Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Her '65 Silver Barracuda

Tuesday howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers. Happy Sun in Gemini.

Today's flash is a spinoff of Pat's flash scene from yesterday. I just couldn't resist.


Her '65 Silver Barracuda

Katsuz shook inside, apprehensive. Yet, she'd made up her cat mind to follow Gypsy Red Wolf's advice, to get out and meet the were, shifter, and supernatural folks of Talbot's Peak.

Surprised her hand wasn't trembling, Katsuz reached for the soft-fabric tarp, gradually pulling until her '65 silver Barracuda had been revealed. The muscle car, not as popular as a Ford Mustang, had been the only thing she'd kept from her prior life -- when Katsuz believed she was merely human. When her life had been a series of mistakes, confusing missteps, constant mishaps, and years of downright freaking, effing hell.

Knowing Katsuz grooved on fast cars, Gypsy had suggested starting with Vernon McMahon's latest promotion venture, Classic Car Cruise Night. With a decided twinkle in her eye, the psychic wolf shifter ushered her inside the costume area they'd set up together, which included various types of sewing machines, and the huge collection of patterns they'd purchased via the internet.

Happily purring, Katsuz spent much of her time finding fabrics and trims for their dance costumes. Now, she searched for the mod mini-dress pattern, the one resembling the style she'd worn in her late teens, early twenties, when life's promise lay before her.

"Really, is this a good idea?" Katsuz muttered, placing the tarp on top of the good-sized metal chest in her small garage.

The sexy click of her white gogo boots on the concrete floor, the swing of her long hair against her back as she gave her head a shake... oh, and the fact that Katsuz craved a thick juicy hamburger with all the trimmings, and a real chocolate malt to top it off...

Katsuz pressed her palm to the hood, bringing the engine to rumbling life. She didn't take the barracuda out for a spin very often, but when she did she always charged it to full-purr power. On an empty highway, on the straightaway, she'd ease the accelerator all the way to the floorboard, and fly as far as the speedometer needle would go. And beyond.

After all, speed was a high, an aphrodisiac, and with no man in her life a feline woman had to make do with what pleasures life did offer.


Oh now, yowls help! Her hands shook on the steering wheel as she neared the town square where the Happy Days' fun event was taking place. Dammit meows, her whole body trembled.

Katsuz gulped in breaths while managing to keep her driving safe. Spying Dante on his Harley, she grinned. He'd dressed to imitate The Fonz. How perfect was that?

Oh, wowser powser, and a snap of her fingers, why not a werewolf and shapeshifter fifties musical? Or like the movie, American Graffiti? Or... already the costumes formed before her mind's eye.

Delicious meaty odors from the Grease ‘n’ Grill also came to her rescue, and Katsu glided the barracuda toward a spot between a 54 Chevy and a beetle bug, as she thought of the original Volkswagen.

Firming her chin, her resolve, and her spine, Katsuz launched out the door. The flirty feel of her silver mini-dress upped her confidence, and she gazed around.  What a happening scene, as her crowd would have said.

Sadness slid inside her heart as she thought of those she'd cared about back then. Being human, likely they suffered the so-called ravages of old age.

"Beautiful dancer," an admiring male voice spoke behind her.

Thinking she should recognize that rough-and-ready, deep timbre, Katsuz whipped around.  She frowned. No, his face wasn't familiar as one of the men who regularly watched her perform at the Pleasure Club.

"You don't remember, do you?" He approached with the latent power of a big cat. Only he was a muscle-sculpted big cat shifter encased in tight black leather.

The dark glitter of his unique eyes gave him away. Jolted by the memory, Katsuz took a step back, her butt pressing against the barracuda's door. "Brylla's little brother," she uttered before her throat constricted.

"Not so little anymore." His growled words were soft as velvet.

"No... not little," she inanely, breathlessly blurted out. "How is Brylla?"

"Married. Happy. Two little ones."

"I...I lost touch...since..."

"You left the rescue center for orphaned shapeshifters... or women who turn into catwoman like you. I do remember everything about you, Katsuz. I remember when you chose that name."

His intimate tone, his words, tingled through her. Tingles madly racing tingles, she decided. Mews, how much trouble was she in?

"What...what brings you to Talbot's Peak... besides the shapeshifting obvious?" she lamely finished, leaning back on her hands, the ones plastered to the barracuda's slick surface.

"Used cars." A grin teased the corners of his mouth.

"You sell used cars?" she asked, not quite able to envision him as a car salesman.

"Classic cars. I restore them. Looks like a new market has opened up."

"The Peak is growing."

 "Since I'm new around here, how about being my date?"

"You do move fast, Zhono."

"You like fast, Katsuz. You took me and Brylla for a drive on that winding road I'll never forget."

"Oh... oh, yeah. I did." Ungluing herself from her barracuda, Katsuz gave her hair a good toss. She might as well take charge, for once. "Okay, for tonight only. That is, as long as hamburgers and a chocolate malt are on the menu."

Zhono offered his hand. "Let me know when you want me on the menu," he drawled, amusement in his tone. 


Wishing you shapeshifting love on the wild side… 


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance


Pat C. said...

Go-go boots and miniskirts! How could I forget? Are you sure Zhono was looking at her car?

Thanks for adding Dante. He and his vintage Harley were supposed to appear in yesterday's post, but I ran out of room. Nick got his lines instead.

Also had no room to mention the cars were going to cruise down the highway around sundown. If anyone wants to write that one, go for it.

Serena Shay said...

Yes, I love the go-go boot look! Add to it the dangly dress and hair band and I'm all there. :D

Yay that Katsuz is getting back out there and with a younger man as as well! Either her Milkshake or her '65 Barracuda is bringing Zhono to the yard!! ;)

Savanna Kougar said...

Pat, yeah, Dante is a natural in that scene. And why would he miss it, if he could possibly join in? ~smiles~ And what a perfect place for Dante and Kitty to continue their romance.

Savanna Kougar said...

Serena, Zhono had had a huge ole crush on Katsuz since she helped him and his sister at the shifter orphanage. And now that he's a man, nothing's changed, and everything has changed.