Wednesday, May 29, 2013

And the winner of last week's "What's your werewolf Name" contest is... NayNay! Or shoudl I say, "Scarred Warrior?" Either way, she's our winner! NayNay, drop me a line and we'll get your your prize! And on this the story telling.

OK, posting on the correct day and I'm going back to posting the Manscape Mike story. Enjoy!


Barbie sat sullenly in her car, watching Mike as he “chased” drunks out of the park. He was more than what he appeared, she just knew it. It had damn-well been a huge cat she’d shut in that box, not an over-grown hall monitor. Hell, she had been chased out of the park by him on more than one occasion herself during high school. She would have been able to tell him from a mountain lion in broad daylight.

Instead of being the girl who got YouTube-worthy film footage of a wild animal acting all cute, she’d gotten the reputation of a scatter-brained dunce who freaked out about anything out of the norm. And a naked guy popping out of boxes was all kinds of “out of the norm,” even for Talbot’s Peak. People were going out of their way to tease her and make fun of her. All Mike had gotten was a silly nickname. And a lot of tail, judging by what she’d been seeing over the last few weekends.

Barbie had started following him, trying to catch him doing something odd. Or at least odd by TP standards. Chasing shit-faced frat boys out of trees and having tipsy bridal parties all but rape him wasn’t actually all the weird for this town. She had caught nary a sight of the big cat again, though she had developed a slightly raunchy addiction to watching Mike get manhandled by strange women. Maybe that’s what she really did see that day out behind the loading dock. Lord knew he seemed to spend a lot of his time bare-assed in public, though usually at night.

She had a new problem, though. After watching other women strip him down and have their way with him, Barbie very much wanted to give “Manscape Mike” a try, too. After all, she had been the one to spot him in the boxes. Maybe if she had stuck around to watch instead of slamming the box shut and running to get her friends, she would have realized it wasn’t a cat but rather a smoking hot guy. Maybe she would have gotten to have go at him back before every single chick in town decided to have a taste of him.

What she needed was a plan. He hadn’t been anywhere near the furniture store since that fateful day. She could always come out here and let him “kick” her out of the park some night, but that would probably not get her far. Other than the first time or two, none of the women who’d tried to get Mike to play dirty park ranger with them had succeeded. She could always go to one of the bachelorette parties he’d been booked to strip at, but she had already gotten to see him in the buff several times. She was tired of looking. She wanted to play. Maybe she should mail herself to him in a giant box.

Wait. That was a pretty good idea!

She could mail him boxes of goodies, a different sexy, sensual gift every day. After a few days, she would make sure what he got was her in a box. No, that would be cheesy. Maybe once she had him good an intrigued with her sexy, anonymous gifts, she could mail him a hotel room key? Better. Grinning, Barbie sat back at watched the delectable Manscape Mike make his rounds and started making plans, visions of all she was going to do to him once she got her hands on that oh-so-hot body of his!


Savanna Kougar said...

Barbie, the woman with the plan for capturing Manscape Mike... perhaps, she should include a big tempting box in the motel room... just to see his reaction... that is, after she has her wicked-sexy way with him. ~smiles!~

Serena Shay said...

Congrats NayNay!

Oooh, Manscape has a groupie! Lucky guy, I think he'd love to have Barbie show up in a box...a sexy woman and a big ol' box, what's not to love. ;)

Pat C. said...

Thinking inside the box?

That could work. She could invite him to one of those rooms at Dante's, and be waiting inside a big cardboard box when he's escorted in. And then get ticked when he'd rather play inside the box than with her. Or they could both play inside the box ...

Congratulations, NayNay! Welcome to the Peak.

Rebecca Gillan said...

Ooo, I like the idea of Barbie trying to talk Dante into letting her turn a room into a Kitty cat romper room. Especially since as an uninitiated human, she would be unaware that Dante probably already has a few rooms set up that way! Mwahahahaha!

Savanna Kougar said...

Kitty cat romper room... no probs for Dante and crew. ~smiles~