeared before her, hanging a few feet off the ground.

Caught between stomach-knotting fear and being utterly transfixed, Sharva stared as the faint rectangular shape shimmered in and out for several minutes -- remaining in the same position.

She'd been surprised beyond belief when the strange shimmer appeared in a different location two days later. Now, looking for the fairy window on her walks had become the one solace in Sharva's day.

With the conflicts and arguments escalating daily...with no way to leave since her mother depended on her for help and money...feeling all alone in a world gone mad...and betrayed by the family she loved with all her heart...Sharva stood rooted to the spot, unable to move.

She assumed she'd gone into some type of shock. Her frosty breaths moved in and out of her lungs. She felt herself blink, felt the way her gloved hands were stuffed inside her jacket pockets.

Immobile, Sharva was aware a snowflake melted on her eyelashes, even as she died inside all over again. She'd searched religiously, but the stark truth was she'd run out solutions for her life.

The distant howl of a lone wolf penetrated her thoughts. Startled, Sharva whipped her gaze around. There weren't supposed to be any wolves left in this area.

Of course, she reasoned, it could be someone's dog, maybe a feral dog. Maybe a coyote. Although, the howling didn't sound like any coyote she'd ever heard before. 

With the fading eerie notes...as if it'd been conjured out of thin air by a powerful sorcerer...the fairy window materialized. Not off the ground, but about six feet in front of her.

Sharva shook inside, not certain whether she felt sheer excitement or absolute fear of the unknown. Probably both.

Stronger than ever, the shimmer pulsed, its aurora colors more intense. "Portal," fell from her lips, as Sharva recalled all the paranormal romance novels she'd read.

After moments, when the fairy window didn't fade away, she followed her crazy impulse to find something to toss through. Sharva looked around quickly, but saw only snow.

Again, she heard a howl, a mournful song that chilled her down to the bone. Sharva would have glanced around, but the shimmering doorway had her entranced.

'Doorway', she repeated to herself mentally. Was this an actual portal? Could it be?

Remembering the William Henry book she'd read about stargates, Sharva frantically murmured, 'What now?"

'Walk through,' a deep male voice, soft as a shadow, instructed inside her head.



Have the merriest of shapeshifting holidays!


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~



Pat C. said...

Hmmm ... stick with the douchecanoe family or follow the sexy voice? Can I take the sexy voice for a test run?

As always, I love the names you come up with.

Oh, and I just deleted three more spam comments. These were flat-out trying to sell stuff. The spammer was somebody named "Anonymous." He/she sure does get around.

Savanna Kougar said...

Yeah, the spammers have been really nasty. I deleted this morning when I was posting.

Thanks on the names. It's an obsession of mine.

Yep, ditch the 'douchecanoe family' or take a radical chance?

Serena Shay said...

Ooh...take a chance, take a chance! When one reality is stinking up the soul try on another for size. Can it really be worse? :)

Ugh, the spamming is out of control. I'm forever deleting spam off our blog. :(

Savanna Kougar said...

'stinking up the soul' hmmm, I may have to borrow that wonderful line for the next flash scene... pretty please?

Yeah, that is the question for Sharva: could it really be worse, whatever happens?

I'd go to the captcha thingie, but honestly I can't read it half the time, and spend valuable time trying numerous times. You'd think if they 'wanted' to, Blogger-Goofle could design a better system.

Serena Shay said...

Feel free to use it at will, Savanna. :)

Savanna Kougar said...

Thanks! ~smiles~