Friday, December 7, 2012

Okay, I Tried...

...And failed. 

This weeks blog is still sitting on my computer waiting to be finished.  Cami and Leo are having their first meeting and it is going slow.  I admit it, they are keeping it close to the vest today.  I think it's nerves really.  Cami is worried about what Leo really wants and Leo doesn't want to come on to Dom-like and scare her away...yet, she needs to be given some limits right from the get go.  So you see, writer-interuptis has happened on my end...

I did however, have something I wanted to share/ask this week.  Are blogs dead?  I heard this said by a fellow author I admire and it got me thinking.  Are blogs falling by the wayside?  And if they are, what's replacing them?  I know my personal blog is really slow of late, but that my be my own fault.  Little time and lots of Real Life issues are pulling me in a different direction.  Which, of course, may be at the heart of dying blogs.  A writers life is incredibly busy between writing obligations and Home responsibilities.  I love writing, but I'm a mom first so Darling Divas needs come before my blogging.

The other thing about blogging, is I find myself more and more adding things to my personal blog that I enjoy, which might not be directly related to writing, erotic or sex in any form.  Am I doing my writer self a disservice?  Even though I have an addiction to graphic of all types, sexy, old, unique, should I only be using ones somehow related to my writing?  I hope not as I would miss sharing my photo finds with anyone who wants to see them.  Plus, I suspect I really would stop blogging if I couldn't share my love of graphics.

Anyway,  I should get back to enticing Cami and Leo to share, but please tell me your thoughts on blogs dying...Is it true?  If so, what's taking their place?  And because I love a good graphic I added some below to let you know what other Talbot's Peak couples are up to this week, at least in my head anyway.  :D

     Nick and Ziva, taking part in an age of right of humans or everyday life of out of doors!

Nick, of course, pulling off the old wifebeater (what a horrible name) t-shirt and Ziva wearing as little as possible.  Good for you, girly.  Skyclad is always welcome in Talbot's Peak.

Don't you wonder who's in charge today?

Glenn and Bobbi Sue relaxing outside The TP Pet Shop waiting for the next batch of lost baby animals to rescue.

Slowly, but surely, Glenn is helping Bobbi Sue overcome her fears and she's encouraging the rest of the Doomed Love Club that love is out there if you are lucky enough to find it.

Erol and Greely, occasionally coming together in a blast of dragon beauty, until of course, Erol blows it by opening his mouth.  He's still learning what it takes to romance a woman from this century and will hopefully put it all together in time to fully win over his froggie love.

Seriously, how does Greely say no to THAT??



Have a fabulous weekend everyone!



Savanna Kougar said...

First, Serena, thanks for featuring your Talbot's Peak couples. I loved it. And I need all the smiles I can get.

Some serious questions indeed. I'm 'out' of the social whatever they call it loop. So, what I say probably doesn't answer your questions.

However, the spammers sure think blogs work, if our SS blog and my Kougar Kisses blog is any indication. Maybe they're living on false hope, though.

That said, there are so many cyber social venues now, it would be impossible to keep up with everything. On the Indie loop I just read a message from an author about setting up a blog or something similar to what we already have going with our Talbot's Peak... only they were wanting to add interactive features.

As far as views, I'm of two minds. Sure, it might be nice to have a ton o'views. Then again, what partly counts is who is actually viewing, and why.

I certainly relate to the time crunch. It's been brutal this year for me.

To be honest, I couldn't ONLY put writing-related content on my personal author blog, and keep it going. There's simply too much happening in the world, and too much at stake for humanity.

And, like you say, we're multi-faceted, and expressing that is crucial to simply being human.

Serena Shay said...

You're welcome, Savanna. My TP couple love to share tidbits of their lives all the time. :)

Yep, the time crunch has been horrendous...hopefully 2013 will prove to be better.

I, too, am out of the social loop, but apparently I need to check into whats going on now...if I find the time, of course.

Interactive I'm guessing means a forum. Good idea, but again time consuming. :)

Yeah, ultimately our blogs are about who we are so we should keep doing what we like. :D

Savanna Kougar said...

On the interactive, I don't understand exactly what kind of new tech she was talking about. However, it wasn't a forum specifically, and it was something new. She did talk about a blog being devoted to the town where the story takes place, and adding newsy bits... obviously 'somewhat'similar to what we have going on.

Like we've talked about before, there's all sorts of new media ways, TV/movie/comic on the internet for one... where we could feature our characters and Talbot's Peak. However, I don't have the means to do make that happen.

Serena Shay said...

Huh...sounds interesting, but yeah, lacking the means do it on this end as well. :(

Pat C. said...

It could be good old information overload. There's so much out there on the webz, and all of it for free. After a while you just want to shut off the computer and take a walk or something.

What would take the place of blogs? Maybe conversation and face-to-face human interaction. There's a radical thought.

Savanna Kougar said...

Yeah, that is a radical thought. And, some of the younger crowd, especially, have no idea how have face-to-face interaction. They text each other while eating together.

Maybe all those old-fashioned classes on learning how to dance together as children weren't so far off base.

Serena Shay said...

~Gasp~ You mean people used to talk to each other? In person??? LOL You know, I've noticed with Darling Diva that she's not as phone proficient as I was at her age, but she can crack a text out with the best of them!

I'm guilty of texting instead of talking to people...especially when I'm busy. ~half smile & whistle~

Savanna Kougar said...

It's a brave new world, so to speak... if only we could integrate the new tech ways with the best of the old ways.