Monday, December 31, 2012


“Okay, youse people, it’s almost midnight. Getcher drinks now for the toast. Ya gonna kiss somebody, start linin’ up your lips. Not you, Skunky. That girl ain’t interested. You may have a spray, but I got a cleaver. Don’t make me come over there.”


“Wait a minute. We drop a big banana from the top of City Hall at midnight?”

“It used to be a pork chop, sir, but the swine population complained. With Mayor Link in charge, a banana seemed safest. We could pick something else for next year. An acorn, maybe?”

“Oh hell. Go with the banana, but next year we should use something more appropriate. Maybe it should be an acorn. This town is nuts."


“Yeah. Oh yeah. Harder, baby, harder. Faster.”

“Nick, I won’t go faster. I won’t rush the countdown.”

“Dammit, Ziva—”

“Look, Nickie. Two rulers. But I set the pace.”

“You’re killing me here—ow! Oh yeah. That’s the way I like it.”


“Vishnu crush your bones, Guri, if you don’t stop blasting that noisemaker in my ear, I’ll rip off your head!”


“Hey, Merry-girl. Up for a midnight ride?”


“Vern, what’s this? Christmas was a week ago.”

“It’s never too late for mistletoe. Now pucker up, you horny broad.”


“Is it 2013 yet?”

“No, Thor. Settle down. Loki! Out of the eggnog, now!”


“Hey, Chase, is that your girlfriend out in the parking lot?”


“There. The coyote in the 2013 banner and the diapers. If she shifts, she’s gonna freeze. You better ask her in. I’ll go wait in the ambulance. In case we get a call or something.”

“Tell you what, Bo. I’d better get her into the ambulance. She looks like she needs respiration.”

“Fine, fine. I’ll just look the other way, as usual.”

“You’re a good friend, Bo.”



“Feliz nuevo ano, chico.”

“You naked again? Once, just once, I want to see you celebrate a holiday with clothes on.”

“Where’s the fun in that?”

“Well, for one thing, I’d get to rip ‘em off you.”

“Give me five minutes.”


“Okay, at midnight we all jump in the fountain. Wait a minute. You. You’re not a Polar Bear.”

“No, I’m a grizzly. You got a problem with that, pipsqueak?”

“Not at all, sir. Of course you can jump with us. Though we’d all appreciate it if you’d put on some trunks.”



# # #

Fun Fact: The town of Falmouth, Pennsylvania, known for its annual goat races, lowers a (fake) goat from a flagpole to usher in the New Year. What should Talbot’s Peak lower from City Hall? Maybe it can be worked into next year’s post.


Savanna Kougar said...

Fab TEN countdown, Pat. That's Talbot's Peak for ya.

As far as what to lower, I'm never good at that sort of thing... what? Fake road kill?

Surely, someone can think of something better.

HAPPY NEW YEAR, everyone!

Pat C. said...

Around here, we have the red and white roses (Lancaster and York), the strawberry (Harrisburg), the bologna (Lebanon), the giant M&M (Elizabethtown, which had a candy factory) and the Hershey's Kiss (Hershey). They lower something relevant to the town's history. What's Talbot's Peak noted for, other than shapeshifters? If we can figure that out, we'll know what to blog about next year.

Serena Shay said...

Awesome countdown, Pat! Sounds like Nick's living it up for the New Year. Hehe...

How about lowering a flag or something made up to look like a Talbie?

Happy New Year!

Pat C. said...

Ooooh, there's a thought. What does the Talbot's Peak flag look like?

Savanna Kougar said...

I should design a Talbie, except I haven't learned how to use photoshop, etc.

Our Mr. Wolf on the banner might be a good start, though. The color probably isn't right. It could have a subtle rainbow background designating the coming together of Peakites, regardless of breed or creed.