Saturday, December 8, 2012

A New Way of Seeing Things

“I don’t know if I said the right thing.”  Abebi toyed with her spoon.  Sandy sat across from her in the local coffee shop.  They sat near the front window.  Folks walked up and down the streets visiting the shops or looking at the Christmas displays each window showed. 

Sandy set her fork down and thoughtfully chewed.  She picked up her coffee, drank, and spoke.  “Jeanne out did herself with this gingerbread cheesecake.  I’m glad you suggested coming here.”  

Sandy laid her hands palms down on the table.  She leaned forward, continuing in a lower volume. “You had to answer Jackson.  Shit, the whole group was hanging on the two of you.  Why are you distressing?  You spoke from your heart, didn’t you?”

Sandy reached for her fork as Abebi responded.  “I wish it was that clear.”

Sandy drummed her fingers on the table.  “Did you tell them what they wanted to hear or what you thought Jackson wanted?”

Abebi swallowed the last of her decaffeinated coffee.  “If I stop to sort things out, probably a mixture of both with a stout splash of my own feelings added in too.”

Sandy’s nodded didn’t bode well.  Sandy talked when she felt strongly about the topic.  Abebi didn’t see this side often.  Why was she being quiet?

“I want to be sure Jackson gets to stay on if he wants even if we don’t work out.  I worry about him.”  Abebi toyed with her spoon, looking out the window in between glances at Sandy.

“Why worry about him?  He’s got to earn his merit just like the rest of us did.  Even you darlin’.”  Sandy forked another bite of cheesecake into her mouth.

Abebi wanted to squirm as two hot hunks passed the window.  Her next-door neighbor enjoyed a secondary relationship with them and spent a couple of afternoons a week basking in their touch and sexual play.  Pregnancy did nothing to still her want and desire for others.  Problem was she and Jackson hadn’t mated more than once in human form.  Their encounters were mostly as their wolfish counterparts.

“Yes, I earned my place in the pack.  Jackson is well on his way to gaining his too.  I wonder if all couples go through this.”  Abebi snagged the last bite off Sandy’s plate.

“Go through what?”  Sandy leaned back in her chair, eyeing the two hunks along with Abebi.
“Agreeing to others and then thinking did I do the right thing?”  Abebi shrugged as Sandy’s gaze met hers.  

Sandy’s megawatt smile dried out Abebi’s throat.  Further words were impossible.  She pointed to Sandy and waved.

“Oh yeah now my turn, eh?”  Sandy’s smile grew.  “Hon, no one said it was easy.  Lupa knows Mick and I butted heads amongst my baas and his howls over a few of our side relationships.”

Abebi smiled back as best she could.  She sipped the water their server was kind enough to bring after a few frantic waves.  Sandy went on.

“We finally came to this agreement.  We talk about interests from the moment we know about them.  You can share some, a lot, or none at all.  Depends on where you are as a couple we found works for us.”  Sandy picked up the bill the server had laid next to her.  “Does that make sense?”

Abebi nodded.  She rubbed her lips together before voicing her views.  “Jackson is busy working overtime to get money for his rental deposits.  He’s renting the condo next to mine.  Seems he needs time to adjust to city life more.”

“Can’t take the animal or country out of him, I’m sure.”  Sandy winked as she laid the tip on the table.

“Yes, and sharing is going to take some getting used to.  He’s not wanting either of us to walk in on the other in the midst of things.”  Abebi fanned herself sure she was flushed as thoughts of Jackson naked and randy with her flashed through her mind.  What would he think if she whispered her current fantasy in his ear?


Hi Gang!

Well we have Abebi's answer finally.  Now I am fanning myself wondering what fantasy she has in mind for Jackson.  Dang, my muse loves to leave me hanging and wondering what is next.  Not to mention the two hunks Sandy and Abebi are eyeing.  

Ah well, final edits for Hot for Torrey have come through and I'm hard at work finishing those up.  My muse decided to let me in on what Abebi decided.  Now we wait to see what her fantasy is.  Talk about another cliff hanger.  

Mean while enjoy the warm weather if you can.  The holidays are here and so with it the end of the year.  Remember to take time for you and your spice as well as your loves.  I'm sharing a good book or two with them.



Pat C. said...

This is turning into a serial. Tune in again next week for the thrilling continuation! I'm going to start bringing popcorn.

In the meantime, I'll let my imagination wonder what fantasy she's got in mind. Heh heh.

Savanna Kougar said...

Yeah, the fantasy. I'm wondering too. ~grins~

Goodness, there are so many complications to sex and love in these times... 'course, that was always true since recorded history.

May the sailing be smooth on completing your edits!