Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Busy busy busy

Busy, busy, busy this week. This isn't very long, but it is rather amusing, I think. The below pic has nothing to do with the flash, by the way. Just random man-candy to make your Wednesday a little bit sweeter!


Lex looked up at the kittens sitting atop the double doors leading to his Great-Uncle Anubus’s den. They didn’t seem to be the brightest of individuals. They stared back at him, flat out refusing to let him pass without an appointment. He didn’t have time to make an appointment for this! He sighed in vexation. If only he had brought those wolf pups, Loki and Thor. He knew they would get those pompous flea bags occupied so he could just pop in and say his piece to his Mother’s uncle and pop back out before anything untoward could happen. Wait. That was a pretty good idea, actually.

“Oh, puppies! Here silly little wolf puppies!” he called back through the ported in the coffee shop.

“How are you calling a puppy?” Thor demanded as he slid through the portal, looked every hair the wolf pup.

“Smelly dogs! Run for your lives!”

“Get the kitties, puppies, and Uncle Lex will have a special treat for you when we get home!” He head a deep, heartfelt sigh coming from the open door. He dragged his eyes away from the spectacle of half-grown wolf pups chasing Anubis’s divine guards down the hall to see the God of Death himself standing there, glaring at him

“Greetings, Oh Mighty One,” Lex said bowing deeply.

“I placed guards at the door of my private sanctum for a reason, Lexor,” Anubis growled. Lex bowed deeply again.

“I understand this, my lord, but I have need to speak with you privately.”

“Then you should have made an appointment.”

“That would have alerted certain… parties… that I met with you. I needed anonymity.”

“Very well, Lexor. Call off those hounds of yours and come inside.”

“Loki! Thor! That’s enough now. Come here.”

“But Uncle Lex, we didn’t catch them yet! You said we had to catch them to get our treat!” Loki whined.

“Loki and Thor?” Anubus asked, raising one eyebrow in disbelief. “Surely not the real Norse gods.”

“Not that I am aware of, my lord,” Lex replied with an amused grin. “Though they do an admirable job of mimicking their namesakes.”

Anubis looked at Lex hard for a moment, as if trying to figure out what was going on. Mission accomplished, Lex thought, being careful not to let his thoughts show on his face. Now that I have both his attention and his curiosity, I know I will get a long enough audience to speak my piece, even if it was only so the death god could get a good, long look at Mooney and Marissa’s pups to decide for himself if they were reincarnated gods.


Savanna Kougar said...

Reincarnated gods, eh? Hmmm...

What's Lexor got up his sneaky-god sleeve?

Definitely nice man candy!

Pat C. said...

"I have gods too, nyah nyah nyah." Lex, you opportunist, you.

Love this!

Now if you'll excuse me, I have a lake to drain.

Rebecca Gillan said...

Na, they are just normal wolf pups--or as normal as any McMahon gets. Just another example of Lex letting people believe whatever he needs them to in order to get his own way. The pups are drunk on the idea that a whole bunch of bad-ass adults want them around that they tend to be hyper all the time. And Lex is perfectly willing to use that to his advantage, too...

Savanna Kougar said...

Lex, Lex, Lex... 'taking advantage' is a double-edged sword...

Rebecca Gillan said...

It's a mutual advantage-taking in the case of Loki and Thor. Their birth mom and her pack ignored and neglected them. Now they have lots of grownups who care about them, but most of the grownups expect the pups to behave. "Uncle Lex" pretty much lets them get into mischief; he just makes sure to guide that mischief so that it benifits him. There's probably some valuable life lessons for Loki and Thor in there, too. Lex did manage to raise Marissa to be a good person and a value to the community, after all...

Pat C. said...

Sounds like you have a whole new series brewing. "Adventures in Babysitting with Lex." Isn't writing fun?

Rebecca Gillan said...

Not a new one, just an expansion of the original story.

Savanna Kougar said...

That's true. Marissa is a fabulous.